DIY Design Component Clock

A wall clock is one of those decor elements every home should have. How else would we know it’s coffee o’clock? Deadline coming? Favourite show on TV or time to walk with a dog? Understanding that it’s a certain time of the day and daily tasks have to be done  has a way of snapping me into action, unless… I’m checking it on my phone (where all the social media temptation awaits!). In order to avoid the urge to spend my time ‘working’ on Instagram, rather than getting things done, I have decided to make myself a real clock. Now I can keep on track simply by having a quick look at the wall where it hangs. Magic! You might remember those ancient methods from your history classes. Just kidding – Clocks are still totally in!

Design Component Clock

Today there are plenty of options and custom possibilities to fit our style, but the best out of all of them is to craft your own design from scratch! Would you agree?

I like to follow recent trends when coming up with my DIY projects – hence the DIY Component Wall Clock combines – the pattern and
form tendencies, making the time a piece of modern Art. Its delicate, natural design will add a unique look to any room in your home.


  • wooden plank
  • round wooden piece (I got mine in white, however if yours is raw, please add white spray paint to the supplies list)
  • a drill
  • speckled pattern paint (granite)
  • painter’s tape
  • clock mechanism
  • strong glue (super attack / super glue)
Design Component Clock Supplies


1.First of all we will need to drill a hole in a wooden round piece, right in the middle. Make sure to measure it well.

Design Component Clock Drill

2. Cover half of the round wooden piece with a paper and secure it with a painter’s tape.

Design Component Clock Tape Cover

3. Use granite paint to cover the remaining half of the wooden piece with a speckled pattern.

Design Component Clock Granite Paint
Design Component Clock Painted

4. Glue the back part of the clock mechanism to the wooden plank using super glue.

Design Component Clock Glue Back

5. Drill a hole at the top of the wooden plank to hang the clock.

Design Component Clock Drill Hole in Top

6. Attach the round part to the clock mechanism.

Design Component Clock Atach mechanism

7. At the end place the clock’s hands in the front part of your design.

Design Component Clock Hang

I’m very happy with the final result, are you?

Design Component Clock Minimalist
Design Component Clock DIY