20 Examples of Copper Pendant Lighting For Your Home

From trendy to industrial, there’s a new kid in town that’s taking over the trend in home lighting. Kitchens, home offices, side tables, bedrooms and the like are all getting a makeover in terms of bursts of brilliance in all nooks and crannies. Let’s take a peek at 20 examples of copper pendant lighting – as well as a few other designs – for your home and hopefully you’ll be inspired to add a bit of this in-style idea to a part of your home that needs a bit of a redo.

Hammered Trio

Copper Hammered Trio Pendant Lights

Check out this chic, hammered light trio that hangs above this modern kitchen’s breakfast bar. It plays well with white doesn’t it and adds a slight sexiness to the space without overwhelming the clean edges and lines.

Hanging Lights

Hanging copper cage lights

These industrial-styled hanging lights are the perfect addition to kitchens, dining rooms or home offices that you want to feel with an edgy and more fashion-forward spirit. We love its rawness but we’re also charmed by how copper can also add a bit of a girlish appeal as well.

Simple Pendant

Simple copper pendant light

Here we have a simple copper pendant light that can easily hang over breakfast tables or in a pair, trio or even a quad set over bar areas in the kitchen or covered porches. This is one of the most versatile designs you’ll be able to find.

Small Shine

Small and shine copper lighting fixtures

We’re very much in love with these small designs. It’s shining and chic and when it comes to copper pendant lighting, this is as modern and feminine as it can get. They have a soft curve that can help to infuse some romance into a more contemporary space as well.

Large Shine

Large bowl copper lighting fixtures

And with small shine comes large shine too. These can easily stand on their own, but in more open spaces we love them in a pair as well, creating art in the air but also providing the right kind of the light for the area.

Edison Style

Edison and copper for a perfect pendant light

If you’re really going to the industrial and raw look then you’ve got to check into some Edison-style lights. These have the copper accents that will add just a tinge of poshness to your unrefined edges.

Rustic Choices

Rustic copper pendant lamps over the kitchen island

Yes, you can even find some rustic choices when searching for the most perfect copper pendant lighting for your home. We love the chain and fresh light these pieces will bring to this island – but we also love them for a craft room!

Beacon Beauty

Copper lighting fixture over the night stand

We’re swooning over this beacon light. It really helps to make a bedroom your own with its unique placement but we also love how these type of lights and their design help to add artistry to unsuspecting places.Available for $369.

Stacked Structure

Stacked Structure For High Ceiling Bedroom

These matching stacked pendants from Steve Jones are a great addition to this minimal bedroom. They add just enough oomph to not brand the space boring but they don’t overwhelm or look out of place either.

Chandelier Art

Copper chandelier over the kitchen island

You may even find a beautiful chandelier covered in copper. This artistic design would be gorgeous in bedrooms, dining room or as a surprising pop inside your kitchen like you see here! Available on Tjferrie.

Edgy Cottage

Edgy Cottage Pendant Light

This space reminds me a bit of a cottage but with an edgy infusion. And this copper pendant lights give a very industrial, raw topping to the cleaner and rugged kitchen area, we love its uniqueness!{found on blakeslondon}.

Oversized Bowl

Oversized lamp over the kitchen island

How can you not swoon over this oversize copper pendant? It’s a gorgeous addition to this dining table and would be even better, in my personal opinion, over a large round table as well.

Mixed Metallic

Void lighting fixture over the dining table

We had to show you this option as well, mixing your metallics may be what your home needs. And this combination of copper, silver and gold hanging lights from Tom Dixon creates such a funky infusion of traditional and contemporary interior.

Sweet Spotlights

Copper lighting fixture over the kitchen island

There’s a spotlight feel surrounding these designs and we love how copper plays with navy and white shades. It becomes a beautiful bright room but also unique as most would assume that silver or brushed nickel would be chosen.{found on sealydesigninc}.

Tiny Shades

Trio of copper pendant lights

Take a peek at these tiny shades and its mix of black and copper – which is just as gorgeous in a pair as black and gold! These delicate lights work well in more confined spaces or smaller kitchen areas.

Floor Lamp

Oversized copper floor lamp

Of course, you could surprise everyone with the addition of a gorgeous, copper floor lamp in the living room. Even if you think it won’t work, feast your eyes on this subtle, traditional living room.{found on camelliainteriors}.

Standup Beauty

Copper floor lamp

Here’s another floor lamp that got our attention and shows how gorgeous copper additions can be in your home. It plays especially nice with girlish styles as well as pink and blush colors.

Modern Pairs

Copper and marble table lamp

Here is another set of side table lamps that are both functional but add an unsuspecting pop to the bedroom too. These would even work on their own as a desk lamp and we love the extra-chicness they provide.{found on michellechaplininteriors}.

Inside Side

Small nighstand copper pendant lights

If you’re really lucky, you’ll find some side table lamps that have a bit of copper surprise inside of them. It really beats the boring, traditional lamps we are all so accustom to – even when it holds a bit of vintage flavor.{found on hartmanndesigns}.

Table Lamp

Copper table lamp

But, of course, you can find your bigger and traditional table lamps adorn in a beautiful copper too. And we love that because it punches up that traditional style in a way that fits in more modern and fashionable space.