40 Glass Dining Room Tables To Revamp With: From Rectangle To Square!

We’re all so used to wooden dining room tables – whether modern or rustic it seems as though oak and cherries take the cake in terms of dinner design. But what about glass tables? If you love to entertain and love a chic, contemporary finish, these styles may be just what you need to add the right kind of pop to your home. Check out all 40 of these inspiring glass dining room tables!


museum rectangular cattelan italia glass table

Coming in a variety of bases from steel to copper, this chic rectangular dining room table may not be the most family-friendly but it’s a beauty for those that love to entertain and have the space to make this a focus.{found on cattelanitalia}.

Tempered rectangular dining table

This tempered glass beauty by designer Luigi Semeraro will knock the socks right off your dining room. We’re loving the architectural finish of the base and the shimmering glass top.

Axys glass rectangular dining table

With a Swedish modernist this table is full of youth, fun and contemporary appeal. We love the white legs and love the natural wood and cream chairs as a compliment.{found on lago}.

Crome base and top glass table

One of the first things we notice here is the styling behind this glass table and we love its contemporary look but also the innovation and freshness. This is a great example of how glass can be so fulfilling when experimenting with interior design.

Large rectangular dining table with white base

Check out this extra long table built for big families and big spaces and big holiday dinners. The base here is so fresh and unique as well with it’s bulky white finish and architectural style.{found on giannacamilotti}.

Simple table design

There’s something really special about this glass and mirrored table. It has a retro vibe, can fit in with a cottage-esqe scheme but also provide a solid foundation to a contemporary space as well.

Frosted glass dining table design

Maybe frosted, muted glass is more your style. If so, this layered beauty could bring back a 90’s style into your home that make it both fashion-forward and cozy.

Dining room with acrylic chairs

The true transparency of this entire dining room set up is what make it so unique and special. A glass table paired with ghost chairs can create quite the stunning combination.{found on upsidedevelopment}.

Loft dining room with a rectangular glass table

If you’re on search for a bit of drama then we’ve found the most swoon-worthy set up around. Feast your eyes on a glass table that stands out even when the bigger, bulkier black chairs are surrounding it.

Oval back dining chairs and glass top table

Maybe you’re looking for a rectangular table to hold a smaller family, then this could be your pick! It’s subtle, it’s small but it still packs a punch in style.


Oval dining table with wood base

A solid wood base, a large oval top and an essence that combines both a modern feeling and natural elements, this “Crystal” table is one of my personal favorites on the list. Just think of all the ways you can accessorize and fit this into your own home!

Taul Oval dining table

This oval dining room table comes in a grey finish that’s a beautiful addition to any home that have a neutral foundation. Luckily, you can get this look in other shapes as well!{found on misuraemme}.

Beautiful oval dining room addition

Here’s an oval dining room table that’s built on some golden legs that make for a shining and beautiful to a room that’s full of sparkling touches and femininity.{found on dkorinteriors}.

Capricorn dining table oval design

We are loving the sturdiness and simple strength of the foundation on this piece. And again, it’s one that can be styled and used in a variety of homes and interior design genres.{found on tomfaulkner}.

Full glass oval dining table

The sculptural base of this glass dining room table is a standout in and of itself. And putting the acrylic chairs alongside it makes a beautiful and stunning scheme for your to enjoy.

Oval beauty dining table and chandelier over

How can you not fall in love with this oval beauty? With black, chunky legs and a wraparound bench for cozy dinners, this would become the favorite of the house by far.

Oval glass top dining table

Grecian inspired legs take center stage here in this contemporary dining room full of flavor. And remember when shopping for a new table, envision the components around it to make it an entire experience.{found on carlynco}.

Blue table base

Sometimes you can DIY your own glass table, by taking tempered glass and deciding on your base separately. This Meditteranean-inspired piece is a great example of what you could create!{found on summerour}.

Unique glass dining table

Here’s another standout piece that we’re blown away by. Especially since the entire table looks like a piece of art instead of something functional for your home.

Stylish oval dining table with glass top

Ultra modern and super chic, this smaller oval table will get the job done while adding a posh essence into your home. Infuse the space with simplicity and fashion-forward energy.


priscilla square dining table

If you don’t have as big of a space you may look into smaller glass tables like this stained glass beauty that’s both chic and modern. We love the white chairs in addition as well.{found on alma-design}.

Dandy square crystal table glass

With a baroque crystal base and glass top, you’ll get a super luxurious look for your dining room. Revamp your entertaining space with something that’s both feminine and stunning.{found on lalusrl}.

Square glass dining table

Another dark piece that works within more sophisticated settings. What grabs the attention here is how well this glass table works with the differentiating seating choices.

Square dining table with white chairs

Square tables are always seen seating just four people here or there, but you can find square designs that will be a larger design. And we love it, just look at the coupling taking place here.

Corner green bench for a small dining room

Here’s a really creative and innovative design when it comes to square tables. And this entire set up is perfect for those without the space and looking for a solution to consolidate in style.{found on kimballstarr}.

Gold accents for round dining table

When you decide on a glass table make sure you’re really in love with its base because that’s what going to be the focus of the entire design. Just look at this unique, modern piece!

Wood base and glass top for a square table

Contemporary but with the wood base you’ve got a more traditional and family essence attached. It can be used for the family everyday, holidays only or for every dinner party your decide to throw.

aiden metal and glass top table

This glass dining room table has a geometric charm and shape about it. So, it works for those that are going for an ultra modern and sleek vision.{found on site}.

Wood pattern Square Glass Top Dining Table

Not every glass piece has to have a super contemporary look about it or style. You can feature glass in an assortment of designs while keeping with a more subdued feature as well.

Contemporary dining table with glass on top

This table has a combination of both metal and glass making it a greatly functional piece but also one with a lot of timeless style attached to it and versatility.


Empire round glass dining table and chandelier over

The steel base of this design can come in a golden tone that will sparkle and add even more luxury to your beautiful home. It’s perfect for more quaint parties and smaller spaces.{found on dolfi}.

Eye catching table base with a round glass top

Here’s one that will definitely wow any guests that decide to pop on by for dinner. Made with both artistic vision and swoon-worthy design, it’s one of the most unique on the list.{found on vastu}.

round glass dining table with colorful chairs

A round glass dining room table with a rich, dark finish. It’s a contemporary and modern mix with a bit of traditional value as well. And we love the timeless addition of the red and beige chairs!{found on mcw}.

Wood rich retro design

There’s something especially rich and retro going on with this gorgeous design as well. We love the funky chairs and the width of the piece, a circular table made for more than just four can be really special.

iconic chairs for a round dining table

Here’s another fun mixing and matching of styles and styling. From the funky, retro modern chairs to the metal base and darker glass; it’s a fun spin on a classic style as well.

Cute and simple round glass dining table

What’s so great about glass tables is that you can easily see the details and legs of the foundation pieces. And even if it’s small like you see here, you still have a stunning design.

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Here’s another classic table that will withstand the test of time and style changes. Circular tables are also great for dinner parties and socialization.

Cozy rustic dining table

And now we have another sculptural base that can really rock a dining room. The base becomes the art and the top becomes the function.

Vintage inspired dining room

If you’re looking for a vintage-inspired piece then checkout what you may find out on your search. You can incorporate glass for a contemporary touch to your old-age spirit style.

Gold accents for round dining table

This glass top table is one of our favorite because it mixes the sheen of a beautiful home, ready for photographs but it also sits atop a wooden frame making it a cozier and more welcomed style.