10 Free DIY Bunk Bed Plans to Fit Every Style

Building your own bunk bed can cost as little as $200 in materials and allow you to customize your kids’ rooms, fitting beds into small spaces or awkward niches.

DIY bunk bed plans

Our list of ten free bunk bed plans provide many styles, from classic to whimsical, and options for all skill levels.

1. Free Classic Bunk Bed Plans

Free Classic Bunk Bed Plans
Free Classic Bunk Bed Plans

Classic bunk beds are easy to build, and you can paint or stain them in any color. These free bunk bed plans from Ana White detail a material list, cut list, and easy-to-follow instructions.

The bed dimensions are 63” tall, 80.5” wide, and 42” deep and fit standard-size twin mattresses. The built-in ladder makes it easy for kids to climb to the top bunk, and guard rails keep them safe.

2. Elegant Built-In Bunk Beds

Elegant Built-In Bunk Beds

Bunk beds can range from camp-style to elegant, as witnessed by these built-in beds from Plank Pillow. The beds give a high-end look to this room, featuring shiplap details and a plank ceiling.

The tutorial includes a material list and walks readers through taking their own dimensions for custom builds. These bunk beds cost more than most, coming in at around $2,000.

3. Indutrial Bunk Bed

Industrial Style DIY Bunk Beds

The industrial-style pipe acts as the bed rail and ladder, giving the classic bunk bed a unique spin. Cherished Bliss designed these beds for her sons and details a material list, tool list, and instructions on her blog.

The bunk bed stands 60” tall, but according to the tutorial, users can make it slightly smaller if desired.

4. Farmhouse Style Bunk Bed Plans

Farmhouse Style Bunk Bed Plans

A twin over full-size bunk bed is ideal for providing extra space for sleepovers or housing multiple kids in the same room. Amy from Her Tool Belt built these farmhouse-style bunk beds for family members who already had twin and full-size mattresses.

The farmhouse bed plans provide all steps to complete this build.

5. Princess Castle Bunk Bed Plans

Princess Castle Bunk Bed Plans

Make a little girl’s dreams come true by building this princess castle bunk bed that doubles as a playhouse and space to sleep.

Ben Nelson detailed this build on Instructables. His first step was purchasing a used bunk bed from the thrift store for $100. He then devised a plan to transform his thrift find into a castle and provides a tutorial anyone can follow.

6. Inexpensive Triple Bunk Beds

Inexpensive Triple Bunk Beds

Housing multiple kids in one bedroom can highlight a lack of space. One of the best solutions is to take advantage of vertical space by building a triple bunk bed.

Jen Woodhouse provides free bunk bed plans she designed for a set of triplet girls. Each bed fits a twin-size mattress and the material costs under $200.

7. Whimsical Girls’ Bunk Beds

Whimsical Girls’ Bunk Beds

A whimsical cottage-style bunk bed can transform a plain room into something from a fairy tale. Jenny from Birds and Soap made this bed for her daughters, sparing no detail.

The design features under-the-bed storage, bookshelves, a roof, and window cutouts. You can customize the final look by painting it in your kids’ favorite colors.

8. Mid-Century Modern Bunk Bed Plans

Mid-Century Modern Bunk Bed Plans

Those that prefer a clean or minimal style will appreciate this two-toned mid-century modern bunk bed DIY. The dimensions are 71” tall, 78” wide, and 42” deep.

Pneumatic Addict details the plan, including the specific types of plywood she used and all the materials required.

9. Built-In Bunk Beds with Desk

Built-In Bunk Beds with Desk

Elevate your space with this built-in bunk bed plan with an integrated ladder and two-tone design. The classic look will fit many styles ranging from modern to traditional.

Lauren Koster layouts an easy-to-follow set of plans on her blog. You can change the look by painting or staining the bed in your chosen color.

10. House Bunk Bed with Storage

House Bunk Bed with Storage

If your kids want to feel like they have their own home, try this house bunk bed DIY. It looks like an actual farmhouse and features built-in drawers for added storage.

Amy from Her Tool Belt designed this bunk bed complete with a roof, windows, siding, and doors. She layouts all the necessary materials and steps on her blogs. Depending on customizations, the bed costs from $400 – $700 in materials.