Round Glass Dining Tables That Make A Stylish Impression

The typical dining table is rectangular and made of wood. But that’s no longer the standard design, especially with so many stylish innovations to choose from. Round dining tables are very appreciated for the way they bring everyone close together and create a pleasant and homey atmosphere. As far as material goes, glass is an interesting and classy choice. A glass table top allows the base to stand out and this usually means some pretty eye-catching designs can be created.


We’ll start the list of chic designs with the Acco table by Florian Schmid. It’s a table with a base made entirely of canaletto walnut. It’s strong and sturdy but, at the same time, it looks delicate and sculptural.. the table is available is two different sizes.


But we can’t talk about stylish sculptural dining tables without mentioning Lambda, a table inspired by the dynamic movement of elements and designed by Gianluigi Landoni. It’s available with a round or oval glass top and its sinuous shape adds a touch of harmony everywhere it goes.


If you want the dining table to be the center piece of the room, look for a design like the one proposed by Claudio Lovadina when creating Superstar, a piece of furniture with a really elegant and eye-catching look.


Most of the times we look for designs that are simple without also being boring. Paolo Cappello designed the Keplero table which is a beautiful example in this case. The base is made with four legs that turn around a central element and allow the table to be adapted to the needs of the users or the space available.


The name of the 3-Pod table is suggestive of its design and structure. The top is round and made of transparent glass and the base is a classic tripod with a modern twist, of course. The table was designed by Francesca Rota and is also available with a rectangular top.


Even the simple-looking designs turn out to be more complex than they seem. Take the Belden table for example. It has a simple but architectural design, an iron base and a glass top with a reverse bevel edge. The base has an antique brass finish and the table is small, suitable for up to 4 people.

brace dining table

The idea behind the design of the Brace table by Ceci Thompson was to expose the structural components of this piece and to celebrate them with a simple and harmonious design. The base is made of mixed materials including solid oak and iron. The top is made of clear, non-tempered glass.


We mentioned that glass top tables provide designers with the perfect opportunity to focus on the base. The Tupolev table by Walter Colico is a wonderful example. The base is unlike any we’ve seen so far. It looks complex and sculptural but it’s also quite simple. It twists around a wooden semi sphere.


Stix is a quirky table with a slender base supported by turned oak legs. The glass top highlights the underframe and gives the table a lightweight, graceful look. This is the creation of designer Fredrik Torsteinsen.


The beautiful thing about the Tree table by Marcello Ziliani is obviously the wooden base that features a central support and four branches that complete it in a mirror fashion, connecting it to the top and the ground. The table is available in multiple color finishes and with matching chairs.


If you’re looking for something glamorous to add to your dining room, take a look at the Diamante table designed by Alberto Basaglia and Natalia Rota Nodari. It has a glass top that can be round, square or rectangular and a base/ bases made of lacquered aluminum.


Giusi Mastro designed Chronos, a very simple, modern and stylish dining table that comes with a round top made of extra clear or smoked glass and a base featuring three legs in aluminum and leather. There’s a total of six colors to choose from for the leather on the legs.


The design of the Isola table is as intriguing as it is minimalist. It appears to be made up of numerous circular elements stacked to form a cylinder. A round glass top completes the piece. The table was designed by Anthony Logothetis and is also available with an oval top and a double base.


A beautiful table can be inspired by a lot of things. In the case of the Rosenbush table the inspiration came from the wilderness of nature. The twisting base was inspired by rose branches and is made of bended metal.


The inspiration for the Isis table came from Egypt and its design is simple, clean and mysterious. It has a sculptural base made of stainless steel with a special satin finish but it’s also available in iron featuring different colors.


Edward, on the other hand, is an elegant table by Studio 63 that seems to draw its inspiration from the ancient Greek columns, although the resemblance is small and superficial. The design is simple, symmetrical and glamorous without standing out more than it has to.


So far we’ve seen a lot of round dining tables with central base structures or sculptural legs. Blow is a bit different from this point of view. It was designed by Oggimai Studio and it has a round glass top supported by three evenly distributed blown glass legs attached close to the edge.

How to decorate around a glass-top dining table

Modern midcentury round dining table with glass top

Selecting a table you like from this list is the easy part. Integrating it into your home décor is the difficult part. Sure, it’s not exactly an impossible challenge either. It’s usually easier if you coordinate the table with other round or spherical elements in the room.{found on alexanderpollock}.

Round glass table green carpet under

A different approach is to use a round area rug for the dining area. The table would sit at the center and the chairs would fit around it. You can also add a circular pendant lamp above this area.

Globe chandeliers above the glass dining table

Complement a round dining table with a globe chandelier. This one is really beautiful because it also adds a welcomed touch of color to the space in addition to coordinating beautifully with the table and creating a harmonious ambiance.{found on yorkvilledesigncentre}.

Glass round dining table with colorful chairs

You don’t have to be very obvious or perfect when matching the table with other elements in the room. A mere suggestion is enough. It can be the shape of an accessory, of a vase, plant, mirror and a variety of other things.

Modern ecletic decor round glass table

Create an eclectic décor by combining various shapes, colors, patterns, textures and materials. For example, this dining table has a round glass top, sits on a round area rug and is complemented by a spike chandelier, a patterned accent rug and colorful curtains.

Residence with green leather furniture and round glass dining table

The chairs you use for the dining table can have designs inspired by the table’s sculptural base or by the round top. It’s usually nice to make them look like a set even if they have different designs.{found on asdinteriors}.

Mid-century style chairs for dining table

Don’t these chairs look awesome in combination with this dining table? They’re a perfect match and the table fits in beautifully, taking into consideration things like the pendant lamp and the wall mirror.