50 Key Components to Decorating Your Entire Home

Are you moving into a new house? Are you looking to give a makeover to the one you already have? Then you’re in the right place. When you’re trying to make a house into a home, it all comes down to the decorating. But decorating can be a little overwhelming if you’re starting from scratch. So take some time and scroll through these 50 Ideas for decorating every nook and cranny of your house. It will be a home by the time you’re finished.


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Where do you usually spend the most time in your home? For most people, that’s the living room. It’s a place of relaxation, entertainment and connection. But since that’s where you spend so much time, you’ll be more likely to redecorate it more often. So when you’re thinking about paint colors, going with something neutral is really going to help you in the long run. By the time you’ve changed your patterned throw pillows once, you’ll be glad you went with cream. (via 79 Ideas)

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Kitchens are for cooking and reading directions and washing dishes. Anyone who spends any time in their kitchen at all knows that sufficient lighting is super important for all of these tasks. So covering the room in all white will help you get the most light possible, no matter how many windows or how much lighting there is. (via Remodelista)

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When it comes to painting the bedroom, there are many options that all filter down to one aspect: cool tones. Cool colors like blue and green and gray are calming for the mind. It makes sense to paint your bedroom a calming color that will help you relax as you fall asleep. Dark or light depends on your window situation, but go with blue and you can’t go wrong. (via Apartment Therapy)

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Mulling over what color to paint your bathroom? I’m gonna ask you to think outside the paint can for a minute. Why not go wallpaper shopping and cover your bathroom in your favorite bold pattern? It will certainly make a usually dull space really pop. (via Studio McGee)

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Everybody loves a soft nursery, and it doesn’t get much softer than pastel. If you know what your baby will be, you can go with powder blue or dusty pink. But minty green is always a lovely option for a gender neutral space that has baby written all over it. (via Apartment Therapy)


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Window treatments can be puzzling. There are so many options, it’s sometimes impossible to decide. When it comes to the living room though, I’m going to let you off the hook. Bare windows in your living areas are on trend right now! And it makes total sense. The lack of curtains or shades means maximum light for all your houseplants and reading nook. Plus, all your pictures of your kids will come out looking professional. (via Design Sponge)

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In my experience, kitchens can end up being one of the hottest places in the house, thanks to that afternoon sun. If you’re dealing with the same problem, put up some shades on those windows. Bamboo shades or linen shades are great options that block out that hot sun while being stylish and getting you away from blinds. (via Airows)

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We’ve probably all heard that you sleep better in the pitch black, so when it comes to dressing your bedroom windows, think about doubling up. A set of blinds will help a lot but you can make it even darker by hanging some heavy curtains over top. If you don’t really prefer the heavy curtains look, try hanging a light colored curtain that will help keep the morning sun out of your eyes but not drag down the look of your bedroom. (via Disc Journal)

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Bathroom windows are possibly the most frustrating thing to decorate. How do you get privacy without creating a space for mold and mildew to build up? The answer: frost it. Whether you buy a frosted window pane or DIY the one you have, a frosted window will provide all the privacy you need but keep it easy to clean as well as letting in plenty of sunlight. (via Flickr)

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When you have such a pretty soft pastel nursery, how can you help but find some pretty soft pastel patterned curtains to go in it? If you’re worried about light, put a shade or blinds underneath. Otherwise, floral or striped curtains will do the decorating work for you. (via House of Turquoise)


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This might be the only place you’re going to hear this. The most practical way to use the space that is your living room ceiling is to put up a ceiling fan. Think about it. Your living room is where your family gathers to rest, where your guests gather to hang out, where all your birthday parties happen, etc. When a room gets packed full of people, it gets a little steamy. A ceiling fan will help to cool off the room when it’s full of warm bodies and make it comfortable for everyone. But for heavens sake, let your side table lamps do the lighting work. (via The Design Files)

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If you’re of the opinion that overhead lighting is quite ugly, you’re not alone. What do you do though when it comes to lighting your kitchen? Well, there’s a trick that we like to call pendant lights. They hang from the ceiling over your counter and workspace to shed some light on whatever you’re cooking, all the while staying pretty and adding to the decorative vibes of your kitchen. It’s a win for everyone.

