Pink Marble Accents to Brighten Everyday Life

Pink marble may seem the height of exotic design, but it might surprise you to know that it is a versatile stone that can beautify many areas of the home.

Pink Marble
House of Harvee

This marble has many variations that can make a bold statement or just provide some soft color and texture in your home spaces. Of course, marble is luxurious in and of itself, but pink marble is unique and worth considering to add interest in all kinds of home decor.

Pink marble: What is it?

Pink marble shower
Athena Calderone

Marble is a metamorphic rock that has been subjected to immense pressure and crystallized over time. The pink color is a result of exposure to iron in the soil. Pink marble ranges in color from a light cool blush, to warm corals, and deep pink variations.

Pink marble accent wall
Melanie Lissack Interiors

Pink marble is found all over the world in places like the United States, Europe and Asia. Many people believe that pink marble has the qualities of delicacy, peace, and positivity.

Pink marble inspiration

Pink marble is a wonderful and adaptable element in design. We have rounded up some incredible rooms with pink marble accents. You will see for yourselves how others have styled these spaces from the subtle to the dramatic.

Luxurious bathroom with subtle style

Luxurious bathroom with subtle style
Laura Butler-Madden

This bathroom has a glamorous and elegant style. Despite the ornate pink marble shower, the bathroom does not look too fussy. The marble texture features earthy swirls of gray and white. Further, the shade of pink echoes the warm natural wood floors for a cohesive look.

Pink marble tile

Pink marble tile
Riad Tile

If you want to add pink marble in a more subtle way, try a pink marble background with wall tiles. These tiles, which feature a mix of dark and light pink with touches of white, complement the white countertops and white cabinets. In addition, the warm gold accents provide subtle contrast to the blush pink color tones.

Pink marble wallpaper

Pink marble wallpaper
Summer Gray Amsterdam

Not every space with pink marble needs to look glam. For example, consider this room with the marble pink wallpaper.

We love this mixing of styles with the marble pink background, industrial desk, and plush velvet pink desk chair. This pairing of a modern and spare style with the luxurious wallpaper gives the design a layered depth.

Blush pink kitchen

Blush pink kitchen
ABC World Wide Stone

If you want a stunning and dramatic look in the heart of your home, try a pink marble island and countertops. The pairing of the pink marble with the spare style of the sleek kitchen cabinets and coloring is effective.

This designer chose a marble with wide color variation. The dark rose veining in the island gives the island a look of fine art.

Pink marble coffee table

Pink marble coffee table
Cozy Home

This marble coffee table is the perfect place to start if you want to add just a touch of pink to your space. For example, this round marble table with spare brass legs has a modern vintage style. It would work well in room settings with light neutrals or in rooms with more dramatic color schemes.

Monochromatic dining room

Monochromatic dining room

While you may think that a pink marble table with pink velvet dining chairs and gold chandeliers would be too opulent, this design has a subtle glam look.

The monochromatic light tone neutralizes the space so that it is architectural elements that stand out. Therefore, if you like this look, choose dining room furniture of the same shade and paint the walls a light neutral. Also, embellish with some statement light fixtures for a compelling focal point.

Pink floor tile

Pink floor tile
Artisans of Devizes

If you are interested in pink marble as an architectural element but aren’t sure where to begin, try a soft tone like this shade of Calacatta Candy Marble. It is a true blush beauty that doesn’t overwhelm the room. Rather, it just provides an interesting textural foundation for this simple bathroom.

Understated bathroom

Understated bathroom
Warrior One: Sharyn Cairns

In the hip yoga studio, Warrior One, Golden designed this lovely bathroom with a backsplash of pink marble. We love the Art Deco style of the bathroom along with the earthy texture of the bathroom vanity table. Further, the style of the gold fixtures adds just the right amount of industrial glam.

Furniture accents

Furniture accents
Architectural Digest

Pink marble ranges in color, and you can also find varieties that have a soft coral tone. The marble on the top of this dresser is one of the best examples of understated pink marble. In addition, this subtle color creates a beautiful warm textured surface that stands out next to the gray surrounding walls.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How much does pink marble sell for?

There are over 300 varieties of pink marble and all have different price points. However, you can find pink marble for as little as $25 per square foot.

Where is pink marble found?

Pink marble is found all over the world in at least 44 countries. You can find pink marble in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Is pink marble good?

Pink marble is a flexible color that works well with a variety of color schemes and design styles from Hollywood glam to modern and contemporary. Pink marble has a warm color that doesn’t overwhelm a room. However, it does offer a textured look that creates depth in a design.

What is the name of pink marble?

There are too many types of pink marble to name here. However, some of the most popular varieties are Rosa Portugués, the most well-known pink marble, Rosa Zarci, and Rosa Levante.

What colors go with pink marble?

There are many colors that work well with pink. Pink is beautiful with neutrals like creamy whites, ivories, and beiges. It also works well with darker neutrals like gray and black. If you want a change from neutrals try to pair pink marble with bold colors like deep aqua or a golden ochre.

Pink Marble: Conclusion

Pink marble may seem like an exotic choice of material, but in a world of white marble surfaces, it can be a welcome new option. Of course, this color will not have a place in everyone’s home.

However, if you are looking for something that has a light and subtle color or creates a dramatic focal point, pink marble may have something to offer.

Even if you don’t want to use it as a foundational element in your home, strategic accents of pink marble provide an interesting or retro element in your home decor.