11 Ingenious DIY lighting fixtures to try out this week-end

A new week-end is about to be here and since the weather doesn’t seem to be very friendly you’ll probably end up staying home. So while you do that you might as well try some of our DIY projects. For example, if you need a pendant lamp or chandelier or if you got tired of your old one and want to change the décor, we’ve made a selection of DIY projects that you might find interesting.

1. Cylindrical wood veneer pendant lights.

Wood Veneer Pendant Lights

To make a similar pendant you need to first unroll the wood veneer with the pre-glued back facing down. Then cut a 23-1/2-in length of veneer with a crafts knife and also cut 1’’ from the width. Then cut the threaded rods into 7-1/8-in lengths. After that, remove the handles from two empty paint cans and tape the cans together, bottom to bottom. Then form the veneer into cylinders.

Wood Veneer Pendant Lights1

Wood Veneer Pendant Lights2

Wood Veneer Pendant Lights3

Wood Veneer Pendant Lights4

Wood Veneer Pendant Lights5

Wood Veneer Pendant Lights7

Apply painter’s tape along one end of the veneer backing and tape the veneer to the paint cans. Wrap the veneer around the cans and iron the overlapping section of veneer. Continue ironing and then remove the cans. Attach the hardware and you’re done.{found on lowescreativeideas}.

2. Woven wood lampshade.

Diy pompandcircumstance lamp1

Diy pompandcircumstance lamp2

Diy pompandcircumstance lamp3

Diy pompandcircumstance lamp4

Diy pompandcircumstance lamp5

Diy pompandcircumstance lamp6

Diy pompandcircumstance lamp

For this project you’ll need a lampshade, balsa wood strips, a glue gun and glue sticks. First line the top and bottom edges of the shade and then add the pieces randomly. Wrap them so that they’re not completely flat against the shade. Check for loose ends and then apply glue to keep them together.{found on designsponge}.

3. Another wood veneer pendant lamp.

Woven lamp diy

Woven lamp diy1

Woven lamp diy2

Woven lamp diy3

Woven lamp diy4

This project is similar to the first one. You need some strips of wood veneer, white glue, large clips, scissors, a small piece of cardstock and hardware. First take a strip of veneer and make a circle in the size you want the lamp to be. Add some glue and a clip. Continue to do the same thing for the other strips. Then take smaller strips and weave through the lamp continuing in a circular manner. Secure the overlaps with glue and clip. Add the hardware and make sure there a spot bit enough for your hand so that you can screw the light bulb.{found on poppytalk}.

4. Stir stick pendant lamp.

Stick pendant diy large1

Stick pendant diy large

Here’s a pendant lamp that you can basically make with materials you find for free. It’s a pendant fixture covered in stirring sticks. You need an existing pendant fixture and some sticks to make a similar one. You can paint or stain the sticks in any color you want. Attach them with glue.{found on montydob}.

5. Cube pendant light.

Openwork Cube Pendant Light

Openwork Cube Pendant Light1

The first step for this project is to make the cube. You can use a ¾ square dowel and cut it into long and short pieces. Then, using a nail gun, make two squares. Nail through the ends of the long pieces into the short ones. Then connect the two squares with the 4 remaining pieces. After that, add the cross pieces. Don’t forget to cut the ends at 45 degree angles. Paint the cube and install the hardware.{found on vintagerevivals}.

6. Seashell pendant lamp shades.


For this project all you need is some yarn and a crocket hook. Depending on the size and shape of your pendant lamp, you have to decide how you’re going to continue. The idea is to cover the lamps in stitch patterns inspired by the sea.{found on crochettoday}.

7. Simple wall cable lamp.

Kabel lampe6 Kopie

Kabel lampe2 Kopie

Kabel lampe3 Kopie

Kabel lampe5 Kopie

This is a very simple and rustic light fixture. It’s a cable lamp with no lamp shape. To make it you need some textile table, hardware and a few pieces of wood. First make the wood piece that supports the actual lamp. It’s easy to make and then you just need to mount it on the wall. Install the hardware and cable, add the light bulb and you have a simple lamp perfect for the reading corner.{found on fingerfabrik}.

8. Bright office pendant lamp.

Diy ceiling light

Diy ceiling light1

Diy ceiling light3

Diy ceiling light2

This hanging lamp is made from three Tertial lamps from Ikea. It features four 40W bulbs that can be individually controlled with switches. New sockets were also added. Also, the project involved a scrap piece of plexi-glass that was then sanded and used to conceal all the wiring and hardware. Any other translucent material could be used. Then a small wooden frame was built.{found on pineboxdesign}.

9.Wire chandelier.

Wire chandelier2

Wire chandelier

Wire chandelier1

For this project you need a bowl or something similar, a can of spray paint, a mini pendant adjustable cord and chandelier light bulbs. First spray the bowl in the color of your choice, let it dry and then thread the electrical cord through the holes. Then, once the pendant wiring has been hung through the chandelier, connect the electrical and it’s all done.{found on houseitw}.

10. Industrial light fixture.

Industril light diy

Industril light diy 1

Industril light diy 2

The supplies needed for this ne are tin funnel, a frack mirror, a light kit and a vintage-looking light bulb. Use automotive glue to adhere the pieces together and then hang the lamp on the wall. The great thing about it is that it can be expanded for easy reading so it’s great for bedrooms or reading corners.

11. 8 in 1 chandelier.

Chandelier black ceiling2

Chandelier black ceiling

Chandelier black ceiling1

This is a chandelier that was made from 8 separate desk lamps. They were all put together to form a symmetrical shape and the result was a ceiling lamp or chandelier. The idea is to use the same model of lamps and to make sure they are all secure. The color should be the same as well.{found on terkultura}.