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So maybe this doesn’t exactly go on your ceiling, but who wants overhead lighting in their bedroom? Replace your bright lights with more practical wall sconces above your bedside tables. Or even hang a lightbulb from the ceiling above your pillow. The soft light will do wonders for the feeling of the room. (via Marion WD)

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We’re going to go with the same bedroom lighting idea for the bathroom. While you can add some overhead lighting to help you in the shower, you’re going to want some wall sconces by your sink to light up your face for makeup application or shaving off your beard. You’ll like it a lot better than any light that comes from the ceiling. (via Remodelista)

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While we’re going for everything frilly in the nursery, you’ll want to consider using a chandelier for your overhead lighting. You can paint it white so it can stay in the room for as long as your child does, or you can paint it a matching shade to go in the room. Either way, you won’t find a better way to fill the ceiling space in your nursery. (via The Little Umbrella)


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Let’s talk rugs for a minute. There are so many wonderful bold colorful patterned rugs out there, but to make it work in your home, placement is key. Hands down, the living room is the best place for these rugs. Patterns will hide the wear and tear of traffic paths longer than a plain rug or even carpet will. So if you’re eyeing the bright blue Moroccan masterpiece, go for it. (via My Scandinavian Home)

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When you’re cooking food and splattering sauce and spilling chopped veggies, you don’t exactly want fabric or fibers on the floor. Covering your kitchen floor in wood gives you a great airy feeling and makes cleaning up the mess far easier. Now you won’t be so hesitant to let your little darlings help you make dinner. (via Wit and Delight)

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Don’t shy away from putting a rug on your bedroom floor just because the space is intimidating. There is a simple solution. Layering rugs will help you cover all the space that should be covered. Find a nice large one that can start just under the bed and continue across the whole room and then put a smaller fuzzy one on top that your feet will hit first thing in the morning. (via Apartment Therapy)

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Balking at the long space in your bathroom? Go for a pretty flat runner instead of separate rugs. It will make the whole room look more streamlined and pull everything together instead of splitting up your shower, toilet and sink spaces. (via Amber Interiors)

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While choosing a rug for the nursery might be a “duh” choice, it isn’t always. Since you’re going to be putting baby on the floor to play and stretch and change diapers, it’s always a good idea to cover the space in the softest rug you can find. I’m talking floating-on-a-cloud soft. (via Style Me Pretty)

Spend It

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Looking around your living room, what do you think should take priority in your decorating budget? If you answered the couch, you’re right. It’s important that your couch fits these three criteria: it’s comfortable, it’s durable and you love it. You aren’t going to buy a new couch every year so when you’re making such a large purchase, make sure it’s exactly what you want. (via The Style Files)

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Kitchen appliances can take a big chunk out of your budget, but you really can’t beat an awesome stove. If you’ve looked and looked and you keep coming back to that one stainless steel fridge, go ahead and splurge. Spending a little extra on your appliances will make you happy in the long run. (via Gtsit)

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While you might be all excited to hear what you should splurge on in your bedroom, the real thing isn’t all that fancy. When you splurge on a bedroom item, get yourself a good mattress. You just can’t beat a good night’s sleep and a really great mattress will help you get that, no matter what the bed frame looks like. (via 100 Layer Cake)

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Showers and sinks can be thrifted and made to look like new, so when it comes to splurging in your bathroom, go for the gorgeous tile. Nothing will make a bigger statement in your bathroom than patterned tile. Whether it’s plain white hexagons or a little wild like the one above, you won’t regret it. (via Domaine)

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When you’re expecting a baby, buying all the necessities can be a little overwhelming. But if there’s one thing you should splurge on, it’s the crib. Get yourself a well made crib that you trust and will make you feel completely at ease lying your little one down at night. Another benefit comes when you have another baby and you can pull out the same crib because it’s just still just as dependable. (via Mother Mag)

