Why And How To Choose The Right Towel Warmer

You’ve heard about these things but never bothered to do any research and find out whether or not they could be useful in your home. That’s understandable, since towel warmers are often considered an unnecessary accessory by some. However, when you get to know more about them, you tend to change your opinion.

What it is.


First of all, you need to know what exactly a towel warmer is before you can decide whether you need one or not. Basically, it’s an appliances usually used in bathroom but which can also be added to other spaces rich in moisture. It serves you by drying off your damp towels and keeping the environment clean and mildew-free.{found on increation and drewhadley}.

How it works.


Towel warmers are of two basic types. They can be electric or hydronic and they are both highly efficient at warming the rail from inside out.

electric-towel -warmers

The electric towel warmers operate independently from the heating system. They contain electric-powered low watt elements. Some use a dry element which heats wire installed in the tubes of the rails while others use a wet element in order to heat the oil or water inside the towel rail.


The hydronic ones have to be connected to either the hot-water plumbing or radiant-heating systems in order to work. Hot water runs through the bars just like in the case of a radiator.{found on jamesglover}.

Why you need one


Let’s put it this way: when you get out of the shower, you want a nice, warm towel to wrap around you, not a damp and cold one. It’s the same thing when you get out of the tub. But towel warmers aren’t useful only in the bathroom. You can also have them in mudrooms or entryways so you can keep your coats, gloves and hats dry.{found on belledesignbuild}.

What the advantages are

Towel warmers are really versatile and their use is not limited to just bathrooms. They can also be used for the entryway, mudroom, basement, laundry room or even for the bedroom if you think you’d benefit from their presence there.

type-of-towel- warmer

Depending on the type of towel warmer you opt for, the benefits can vary. For example, the racks come in a variety of shapes and sizes and, aside from being functional, they can also be a stylish addition to the room.{found on madaboutthehouse}.

mold-inducing- dampness

In addition to keeping the towels, coats and cloths warm and dry, towel warmers are help regulate the temperature and the moisture in the room, reducing the mold-inducing dampness. And if the room is small, you can opt for a towel warmer instead of a radiator and save space and energy.{found on senseofstyle}.

What types you can choose from.


Aside from the main classification electric and hydronic, towel warmers can further be divided into several types. They can either be freestanding, wall-hung or floor-mounted. The hydronic towel warmers have to be connected either to the wall or floor and that’s because they use the plumbing.{found on antrax}.


Wall-mounted towel warmers are great for small spaces because they free up floor space while also looking sleek and stylish.{found on tubesradiatori}.


The freestanding types offer more flexibility as they can be moved from place to place as needed.{found on deltacalor}.

What style you should choose


Well, this is a matter of preferences. Of course, the towel warmer should match the room and the décor you decide to place it in. And there are numerous different styles to choose from. A particularly interesting category includes industrial towel warmers.{found on benmillerdesign and songbirdblog}.

These have a distinctive look and often have a copper-like finish.

Coppper bathroom towel warmer

They can be made of pipes to get that rough, industrial look but they don’t neglect their beauty and appeal. Industrial towel warmers can be really stylish.


They come in a lot of different shapes and sizes and they can be customized in a lot of different ways.