15 Contemporary Modern Wallpaper Designs

I know what you’re thinking. Does anyone still use modern wallpaper to decorate their home?

Modern Wallpaper

Modern decorating in today’s world has some expectations attached. You might expect to find lots of neutral colors, clean lines and minimal accessories. And sometimes the modern style can seem dull and lifeless. But thanks to the wallpaper makers, modern doesn’t have to be boring.

What is Modern Wallpaper?

What is Modern Wallpaper?

Wallpaper is a decorative print that you apply to your home or business walls. It’s a popular material you can use not only for walls but for cabinet interiors, ceilings, redesigning furniture, art pieces, and more. Wallpaper is a fantastic tool that can add a huge visual appeal to any space. 

How to Prepare Walls for Wallpaper?

You’ve got your wallpaper, and you’re ready to get it up on the walls. But first, you’ll need to prepare the walls to make applying the paper easier and more effective. 

  1. First, prepare the walls by removing screws, hooks, and outlet covers. Make the wall as smooth as possible by filling all the holes and sanding to remove any large bumps.
  2. Then, you’ll need to clean the walls to remove dust. Do this by using soap, warm water with a little vinegar, and a cloth to wipe down the surface.
  3. Next, it’s best to primer the wall before applying the wallpaper because it could remove the moisture from the paste used to apply the wallpaper.
  4. Finally, install the wallpaper using paste to apply the paper to the wall. 

How Many Rolls of Wallpaper Do I Need For a Room?

How Many Rolls of Wallpaper Do I Need For a Room?

When you’re buying wallpaper, you don’t want to get too much, but you also want to get enough to use on the walls of your home. Three factors determine how much wallpaper you need:

  1. The dimension of the wall or object you’re covering.
  2. The roll size.
  3. And the pattern repeat.

You can calculate the dimension of each wall by measuring the length and height of each wall. Multiply the dimensions of each wall and add them together to get the total square foot area. Avoid calculating in the windows and doors of each wall to ensure you’ll have plenty of wallpaper.

You can buy most wallpaper in rolls 20.5 inches wide x 16.5 feet and contain 28 square feet of wallpaper. But you’ll need more or less depending on your pattern repeat.

What Glue to Use For Wallpaper

What Glue to Use For Wallpaper

Specific wallpapers require a particular paste to apply it on the wall. The wall’s surface also plays a part in what glue you’ll need to use.

You can buy a ready-to-mix wallpaper paste in almost any store. You can also find liquid adhesive at a reputable manufacturer. It’s important to use the adhesive according to the directions. A few other types of wallpaper glue include:

  • Standard adhesive – A good choice for light or heavy paper-based wallpaper.
  • Special adhesive – Perfect for heavy wallpapers like wood, vinyl, or textured.
  • Textile adhesive – You can use it alone or combine it with other glues for textiles, metal, or industrial wallpapers.
  • Adhesive for non-woven – Gets apple directly to the wall and is specially used for non-woven wallpaper.
  • Machine adhesive – A specific glue used for wallpapering machines.
  • Dispersion adhesive – A ready-to-use plastic or synthetic glue used for heavy and waterproof wallpapers.

Can You Put Wallpaper on Textured Walls

It can be challenging to apply wallpaper to a textured wall, but it can be done. Thick and darker papers will do a better job concealing the texture underneath. And you’ll likely need more adhesive to get the job done. However, light colors and paper can work well in certain circumstances. In fact, you might find that the imperfections and visible texture look better than you expected. 

How to Remove Wallpaper From Wall

How to Remove Wallpaper From Wall

To remove wallpaper, you need to determine whether you’re pulling the paper off plaster or drywall before you start. You might end up wetting the wallpaper to remove it, but you can damage drywall in the process if it gets too wet. 

For materials, you’ll need:

  • Soap
  • Water
  • Putty knife
  • Rags

Remove strippable wallpaper by:

  1. Use the putty knife to lift a corner of the wallpaper, and use your hands to peel the paper from the wall.
  2. Then, clean the walls. 

Remove traditional wallpaper by:

  1. Mix hot water and a wallpaper stripping solution into a spray bottle and spray the wall. 
  2. Let the solution sit and absorb for several minutes.
  3. Next, begin scraping the wallpaper off with a putty knife, working your way up the wall.
  4. Once the wallpaper is finally removed, clean the wall with soap and water to remove all residue. 

The Most Popular Modern Wallpaper Design Ideas

Modern wallpaper can add a little pop to your space without sacrificing any of your modern preferences. Take a look at these 15 modern wallpapers for contemporary decorators and be inspired to find the perfect modern wallpaper for your own home.

Textured Modern Wallpaper

modern textured wallpaper

When you are attempting to keep your bathroom clutter-free, you naturally turn to walls, floors and necessities for texture to create interest. Choose a neutral-colored wallpaper for your space that holds lots of texture. Something so simple will bring your space together when you’re finished decorating.

Two-Toned Wallpaper

modern patterned wallpaper

Looking for a uniform view in your modern bedroom space? Choose a simple two-tone pattern for your walls and have it extend across your ceiling as well. It will feel like it was always supposed to be there.

Tiny Patterned

tiny patterned wallpaper

Sometimes, when something is so small, your eyes just glance over it without noticing much. By covering your modern walls in a tiny pattern, you add texture without really adding substance.

