Decorating with Carrara Marble: What You Should Know And Why

If any point in your life you thought about getting a marble counter top, table, washbasin or pretty anything else made of marble, then you know how difficult it is to actually make a decision. There’s a lot you need to consider before bringing marble into your home. First of all, there are many different types of marble to consider. Carrara era marble is one of the most popular types, being appreciated for its beautiful white surface and blue-gray veins. Carrara marble is also one of the cheapest options when it comes to counter tops, being even cheaper than quartz or granite.

Contemporary round white marble sink
There are many different uses for marble around the house. Most often, we use it in kitchens and bathrooms
amazing white marble bathroom wall
Marble bathrooms require little maintenance and some regular cleaning should be enough
Walk in shower with carrera marble
A marble shower is a nice choice although you need to keep in mind that marble feels cold to the touch

White marble in general is preferred in a lot of cases. We particularly love its brightness and the way it reflects and amplifies light, making the room seem fresh and exquisite. But, as always, there are both pros and cons to consider. White marble is generally pretty cheap and it also looks great. It makes the spaces they’re in look bright and filled with light. However, it can stain pretty easily and it requires more care than dark marble.

carrera marble bathtub
A less common option is a marble bath tub. This makes it that much more interesting and eye-catching
Bathroom with carrera marble vanity long
Marble counters and surfaces are appreciated for their natural antibacterial properties
Sleek kitchen marble island
This makes marble a great option for kitchen islands and counters in general
carrera marble kitchen island
However, marble kitchen counters should be sealed regularly to make them less prone to scratches and stains
Modern kitchen island with white marble
Etching is a real problem so make sure you don’t use abrasive cleaners or natural ones based on vinegar or lemon juice

The region of Carrara near Tuscany is where this popular type comes from. This is the larges region of the purest marble in the world. But white marble can also be found in other regions such as Greece or Turkey, the white marble found here being similar to Italian marble which is appreciated for its particularly fine crystalline structure. Used by the Romans to build some extraordinary monuments that we can still admire today, marble was also loved by artists and architects of the Renaissance period.

Although white marble is a prime choice in a lot of homes, dark marble has its advantages too. For instance, is hides stains a lot better
Although white marble is a prime choice in a lot of homes, dark marble has its advantages too. For instance, is hides stains a lot better
white marble kitchen island
No two pieces of marble are alike and this makes each counter unique and different from all the others
kitchen with backsplash shelves and countertop from carrera marble
Marble adds elegance to a kitchen and you can use it for both the counter and the backsplash
kitchen backslash fom carrera marble
Daily cleaning and maintenance and required in order to help marble keep its beautiful appearance
Modern kitchen carrera marble top
Marble reflects and amplifies light and you can use that to your advantage when decorating a space

We appreciate marble today for its elegant, cool and bright nature although there are a bunch of other reasons why we use it in our homes. Despite its reputation, marble is quite easy to clean, especially if you decide to seal it. Marble counter tops can be easily cleaned with warm water and gentle dish soap and for stains you can use poultice made of baking soda and water or some other ingredients.

White marble with gray vines sideboard top
Etches and scratches are only noticeable when the light falls at a certain angle and that’s good to know when you need to hide them
Lenzi carrera marble dining table
Having a marble dining table is a tricky thing. You can protect the surface with mats, table runners or even tablecloths although that would hide all the beauty
round dining table with lazy susan from marble
The same thing goes for marble coffee tables. So be extra careful and always use coasters to avoid getting unaesthetic rings

Marble can be scary at first. The first few scratches and etches are really annoying and distracting but with time you learn to live with it. After sealing it, you greatly reduce the number of stains. There are a few ways ti prevent damage to marble surfaces. For example, if you have a marble counter in the kitchen, you should get a large cutting board to avoid getting lemon juice or tomatoes on it because they’ll definitely etch the surface. Also, use coasters on the marble surfaces and always clean stains as soon as they occur.

Wood and carrera marble a perfect mix for dining table
Marble looks great in combination with a lot of different materials. Marble and wood is a beautiful and classical combo
Rectangular coffee table with carrera marble on top
Because marble always stands out, you can use it to create elegant focal points for your home decor
Rectangular dining table with carrera marble on top
What better way to make the dining room look sophisticated while keeping it simple than with a marble table top?
Round coffee table with carrera marble on top
Play with materials, finishes, textures and colors to highlight the best in each piece of furniture and accessory
carrera marble bathroom vanity
A marble bathroom vanity would make a wonderful statement piece. Just keep everything else simple and neutral
Bathroom carrera marble wall
Not all types of marble are heavily veined and that’s sometimes a good thing if you prefer simplicity

We can all agree marble requires some maintenance. Still, with all the stains, scratches, etches and everything else, if you had to choose at one point, you’d probably pick marble all over again. There’s no substitute for its natural and unique beauty, its beautiful veins and the extraordinary cool feeling you get when touching a marble surface. The Romans knew that and we learned from the best.