15 Fun Storage Ideas for Your Child’s Room

Kids these days seem to accumulate things at an almost excruciating rate. Books pile up on shelves, craft supplies overflow boxes and let’s not even mention the toy box. Is it even possible to keep their bedrooms under clutter control? The answer is yes! If you want your kids to keep some semblance of organization, it’s imperative that the storage medium matches the fun vibes of their room. Check out these 15 fun storage ideas that will get them cleaning up daily.

ombre toy boxView in gallery

Every kid has a toy box, whether or not it actually gets to hold toys. If you’re having trouble getting your kids to put stuff away, give them a colorful toy box so their toys can rest in style. Not only will it keep things clean, it will make a great surface for reading books and having tea parties. (via Land of Nod)

letter box storageView in gallery

Little fingers love having little knick knacks in the shapes of animals and feathers and rocks and bottle caps. Let them collect the little things but store them in style in a letter box like this. You can create one in the first letter of their name and suddenly you won’t be stepping on lego people anymore. (via The Things She Makes)

book binView in gallery

Books are a super important part of a child’s development so I say collect as many as possible. Especially when you can DIY this darling little shelf. Not only will it be a decor piece for the room, it will make it possible for little hands to get books out and put them away all by themselves. (via Lay Baby Lay)

crotchet basketView in gallery

Slouchy baskets are the best kind of storage for nurseries and kids’ bedrooms. They’re easy to make and there are no sharp edges to hurt little people. Find some yarn to match your color scheme and crochet this simple basket that’s just perfect for keeping together the essentials. (via Petals to Picots)

recycled toy binView in gallery

Any project that has a duel purpose of recycling is a good project. Like this one that transforms a simple brown paper sack into a bright tote for storing their favorite toys. You can even organize your labels for dolls, trucks, and whatever else your kids collect. (via Hello Wonderful)

House doll shelfView in gallery

Isn’t this possibly the cutest shelf you’ve ever seen? This particular DIY already had the shelf but it would be super simple to build yourself. Then you can start by storing all her precious doll babies where she can find them and turn it into a dollhouse as she gets older. (via Oh Oh Blog)

fabric tote storageView in gallery

For those of you itching to use your sewing skills, this easy project will exercise your creativity while making something productive. Because when you have colorful patterned totes, you can’t help but put things away in them. (via Minki’s Work Table)

hexagon shelvesView in gallery

They could be hexagon shelves or square shelves or house shelves. Whatever their shape, you can make them instantly fun by covering the backs with patterned paper or fabric. They’ll become little interior decorators with all the styling they’ll be doing. (via Honest to Nod)

craft storage jarsView in gallery

Is there anything more fun than dinosaurs? Get your spray paint ready because this project will only take you an afternoon and the kids can help! You can make some dino tops for the boys and kitty tops for the girls for a system that means no more fighting over craft supplies. (via Crafts Unleashed)

animal totesView in gallery

Speaking of animals, I just couldn’t leave out these adorable canvas bins. With all those options, you can be sure to find one that will fit the theme of your child’s room, be it jungle, forests or elephants! (via Rosenberry Rooms)

Hang up a vintage letterpressView in gallery

Part of the reason for the clutter in the kids’ bedroom is that they love to have their treasures out where they can be seen. Hang up a vintage letterpress tray and they will have a blast arranging all their little things in all the different sized squares. (via Dos Family)

diy cat binView in gallery

Totes, totes and more totes. You really can never have enough. So whether your kid is a lego building master or a magazine reading teen, they’re going to love displaying this homemade kitty basket in their room. Because how can you go amiss when there are cats involved? (via Hello Natural)

rolling book nookView in gallery

Some kids like to always have a certain few objects nearby. Help them keep their things safe but close with a rolling box like this. It will make a space for all their favorite books and stuffed lovies that can go from bedroom to living room to play room without a hitch. Say goodbye to midnight hunts for that one lots toy. (via Handmade Charlotte)

pencil head holdersView in gallery

These DIY pencil holders will definitely bring out the giggles in your kids. Just drill some holes into a block for simple pencil storage that will make art an everyday occurrence at your house. And since the pencils will actually get picked up, you won’t mind! (via Mer Mag)

rolling crate storageView in gallery

Storage on wheels just opens up so many possibilities. Paint some cutie crates to match your child’s room and attach wheels that will make for portable storage and play. Cleaning up before bed was never so easy. (via A Bubbly Life)