Wall Copper Message Board

Looking to add a little functional style to your office? Why not post up your calendar or track a to-do list on this metallic copper message board! A little copper sheeting from the hardware store goes a long way in adding a hint of bling and loads of design savvy to any space. Let’s get started!

Copper Message Board DIY

Copper Message Board DIY Angle

Copper Message Board DIY Calendar

Copper Message Board DIY on Wall

Copper Message Board DIY Materials


  • Copper sheeting
  • Heavy duty scissors
  • T-square + Permanent marker
  •  4 stand-off screws
  • Screws for the wall
  • Electric drill + diamond drill bit
  • Level
  • Duct tape (optional)
  • Chalkboard pens

Copper Message Board DIY - cut copper sheet

Cut the copper sheeting down to the size you’d like your message board to be. This message board is roughly 12″ x 18″. Leave the protective film on the metal sheet.

Copper Message Board DIY - location of the backside

Mark the locations on the backside of the metal sheet (the side without the film) for the stand-off screws in each of the 4 corners of the board using a t-square and permanent marker. Here the screws are positioned 1.5″ from the top edge and side edge of the board. If your message board is quite a bit larger than the one shown, you may want to add additional stand-off screws at the midpoint of each side to provide more stability.

Copper Message Board DIY - drill

Copper Message Board DIY - electric drill fitted

Use an electric drill fitted with a diamond drill bit to drill holes at each of the four marks made in step 3. Position the sheeting so it’s cantilevered over the edge of the table. Drill from the backside (the side without the film) and drill the hole only large enough for the standoff screw to fit through. The hole will be jagged, but that’s okay. The stand-off screw will cover the opening. You may want to wear heavy duty gloves, as you’ll be working with a few metal shards.

Copper Message Board DIY - peel

Peel the film off the face of the metal sheet.

Copper Message Board DIY - position level

Position your message board in the spot you’d like to hang it on the wall. Use a level to make sure it’s straight. I found it helpful to use a little duct tape to hold it in place while doing so.

Copper Message Board DIY - holes

Use the 4 holes created in Step 3 to mark on the wall the drill locations for the stand-off screws.

Copper Message Board DIY - wall screw

Use your electric drill fitted with a drill bit just smaller than your wall screw to drill holes in the 4 locations marked in Step 6.

Copper Message Board DIY - hardware

Copper Message Board DIY - drill 1

Remove the front screw piece from the stand-off screw. Insert the wall screw into the back piece of the stand-off screw so it sticks out the back end. Screw in the screw and back piece to the wall. You may need to use a handheld screw driver at the end to get it tight to the wall. Repeat with remaining 3 screws.

Copper Message Board DIY - fix

Copper Message Board DIY - front screw

Place the front stand-off screw pieces through the metal sheet holes, and screw into the back pieces that are attached to the wall. It’s helpful to get all four screws started and then tighten them all to finish.

Copper Message Board DIY - writing

Last but not least, write a message on your new message board! Here I’ve created a calendar I can switch out each month, but a to-do list or inspirational quote would also be fantastic!

Copper Message Board DIY Modern

Copper Message Board DIY - calendar