Unconventional Lamps With Cool And Funky Designs

In a world that produces for the masses it’s often really difficult to find something different, something funky and unconventional. This makes interior decorating that much more challenging. Let’s take lamps and lighting fixtures in general. The stores are full of generic designs that don’t really stand out in any way.

However, every once in a while we come across some cool lamps with fresh and eye-catching designs and these moments are really rewarding. We know how difficult it can be to browse through all the generic stuff in the hopes to find that one funky lamp that stands out so we already did that for you. This is what we found so far.

Red Hanging Pendant

These pendant lamps look like those cozy hats kids wear in winter. They even have that big pom-pom on top. In fact, we think they’re actually made out of real hats stretched on top of a sleek frame around the bulb. It might be possible to make something like this at home using a few simple tools so you could give it a try if you want.

Siavoshi Book lights

Or how about some books turned into light fixtures? That’s a really ingenious and interesting idea and to illustrate that we found these unique lamps that use LED bulbs. They seem like the perfect accessory for the reading corner or for a bedroom or home office/library. Ingenious designs like this look like something that Ali Siavoshi might create so be sure to check out the other interesting ideas as well.

Star table lamp

These two lamps are called Jules II respectively Star and they have similar designs. The first one is a suspension lamp available in lacquered metal, brass or copper and with a shade available in a variety of colors. The second one is a sleek and stylish table lamp with a linen shade and the same material options as the first lamp. The color options are again multiple. The two lamps are quite similar in terms of design and they pair together nicely although they’re also great on their own.

Atomic sideboard lamp

If you’re looking for something complex with a science-inspired design, you should check out the Atomic table lamp. It features four round spotlights that blend in with several other spherical extensions. It comes in with black or white with gold-plated details. It’s a type of lamp that could easily adapt to a variety of interior designs and decors, from casual to formal, minimalist to luxurious.

Bott by Design Chiaramonte Marin

Speaking of minimalism, if that’s your style we have quite a few suggestions when it comes to lamps. One of them is the Bott table lamp. It has a really pure and simple shape with a body made of blown glass. It’s finished with an ombre look, the colors being darker at the top and gradually getting lighter towards the bottom. The lamp also has a funky handle at the top which lets you easily carry it around.

Caena chain lighting fixture

Caena is this really cool lighting system made of rings which can be combined to form chains. This means you can customize your lighting fixtures making them as long as you want and extensible. In addition, you’ll also have this eye-catching lamp that is guaranteed to stand out and become a focal point of your interior decor.

Brokis night birds

If these pendant lamps look to you like migrating birds that’s because that’s what actually inspired their design. It’s an exclusive line called Night-Birds. In order to create the delicate wings, a special process was used which involves melting glass and then bending it. This also causes unique colorations of the glass giving each lamp a distinct appearance. Each has a LED light source embedded in the body.

Jeeves and Wooste Cool Lamps Collection

We find these pendant lamps to be really cool and fun while also being elegant and refined. They’re named Jeeves and Wooster and they are each hand-made out of wool felt. The interior is lined with aluminum and that lets it reflect the light in a really stylish way. The shades are black with a gold anodized interior, a timeless combo that always looks beautiful.

Get out dog lamp

Both dog and cat lovers can give their home a themed look with the help of these funny and cute lamps. The Get Out Dog lamps were designed by Clotilde et Julien for ENOstudio. They’re made of MDF and they come in a variety of colors. Their designs are playful and versatile and that means both kids and adults love them.

AndBros Cardboard Lamp
Cardboard lamp

Some designs don’t stand out through shape or color but in a totally different and unique way. The Cardboard Lights are a great example. This modern series introduces new concepts. The lamps are made of recyclable and ecological materials (cardboard) and they’re shipped disassembled, requiring the user to put them together like a puzzle. You can get these cardboard lamps in nine different colors and the small size also comes in four illustrated versions.

Eno Studio Brother lamps

What you see here is a pair of lamps called Brother and Sister. They were designed by Thomas Merlin and they look very similar with the exception of a few details. The lamps are made of beech wood and steel and they are available in four different colors. Their simple and versatile design makes them ideal for desks, nightstands or as accent pieces for the living room.

Light forest and tradition design

The design of the Light Forest series is inspired by climbing plants. Imagine the body of the lamps as the stems of the plants and the shades as the blossoming flowers. The system is conceived for walls and ceilings and has a really cool industrial vibe without being too raw or lacking charm and elegance.

Cerf volant wall lamps from Labo

There are plenty of playful and fun lamps out there. The challenge is finding them. We did a pretty good job at that so here’s yet another interesting design. This lamp is called Cerf Volant and was created by Elise Fouin. It can be placed at any angle and it pretty much makes any space look cheerful.

Decompose Artemide Table Lamp

Designed by Atelier O.I. for Artemide, the Decomposé lamp is a really stylish light fixture. It’s meant to be a ceiling fixture and it has a very delicate silhouette. The name is actually quite suggestive for this design. The attention to detail is really great. The designers made sure that the light falls precisely on every ring, creating beautiful shadows and highlighting the design.

Marijke-van-nunen lighting hanging
Wood beads chandelier Marijke Van Nunen
Wood beads floor vases used like lighting fixtures

The lamps and fixtures in this series share in common a love for raw and simple materials and designs and a connection to vintage and rustic designs. The collection designed by Marijke van Nunen is versatile and includes pendant lamps, chandeliers and table and floor lamps. They have simple and familiar forms and they’re meant to make our homes look and feel cozy.

Hana standing lamp

In case you’re looking for a new floor lamp, perhaps Hanna would be a good choice. This vintage beauty has a marble base and teardrop metal shades that make the whole piece look like a large potted plant or a small tree. The design is a little bit art-decor and a little bit classical while also having some modern appeal.

Athens pendant with marble

Looking at this pendant light you might be tempted to think it’s actually an upside down table lamp. Well, that is in fact the idea behind it. The Athens pendant has a very simple and at the same time very alluring and mesmerizing design. Created by It’s About RoMi, it features a marble columns which holds an Edison-style light bulb.

NudCollection Hanging cage lighting

The graphical design of this pendant lamp series combined with the bright and bold color options given the fixtures a really fresh and playful look. Moreover, the simplicity of the design makes them very versatile and suitable for a variety of spaces such as the balcony, the bedroom, reading area, home office or even the living room.