Smokey Blue

Contemporary dining room black black wallpaper

It’s well known that abstract is perfectly acceptable in modern homes. So why not cover your walls with a modern art kind of wallpaper? It will feel like you really used every inch of the space to your advantage.

Warm Gray

Contemporary dining room black black wallpaper

Maybe you need a modern wallpaper that’s also warm and family-friendly. In that case, go gray every time. A gray pattern will still look cool and chic but adding the color to your walls will give your space a little punch.

Mid Century Modern Wallpaper

Contemporary dining room black black wallpaper

When you are trying to make a modern home out of an old classic one, you run into all sorts of problems. Mainly, how do you mix classic architecture with modern style? Wallpaper can help you out when you choose a pattern that mixes classic patterns in a modern color or texture.

Abstract Floral 

Contemporary dining room black black wallpaper

What about floral patterns? You’ll be happy to hear that floral isn’t altogether out. There are plenty of flower-covered wallpapers that are abstract in design which will fit right into your modern home.

Pink Marbled 

Contemporary dining room black black wallpaper

It’s a fact, marble is always modern and classic. When looking for a fun yet modern wallpaper for a kid’s room, opt for a colored marble pattern. It will flow with the rest of your modern home while being a fun space for them.

Marbled Scalloped Wallpaper

Contemporary dining room black black wallpaper

Many times, it is possible to find a classic pattern in an abstract color or mixed patterns like this marbled scalloped wallpaper. The blending takes you by surprise and is perfect to set off the other modern elements in your space.

Modern Black and White Wallpaper

modern black and white wallpaper

You almost can’t beat the classic black and white. Keep things simple by opting for a linear pattern that is abstract and classic and modern, all on the same wall.

Geometric Design

Contemporary dining room black black wallpaper

Of course, if you are drawn to colors, your modern home can handle it. Just make sure your wallpaper pattern is modern, like the geometric design above, and you can’t go wrong.

Modern Textured Wallpaper

Transitional dining room textured navy wallpaper

You gotta love a good navy wallpaper. It’s almost neutral so you can definitely get away with a simple textured navy wallpaper in your modern space. And if you hesitate, consider just a statement wall for the transformation.

Gold Modern Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Contemporary dining room black black wallpaper

Who can say no to a bit of gold? With a patterned wallpaper that incorporates the rich shade, your space will suddenly feel luxe and expensive, and all with just a little wallpaper.

Modern Floral Wallpaper

modern floral wallpaper

Is your heart set on rose-covered wallpaper but you are loathed to give up your modern style? Opt for a wallpaper with oversize printed flowers to get the feminine look while staying in the modern parameters.

Modern Black Wallpaper

Contemporary dining room black black wallpaper

When you’re trying to stay with a strict modern color scheme, you can still add a wallpaper that’s black on black. The subtle pattern gives a hint of interest without being too distracting.

Modern Wallpaper FAQ

Is Wallpaper Cheaper Than Paint?

The cost of paint vs. wallpaper varies on a few factors like supplies, design, and installation. And keep in mind that the quality, design, and removal of wallpaper and paint will account for the cost too.

Both paint and wallpaper can cost about the same when you calculate the supplies you need for paint and the amount of paper you need for the walls. 

How to Get Wallpaper Glue Off Wall

Getting the wallpaper off your walls can be laborious. And even when you think you’re finished, you’ll find the remains of wallpaper glue. Fortunately, you don’t need any advanced skills or expensive tools to remove wallpaper. 

  1. First, move all your furniture away from the walls and cover the floor. Removing wallpaper gets messy.
  2. Then, mix hot water and soap (you can also add baking soda and vinegar) and sponge the solution over a small area of the wallpaper glue.
  3. Once the glue is soft, use a putty knife and cloth to scrape and wipe away the glue.
  4. If the glue is really stuck to the wall, try using a commercial wallpaper remover.
  5. Finally, you can restore the furniture or prep the walls for painting once the glue is off the wall.

Can You Sand Wallpaper Glue Off?

If the wallpaper glue is tough to remove, you can sand the glue with 100 grit sandpaper. However, you might end up with some rough spots and have to go in with drywall mud to repair those spots. 

Does Peel and Stick Wallpaper Damage Walls?

Peel and stick wallpaper (aka removable wallpaper) have tack adhesives, making them easy to remove from the wall. However, it’s essential to properly prepare the wall before adding the wallpaper to ensure the removal process is effortless. You can properly prepare the walls with cleaning and primer. It’s nearly impossible for any brand to guarantee 100 percent damage-free wallpaper because there are so many variables. 

How Much Wallpaper Do I Need For One Wall?

If you’re only going to apply wallpaper on one wall, you’ll want to get enough rolls to complete the job.

First, you need the square area of the wall. You can calculate the area by measuring the width and height of the wall then multiply those numbers together. And there you have the total area you need to cover.

Most rolls contain 25 to 28 square feet of wallpaper. Take your total square footage and divide it by 25. And that will be the number of rolls of wallpaper you need to cover the wall.

How to Measure a Wall For Wallpaper

All you need is a tape measure and a calculator to measure a wall. First, you’ll need to measure the height – the ceiling to the baseboard or the floor. Then, you’ll need to measure the width – corner to corner. Next, multiply those two numbers together to get the total area of the wall. You can use this number to figure out how many rolls of wallpaper you need. 

Add a Pop to Your Space With Modern Wallpaper

Modern wallpaper can add so much style and design to any space. Freshen up and create a gorgeous room with these modern wallpaper ideas.