Be Confident With Color – How To Integrate Red Chairs In The Dining Room

Red is a powerful color, one that represents passion and energy. In interior design, red is often used in moderation as it can become disturbing. Most often, it is an accent color that takes the form of accessories such as the curtains, the area rug and sometimes the furniture. A stylish look you should try involves the use of red dining chairs to complement a simple décor.

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The red chairs in combination with the rustic pine table and the eye-catching pendant light form an eclectic décor with lots of personality. The bold pop of color brings together all the contrasting elements in the design.

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A rustic table surrounded by red powder-coated chairs is a pleasant combination. The contrast of colors is strong but elegant and, in this case, it’s the materials that connect the two pieces of furniture.

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Add a little bit of excitement to an otherwise simple and neutral décor. You can do that with a splash of color in the form of accent furniture. The red dining chairs are a great choice given their position in the open floor plan.

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Of course, color is not enough to achieve the bold décor you want for your dining room. For a modern space, try a minimalist approach. The simpler the furniture, the better. Just look how fresh and casual this place feels.

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Carefully choose the other colors to use in the room. For example, red looks especially nice when combined with black and white. An eye-catching series of strong contrasts is created this way.

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It’s easy to change the mood in the room with a few coats of paint. For example, give your old dining chairs a makeover and, while you’re at it, maybe the table could use a fresh new look as well. Coordinate the furniture pieces for a cohesive look.

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A very elegant combination of colors for this open space dining area. The red chairs have wooden feet which match the flooring and the table, thus easily becoming a natural part of the overall design.

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Feel free to combine two or more colors when decorating your dining area. Red dining chairs could feature a different-colored seat and there can also be more than one type of chairs as well.

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Play with different shades of the same color and use pattern to create elegant distinctions and focal points. Because the red accent wall is so vibrant, the dining chairs blend in. in a different setting, they would have taken center stage.

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Again, an elegant dining room featuring a red, black and white palette. Texture and pattern also become an important element in the overall décor in this case. The end chairs also seem to share a connection with the chandelier.

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When you use red as an accent color in a space dominated by warm, earthy colors, it looks less striking and vibrant than it would in a white décor. Lighting also plays an important role in determining the visual impact of a color or shade.

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These dark velvet red chairs were perfectly chosen for this basement décor. They have rounded backs so they match the table and the chandelier and they’re the pop of color the room needed to feel energized.

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If you remove the red chairs from this particular setting, the whole space looks rather bland and boring, this emphasizes the need of a vibrant color to connect the rest of the elements in the room.

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In an open floor plan, you can coordinate the colored dining chairs with other pieces of furniture from other areas. For example, the dining chairs match the armchairs used for the sitting area in front of the fireplace.

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Photo by Landon Acohido

We love how the bar chairs complement the kitchen island/ bar but also stand out on their own. The same type of chairs were also used for the adjacent dining table. A harmonious décor is created this way.

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Try using red as an accent color in combination with other warm colors in order to create a pleasant and cozy ambiance. The other shades should be more subtle as to keep the décor simple and relaxing.

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Don’t limit yourself to using red for the indoors only. Take the fun outdoors too. The dining chairs look very natural in this modern backyard, especially in combination with the green grass and the wooden benches and fence.

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If you prefer a minimalist look, keep and the design clean and simple and use color to create focal points. Take advantage of the contrasts and plan the overall design accordingly.

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If, on the other hand, you enjoy bright and bold colors but don’t want a single shade to become the main attraction, use multiple tones, maybe similar ones or colors from the same palette.

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Color also allows you to direct the attention towards tiny spaces such as this small dining area. It may not be very spacious and imposing but it sure looks chic and beautiful. The red chairs are also the perfect accent feature for the kitchen as well.