Save It

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So you’ve spent a good portion on your couch and now you need a coffee table. Thankfully you don’t need to spend a fortune on that. There are so many good ways to DIY an old table to fit your living room, or you can use a coffee table you’ve thrifted or even inherited. The options are limitless. (via Domaine)

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Have you fallen for the dark-on-the-bottom cabinets? Before you go out and buy all new lower cabinets, thereby using up the rest of your kitchen decorating budget, head to the paint store and find a sample of the color you want. You’ll find that with an afternoon and a paintbrush, you can make your lower cabinets look just as on trend as if you bought them. (via Wit and Delight)

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You may think this is crazy, but just go get on Pinterest and look up “DIY Headboard“. There are tons of awesome ways to create your own on a budget that you will love even more than what you could buy just because you put in the effort. Or you could go for a minimalistic look and skip the headboard altogether. (via The Design Chaser)

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Yes, a mirror can make or break a bathroom. But you can have a great mirror without burning a hole in your pocket too. Find one you like at an affordable store like IKEA or even go thrift shopping for an old beauty and paint the frame to pop in your bathroom. I promise you’ll be able to find one with a limited budget. (via Looks Like White)

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Goodbye changing tables. All nurseries need as much storage space as possible. Give an old dresser a facelift with some paint and put a changing pad on top for the perfect makeshift changing table. You can remove the changing pad as the child grows and continue to use the dresser to hold their clothes and toys. (via Project Nursery)


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Now that you’ve got a pretty good handle on the rest of the house, it’s time to think about filling the walls. One of the prettiest and trendiest ways to decorate your living room walls is definitely the gallery wall. Collect your favorite prints and quotes and family photos and arrange them above your couch or piano to create a masterpiece for the eyes. You can arrange them all in an organized square or sprinkle them across the wall for an eclectic effect. (via My Scandinavian Home)

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You’ve definitely seen this on your Pinterest feed. Open shelving is the simplest way to fill up wall space in your kitchen. It’s an awesome way to display all your pretty dishes and bakeware, provide kitchen storage and in a way, create some kitchen art. So it’s pretty much a win for everybody. (via A Cup of Jo)

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Hello picture ledge. It’s the new gallery wall and the bedroom is absolutely the best place for it. It makes it easy to change up your art and prints whenever the mood strikes. Keep your inspiration up to date or switch out your family photos with the seasons. Picture ledges will never have a dull moment, promise. (via Apartment Therapy)

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Yes, more open shelves. But really, couldn’t every bathroom use more storage? Hang some shelves in the empty wall space above your toilet and fill it with jars and plants and baskets and pretty bottles. It will become your favorite spot in your bathroom. (via Life of Pykes)

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Nurseries are a fantastic place to get creative on the walls. While you can create an art print gallery wall, you could also make some tissue paper flowers or hang lanterns or put up their name in wooden letters. Your creative wall display could help their creativity grow. (via The Glitter Guide)


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Without a doubt, plants are one of the best ways to decorate your living room. Greenery in any room brings such a living and homey feel to the space, but especially in the room where your family and friends gather for coffee and conversation. Large leaved palms can fill an empty corner and a low bowl of succulents can do wonders for your coffee table. Every leave is worth every penny. (via T Magazine)

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We love backsplash and you should too. There are so many benefits it can bring to a kitchen! It can make cleaning up easier. It can protect your walls from your cooking mishaps. It can be the decorative centerpiece of the room when you install it in a bold pattern across the wall. In a word, perfection. (via Apartment Therapy)

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Dressers and nightstands aren’t just for storing clothes and books. They’re for providing decorating surface too. Your bedroom is your private place to add your own style. Whether you fill your dresser-top with framed family photos or plants or jewelry dishes or your rock collection, your bedroom decorating should be what you love and what makes you happy. There’s nothing better to make you smile every morning. (via M pression)

