Creative Versions Of The Usual Living Room Coffee Table

The coffee table is one of the elements which complete the living room, being usually placed at the center of the sitting area with seating placed all around it. Although it may not be used for much, the coffee table is a must-have. Modern coffee tables sometimes take this accent piece to a new level by giving it additional functions. As a result, the table can also include storage or can double as something else. Others serve as eye-catching accessories or focal points for the room by featuring unusual proportions, shapes, colors or combinations of materials.

Float yellow Luca Nichetto coffee table

Float is one of the coolest coffee tables you’ll find. Its design may not be very detailed, complex or complicated but it definitely makes a statement. The table has a flat mirrored base on which an inverted aluminum cone is centered. This combination allows the table to appear lightweight and sculptural.

Borghese coffee table

Although it may appear as if the Borghese coffee table is composed of three separate pieces, its design is actually a single structure. This impression comes from the fact the the top is divided into three segments, each supported by a network of metal branches and they resemble a tree’s canopy.

Pebble coffee tables trio

By comparison, the Pebble table can be used in pairs or sets of three or more to form a larger coffee table. Individually, each piece can be used as a separate side table. The design of the Pebble table mimics river stepping stones found in nature or an artistic version of a tree canopy. It comes in various sizes and colors.

Hexa wood coffee tables

Versatility is the key characteristic of the Hexa table. Actually, this is a piece which can be used either as a table or a modular storage unit. It can be placed vertically or horizontally depending on the function required by the user at any particular moment. It includes practical storage compartments in both forms.

Cork coffee round tables-stools

Another piece of furniture which incorporates two functions into one simple and versatile design is Cork 45. Designed by Paola Navone, this piece can be used as a side table/ coffee table or as an ottoman/ stool. Use it wherever it’s needed: by the living room sofa, by the bed or lounge chair or even on the balcony, terrace or on the patio.

Miller meridian coffee tables

The Miller collection of low tables includes a few interesting pieces as well. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be used individually or as sets. Mix and match them to obtain the right furniture arrangement for your living room. The tables have simple metallic bases and sleek wooden tops available in a variety of finishes and colors.

Meridiani belt low coffee tables

Another stylish collection is the series of Belt tables. The collection includes low and robust coffee tables made of solid wood. They have a strong impact on the room’s overall decor because of their structure. The designs, on the other hand, are very simple, allowing the tables to stand out through other means.

Gong Low Coffee tables

The Gong low tables impress in a subtle way. Their wooden construction is covered with a glossy resin finish which highlights the various beautiful colors they come in. The collection shows that black coffee tables aren’t your only option. Decorating around these modern accent pieces is quite simple once you choose them as the room’s focal points.

Bongo low coffee tables

The list of elegant and sophisticated coffee tables continues with the Bongo collection, a series which includes a set of compact tables with simple shapes and smooth lines and graceful bodies. Each table appears to be a compact with the top cut off at various heights. As in most cases, these tables can be used individually or together as a collection.

Top view twig coffee table
Twig square coffee table

The Twig table was named like this for a very good reason. When seen from above it looks like a compact cube of wooden twigs organized like pieces of a puzzle which fir perfectly together. Its sculptural design is the defining characteristic of the entire collection which also includes a bench sharing a very similar look.

Collection of wire coffee tables

An interesting trend focuses on graphical designs. A few good examples are the Reton and Chele tables, all mixing contemporary minimalism with industrial charm. These tables can be mixed and matched in order to form a variety of configurations. You can play with shapes, colors and dimensions to create a set of nesting tables for example.

Around large coffee tables

For those of you who use the coffee table as a storage and display surface for all sorts of objects, the Around design introduces an interesting concept. This is a coffee/ side table with a top designed as a tray able to contain a collection of small decorations or objects. It was designed by Thomas Bentzen and it reflects traditional Scandinavian values in a modern fashion.

Collection of coffee tables

Some prefer their furniture to be flexible and mobile so it can be moved around. In such cases, the Karussell tables would be perfect options. They are not your typical coffee tables but rather resemble tiered side tables. You can find more interesting and unusual furniture designs in the pulpo collections.

Nest walnut coffee tables

Nesting tables are very appreciated for their versatility and space-saving qualities. They usually come in sets of three just like the originals set. These walnut tables come in three increasingly small sizes, the two smallest ones being able to fit under the larger one in order to save space.

Thors coffee table round version

Furniture designers often find inspiration in nature, by watching various phenomena or by analyzing simple elements everyone takes for granted. Thor’s well is a natural hole formed through sea erosion in Oregon. It is also the name of this sculptural coffee table which mimics the amazing image, capturing its dynamism in its design.

Seronera modern coffee table closeer
Seronera modern coffee table

The inspiration for the Seronera coffee table also came from nature, more exactly from the beautiful way in which the roots or the Acacia Seronera trees are intersecting to become one in the Serengeti National Park. The table was designed with a natural ebony top and represents a tribute to these amazing trees and to Africa in general.

Wisp simple coffee tables

Featuring a metal frame with three legs and a top covered in the finest Italian saddle leather, the Wisp tables weigh around 4 kg despite their lightweight appearance. Their design inspired numerous stylish and affordable tables. It’s easy to envision such a piece in a modern or contemporary setting, being the accent detail that completes the look.