Picking A Towel Warmer That Gives You An Edge Over Other Homes

Choosing the right towel warmer can prove to be a much more intense and challenging experience than anticipated when you come to realize there are so many new and interesting design possibilities you didn’t even know about. The towel warmer is no longer just a functional element in the bathroom. It can become a proof of style, a stylish accessory designed to put your bathroom over the top.

Scaletta freestanding towel warmer
Scaletta wall mounted towel warmer

Usually, the towel warmer also serves as a radiator for the bathroom. To this double function a third one is added when the design also allows this piece to serve as a decoration for the room. Scaletta is a towel warmer designed to look like a ladder. It comes in two versions: as a wall mounted or freestanding piece and it can be positioned anywhere in the room, requiring no installation.

Vertical Soho towel warmer radiator for bathroom

The Soho bathroom line includes a minimalist, linear and very stylish radiator which also doubles as a towel warmer. It comes in vertical and horizontal versions and with single or double columns. This is also an environmentally-friendly product. The radiator is made entirely of recyclable materials and has a low energy consumption.

montecarlo square towel warmer for bathroom
montecarlo vertical towel warmer for bathroom
montecarlo horizontal towel warmer for bathroom

The same beautiful combination between a radiator and a towel warmer is also featured by the Montecarlo design. This radiator towel rail is available in three versions: horizontal, vertical and square. Its design allows it to be fitted with bathroom accessories such as shelves which can be freely positioned inside it.

Teso radiator horizontal
Teso modern radiator towel rack
Teso modern radiator towel rack green color

It doesn’t really matter how you install Teso because this radiator can also be used as a towel warmer in both a vertical and a horizontal position. The company offers the complete personalization of the Teso radiator with a range of over 200 colors designed to allow it to match and complement its surroundings perfectly.

Runtal chrome bathroom radiator

With a sinuous, modern and elegant design, the Runtal Archibald radiator ensures a pleasant temperature and ambiance in the bathroom while also adding a touch of style to its décor. The radiator also doubles as a towel warmer. It’s made of a single curved steel tube and its design combines beauty with functionality in a natural and organic way.

Radiator and a towel warmer design vertical
Radiator and a towel warmer design

The combination between a radiator and a towel warmer is the most common of all. It’s why some designers try to go beyond that and to improve their creation with extra functionality meant to put it over the top. The Serie T radiator is one such example. It was designed to also serve as a shelf or robe hanger for spaces such as the bathroom, hallway, entrance, etc.

Charming radiator like a shelf for towels

Similarly, the Charming radiator can also be used as a shelf and allows towels to be hung or stored in a variety of ways. The piece is made of brass and comes with a variety of finishes including chrome, brushed chrome, bronze and copper. Its simplicity and adaptability make it a very versatile and practical accessory.

Chrome horizontal graffe towel warmer
Graffe colorful towel holder for bathroom

The Graffe towel holder looks like a giant paper clip. Its inspiration comes from the simplicity of everyday objects and is meant to highlight the ingenious ways in which an object can change function, becoming something completely different and, at the same time, preserving a little bit of its charm. The radiator is available in a variety of colors.

distinctive heating towel design

Designs such as the one featured by Ideos are memorable without being particularly complex. Its distinctive look is given by the repetitive pattern and the combination between soft curves and clean, straight lines. Its geometric design helps it look exquisite in modern and contemporary bathrooms and its size makes it just right for large spaces.

Magazine Towel warmer radiator

The Magazine Black towel warmer is meant to serve as a sleek and elegant bathroom accessory which gracefully hides its function by not sharing anything in common with the classical towel warmers or radiators. Its dimensions are 60x50x7 and is manufactured by mg12.

square snake towel warmer design
snake towel warmer design

Designed by architects Franca Rapisarda and Bruno Lucarelli, the Snake collection includes a series of radiators made from rectangular chrome pipes meant to feature serpentine lines. The collection includes radiators with various different shapes and dimensions and all of them can also be used as towel warmers.

Fine design carbon towel warmer radiator

There’s nothing Rude about this carbon steel towel warmer, although that is its name. The piece was designed by Francesco Lucchese who wanted to add something to this accessory. As a result, this piece was designed as a cover, independent from the plumbing system. Its role is to dress the radiator and to add a new feature: a heater shelf.

Thermoglance vertical wall

Don’t want your radiator to actually look like a radiator? Try finding one not made from the usual materials. Thermoglance, for example, is a glass radiator with a design that’s simple and very elegant. It uses infrared rays to heat objects and surfaces without interfering with the atmosphere while also allowing the homogenous distribution of heat.

Electric flower towel radiator

One can easily guess how the Daisy towel warmer got its name. This electric wall-mounted accessory is the type of chic and functional decoration that makes a bathroom look cute, cozy and playful without even using colors. You can have several of these strategically positioned in the bathroom.

Mirrored circle radiator

Because mirrors don’t usually double as towel warmers or radiators, the Mirror Round is an unexpected accessory. Its this intriguing use of the mirror that makes it special. The combination of functions is ingenious, since both the mirror and the towel warmer are needed in a bathroom.

Mikado black towel warmer

A series of thin metal rods are arranged in an apparently random pattern inside a rectangular frame. The result is an intriguing radiator which can also double as a sculptural wall decoration. Its design makes it perfect for spaces such as the living room or bedroom as well as, of course, the bathroom in which case the Mikado radiator would also be useful as a towel holder.

recyclable aluminum radiator design
radiator from recyclable aluminum wall divider

Another very interesting-looking radiator is Add-on, a modern accessory made of recyclable aluminum. Its design is simple and based on modularity, offering a wide range of composition possibilities. Individual modules can be combined and arranged in various shapes and patterns to best suit the room’s décor and the wall’s shape.