Bathroom Accessories That Let You Tweak The Decor To Your Liking

For each room in a house or apartment there are accessories which can be used to improve the decor and to make the space feel more comfortable and inviting. Bathroom accessory sets include all sorts of things such as soap dispensers, toilet brushes, storage trays and makeup holders. All sorts of other useful items can be added to this list. These are the details that help you personalize the room and make more suitable for you and your needs.

Black and white bathroom accessories set

The criteria on which to base your decision when looking for the right bathroom accessories set are numerous and diverse. First of all, you should think of what you actually need. It can help to make a list so you then select the right filters when browsing the stores.

Etch glass bathroom accessories set

Size is always important so look around and see how much you can dedicate to the accessories. Do you have space for a large trash can in the bathroom or would you rather just give up this item altogether? How big could the soap dispenser be to nicely fit on the sink or by the washbasin? Perhaps you could save space with a wall-mounted one.

Cool bathroom accessories set - mirrored style

It’s also important to take into consideration your own specific needs and preferences. Maybe you want to add something to the bathroom that isn’t necessarily a must-have for this room or maybe you want to opt for something a bit more unconventional but that better suits you.

Mirrored bathroom accessories set

Storage can be a problem, especially in small bathrooms. You can increase your basic bathroom storage with additional things like baskets and boxes which can be organized in all sorts of casual and interesting ways. So think carefully. How much storage do you need for all your makeup products and how do you want to organize everything?

White and contemporary bathroom accessories set

To save some counter space in the bathroom, one solution is to choose wall-mounted accessories. Another possibility can be to keep them organized in trays and boxes. Variations can also be created or found depending on the type of accessory, its function and how often you use it.

contemporary bathroom accessories set

A lot of bathroom accessories and sets are designed to be mounted on the wall. This option allows you to keep the decor simple and organized. A clutter-free bathroom is always more enjoyable than a messy one with objects randomly scattered everywhere.

Modern chrome bathroom accessories set

Depending on the style you have chosen for your bathroom and the type of furniture you have, the accessories can either be elements that stand out and contrast with their surrounding or that blend in and contribute to a cohesive and harmonious look throughout.

Chrome bathroom set design

This type of design is pretty common and popular. It has inspired a lot of different variations of this style, being appreciated for its simplicity and versatility. It’s a style that matches most bathroom decors, be they modern, traditional or even industrial-inspired.

Bathroom perfume set

Sometimes it’s nice to add some flair to the bathroom with accessories that make the space stand out in a glamorous and chic way. The possibilities are very numerous in this case. The use of metallic colors and finishes is sometimes a good indicator.

Modern black bathroom accessories set

This is a set that looks elegant and glamorous right from the start. The combination of black and gold is a defining characteristic of a lot of similar designs but in this case the pattern, texture and form are also important.

Gray bathroom accessories set

Here you can see the same accessory set but in a different color. This look is more suitable for those bathrooms that need to look charming, bright, delicate and elegant with a little bit of vintage character.

Complete white bathroom accessories set

The accessories included in the set can be mixed and matched in all sorts of ways. You can find them with both gold and chromed metal finishes.

Modern gray -white bathroom accessories set

It seems that vintage beauty characterizes a lot of modern designs and this applies to various things including bathroom accessories. We enjoy their elegance and sophistication and we want to turn this into a characteristic of the ambiance in the room.

Gold bathroom accessories set

Use gold to add a touch of glamour to the bathroom. This is a color that pairs well with black but also with other tones. Keep in mind that too much gold can make a space look unappealing to if you use this set you should keep everything else plain and neutral.

Black Villari bathroom accessories set

If gold is a bit too much for your bathroom but you enjoyed the style of these accessories, here’s the same set with a gray finish. It looks toned down but it still has a little bit of glamorous exquisiteness.

Modern Gray bathroom accessories set

We also found the same set with a silver-toned finish. It looks pretty eye-catching but it’s a bit less striking than the gold version.

Bathroom Gold oil set

Speaking of gold and glamour, here’s another really interesting and eye-catching set of bathroom accessories. It focuses on decorative elements without neglecting functionality.

Black with gold bathroom towel hanger and toilet brush

The lack of space shouldn’t be an excuse to skip giving your bathroom the stylish and elegant look it deserves. Even the most basic of accessories can look pretty and beautiful and they can definitely have an impact on the whole decor especially if the room is small and there’s not much else to look at.

Wood teak bathroom accessories set

If you want to make your bathroom look cozy and to feel warm and welcoming, you should consider using wood in this design and decor. You could find some relly great wooden accessories or you could look for earthy and warm colors such as brown or beige.

touch of glam with bathroom accessories set

Things like towel racks and rings, toilet paper holders or wall-mounted hooks don’t usually stand out but there’s no reason for that to be a defining characteristic of your bathroom. Turn these basic and functional elements into stylish accessories.

Brass towl hanger and bathroom accessories set

There are many different ways in which you can do that. For example, you could pick an interesting material or you could look for an eye-catching color or a beautiful finish.

Luxury porcelain and gold bathroom accessories set

A little bit of gold can always transform a space. Use it in small doses to avoid overwhelming the decor or going from glamorous to kitsch.

Gold shade bathroom accessories set

Gold bathroom accessories hold a special place in our heart but they’re definitely not for everyone. Usually you either love them or hate them and it’s easy to be carried away when decorating with them.

Shine gold bathroom accessories set

Try to balance out the eye-catching golden beauty of the accessories with surfaces and elements that are neutral, plain and simple. Too many focal points of different types can be confusing and can have the opposite effect on the space.

Black, white and glass bathroom accessories set

Black bathroom accessories also form an interesting category. They look imposing and sometimes they add drama to the space but they can also easily blend in and help you keep the decor minimal.

gold and shine bathroom accessories set

It’s ok to combine different metallic accents as long as they don’t clash. Gold and silver can look nice together. Similarly, you can also mix and match different finishes to create subtle contrasts.

Porcelain and marble bathroom accessories

You can also play with various different prints and patterns. Stripes are always fashionable, giving the space a classical and elegant look while also being casual and versatile.

Luxury bathroom accessories with marble style

If you want, try an eclectic set of bathroom accessories. They can feature different forms, materials, colors and finishes and they can complement each other in interesting ways.