DIY Hanging Planter With Colorful String

I’m sure you know the feeling, when you desperately need that, one, amazing thing in your life. A hanging planter was one of those items in my case, as it combines the awesome urban jungle trend and cool design. You probably noticed them popping up more and more in the last couple of months, so the time has finally come to make my own piece.

Hanging Planter With Colorful String

Hanging planters are great solution, for everyone who struggles to find an empty surface for another plant in their home, as it simply doesn’t take any space! You can hang it in a corner of a room, above the furniture or next to a plain wall, no matter where it goes, it will sure add some green charm to your interiors.

There are million swinging planter designs out there for us to choose, but if they don’t necessarily fit your style or seem to be overpriced, try making this quick, fun, DIY-able version with your own two hands. Benefits? Satisfaction guaranteed, plus you can customize it in many different ways. Ready to start?


Materials you’ll need for this hanging planter:

  • White small, porcelain ‘pot’ (you can use anything -for example a flower pot, a kitchen bowl or a dip pot)
  • 3 same-sized pieces of colorful string
  • a very thick, plastic, transparent cup
  • a small plant to fit your pot

Instructions to build the hanging planter:

1. Let’s start with creating a transparent ring which will hold your pot. Simply cut the top part of your cup off using a very sharp knife or a small saw. Try to do it slowly and gently to prevent any damage.


2. Once you have your ring ready, place it on top of the table and pass through it 3 same sized pieces of colorful string (just like you see in the photos above)


3. Place the small pot in the centre of your ring.

4. Pull all the colorful strings up to make a knot, more or less on the 2/3 of the length of the string.


5. Then once your swinging planter is ready, place a plant in a pot and hang it in the desired place.

DIY Hanging Planter closer look

Ta da! I really like the modern take on the hanging planters, in fact I’m tempted to make another one immediately. Plus that heart shaped cactus is just too cute!

What do you think of it? Have you already got your hanging planter at home?