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What is usually the focal point of the bathroom? The shower. It’s so big, it it can’t help itself. Thankfully there are some pretty gorgeous shower curtains to make the space feel more decorative. Go for something large and floral like the one above or if you’re looking for a more modern curtain, bold stripes will do the trick as well. Either way, choose the one that you think will make the biggest impression on the rest of your bathroom. (via Apartment Therapy)

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Decorating a nursery is easy peasy. Children already have such colorful books and classy toys and adorable shoes, why put them away to be hidden in a box or bin? A set of shelves can serve as toy and book storage as well as the decorating center of the nursery. (via Mini Style)


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Fall in love with bookshelves now because once you start putting them in your house, you’ll be addicted. They’ll hold your books, your pictures, your plants, your knick knacks from your travels, your extra blankets, and they’ll be another space in your living room that you can decorate. You need at least two. (via Domaine)

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Short on kitchen storage? A pegboard is the way to go, just like Julia Child. You can store all your cooking utensils, pots and pans, dish clothes and anything else that will hang from a hook. You can even add a print or a framed weekly menu. (via Refinery 29)

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And you thought credenzas were just for the dining room. Replace your dresser with a credenza and you’ll still have all the storage space but in a much more stylish way. Plus, credenzas are usually longer than dressers so you have more surface space to decorate and store all your bedroom necessities. (via SF Girl By Bay)

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When you’re thinking about bathroom storage, think baskets and trays. Whether you put them on shelves or under the sink, they will make a more decorative way to store your towels. Trays are an easy solution to making your lotions and jars look organized, even if they aren’t really. (via Jay Adores)

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There’s a reason you see IKEA’s little rolling carts all over the place. They can be used in every room, right down to the nursery! Store clothes, diapers, swaddles, lotions, pacifiers, and any other of your baby’s necessities in a rolling cart that you can take with you from room to room. It will be the best idea you ever had. (via The Glitter Guide)

The Exterior

Front landscaping curb appealView in gallery

Moving on to the outside of the house. It’s a place that you absolutely cannot forget to decorate because some people can’t wrap their minds around the “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” saying. Landscaping is probably the easiest way to make a house look like a home from the outside. Plant the colorful flowerbeds, trim the bushes and add a bird feeder to the tree in the front yard to create a welcoming sight for anyone who walks up to your house. (via Lonny)

curb appeal entryView in gallery

The entry to your home is a pretty important part of the exterior, because everybody has one in some shape or size. If you have a step, add a flower pot. Keep the leaves and cobwebs at bay with a broom. Add a welcome mat that displays a colorful funny saying. It will make a pleasant prospect for guests who are arriving as well as a nice spot for your morning coffee. (via SF Girl By Bay)

curb appeal gardensView in gallery

Do you garden? If so, I’m going to beg that you be an attentive gardener. There’s nothing that brings a backyard down faster than a neglected and weed-ridden garden. Planting your veggies in raised beds or even water troughs is one way to keep things manageable. You can build trellises for climbing plants or drape them up your privacy fence. But you’ll be amazed with what some hard work will do for the look of your backyard. (via Gardenista)

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Speaking of backyards, how is yours? If you have one, it’s always nice to have a patio or deck where you can retreat with a good book or entertain a gaggle of friends. Also, having a patio space will take up some of the lawn so you have less to mow, along with providing a centerpiece opportunity for some gorgeous landscaping. (via Journalistka)

curb appeal entertainmentView in gallery

Once you’ve got your landscaping put together and your garden cleaned up and your patio installed, it’s time to decide what kind of entertainment you’d like to include. Because if you have anyone over at all, a good host will have something. Whether you have a pool, a fire pit or even a picnic table for al fresco dinner parties, providing something entertaining in your backyard will encourage you to spend more time outdoors, which in turn will help you keep an eye on your landscaping and gardens. It’s one of those housework chores that never ends, but is necessary for a lovely home.