Utilize What You’ve Got With These 20 Small Living Room Decorating Ideas!

Just because you have a tinier room doesn’t mean that you can’t learn to utilize what you’ve got and personalize it with your own style as well. Feng shui your furniture and learn how to accessorize the area to your delight. These 20 small living room decorating ideas will have you inspired by the afternoon and redecorating by morning!

Nix the Giant Coffee Table

Nix the Giant Coffee Table

Instead, go for a coffee table that isn’t as big and bulky, or, go for a few small pieces instead. Get away from those big, chunky wooden pieces that take up space and stop the flow of traffic.

Brighten Up The Floor

Brighten Up The Floor

If you’ve got darker floors, think about adding a lighter area rug to the mix. The lighter and brighten tone will open up the area and give a fresher feeling of more space.

Two-For One Pieces

Side table - bar cart

Think about what pieces you could use that may serve two functions. Like this bar cart for example, it’s an entertaining piece but also a side table!

Neutral Monochromatic Tones Will Work

Neutral Monochromatic Small Living room

If you want something with no risk, then go with neutral tones that won’t overpower the room, like a crisp white. Then make a monochromatic scheme out of it.

But Don’t Be Afraid To Go Bold

Bold colors for small living rooms

Although your space may be small, you don’t have to stick with neutrals only. Bold colors can add a “larger-than-life” quality to a room, so don’t be afraid to let that part of your personality shine as well.

Have Light Fixtures Stay Afloat

Have Light Fixtures Stay Afloat

Don’t allow your light fixtures to take up floor space, instead take them off the ground and get them hanging. This frees up the traffic flow and allows your floors to look a bit less chaotic.

Clear the Clutter

Clear the Clutter

Try not to clutter up the nooks or crannies of the room. Even if it’s a family home, try to keep toys and the like in the kids’ rooms or play areas instead.

Float The Furniture To The Center

Float the furniture

Keep your furniture towards the center of the wall, leaving the walls bare. This makes for more fluidity inside the room and ease of traffic flow as well.{found on jeffwalkerphotos}.

Add Height To The Area With Longer Curtains

Living room longer curtains

Instead of hanging your curtains at window’s height only try hanging them from the ceiling instead. This will add extra height to your room making it even more open in feeling.

Use Furniture With Thin Legs

Use Furniture With Thin Legs

Stay away from bulky furniture and go with pieces that has slender legs and are picked up off the floor a bit. This helps with decluttering as well and more of a breathy flow of energy.

Go For Satin or Semigloss With Darker Colors

Satin or Semigloss With Darker Colors

If you decide to go with a paint color thats a bit darker make sure you use a semigloss or satin so the light reflects off the sheen. Just like natural light or mirrors, this too gives a more open feeling.

Add Floating Shelves For Storage

Floating shelves for small living rooms

Don’t clutter your floors or walls with shelving. If you truly need the display or storage space opt for shelves that float instead, again freeing up the floor and getting your eye to look upward.

Go With Low Seating

Go With Low Seating

Again, big and bulky furniture is out. Choose pieces that are lower and smaller with  a more petite design. You’ll be able to fit what you need inside the room without feeling as though you need to get rid of necessity.

Embrace Natural Lighting

Embrace natural light

Don’t hide all the natural light from the room either, even if you have curtains. You’ll want the sunlight to shine through during the daytime to grab that illusion of open air and space.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Prints or Patterns

Use prints and patterns on small spaces

Just because your living room is small doesn’t mean you can’t embrace prints or patterns. Add a pop of fun on the sofa or in your wall decor, but more delicate designs is where you need to look first.

Hang Wall Decor High

High wall decor art

Just like the curtains, hang your wall decor up higher than you may do regularly, especially when creating a gallery or collage design. This draws the eye upward and adds height to the area.

Create the Illusion Of More Space With Mirrors

Create the illusion of more space

Mirrors will always be a classic way to decorate when it comes to adding more space to a room. It reflects like and helps open an area like no other trick in the books.

Choose Furniture With Storage

Ottomans with storage

When possible, use furniture pieces that have storage. Ottomans, sofas and the like can help you free up corners by having your extra bits hidden away inside.

Limit Your Palette

Small and narrow living room

Don’t use every color in the rainbow, you’ll have a room that’s far too busy in design. Instead, stick with a palette of two to three colors so the space is a bit more subdued and cohesive.

Think About Using Glass or Acrylic

Transparent furniture - like an acrylic coffee table

Think about using glass or acrylic in your furniture choices. Side tables, coffee tables and the like can be found made of these materials and they’ll act like mirrored furniture.