Stylish Seating Options For Modern Kitchen Islands

The island is an important element in most kitchens. However, in modern and contemporary kitchens, it occupies a special place, being the element that usually separates the kitchen area from the living space. Most often, the kitchen island also doubles as a bar, breakfast table and similar options which is why the seating also has an important role in determining the overall look and function of the whole space. Figuring out the best design option for the kitchen island and seating can be a real challenge.

Bar stools are the most beautiful for kitchen island

Bar stools are the most common option for kitchen islands. They come in a large variety of shapes, sizes and with all sorts of intriguing designs. An interesting idea is to combine two of more colors featured by bar stools with identical designs. A spacious kitchen can also feature a separate dining table complemented by stylish Flow chairs such as in this case.{photo by amitgeron}.

Small kitchen island for open spaces

Small kitchen islands can usually only accommodate two stools. Instead of looking at this as an inconvenient, you can make the most of the situation and select a pair of bar stools that complement each other in a quirky and interesting way. A matching pair can also work.{found on modelina-architekci}.

Kitchen island with bar extension

Another possibility is a kitchen island with a table/bar extension. A set of different functions can thus be combined this way in a really seamless and natural manner. The prep space and the serving area interact. As far as the seating goes, a set of high chairs such as the Bouchon-Siga featured here would look really beautiful.{found on maayanzusman}.

Ways to integrate a kitchen island

There are other ways to integrate a table surface into the design of a kitchen island. A perpendicularity placement can work for certain types of layouts. In cases such as this one, the table can be lower than the rest of the island and can be accompanied by dining chairs. The Claire chair from Calligaris is a lovely choice here.{found on deamicisarchitetti}.

Add a touch of color for kitchen

The bar stools used in combination with the kitchen island can be regarded as an opportunity to add some color to the space or to create contrasts of style, shape or materials. Such a strategy can be refreshing and easy to adapt to a lot of different types of kitchens.{found on tg-studio}.

Colorful tolix chairs for kitchen island

Another quirky idea is to pick bar stools that each have a different color. Their designs can differ or can be identical. The Tolix chairs featured here are a perfect choice. Their design is simple and classical and the fun colors suit them well in a modern environment.

Felt covers for bar stools

Using covers for the bar stools is also an options. You can give each seat a different color or you can pick a set of favorite colors and combine them in a random manner. If the dining table is adjacent to the prep space, perhaps using chairs that match the bar stools would be a beautiful idea.

Modern kitchen with bright yellow accents

Or perhaps you’d prefer the island to be the one to stand out. The yellow featured here is a cheerful color which combines well with brown and other dark shades. The simple bar stools may not have an eye-catching design but, because they contrast with the island, they stand out as well.{found on archilovers}.

Wood chairs for kitchen island

A variety of other color combinations are possible as well, some more intriguing and striking and other more natural and neutral. A set of bar stools that match the flooring can be a good way to ground the décor of the kitchen while maintaining a cohesive look throughout.{found on sladearch}.

Maintaining a warm and neutral color palette

Maintaining a warm and neutral color palette throughout allows you to make the kitchen feel like a very welcoming social area. We particularly enjoy the way these classic bar stools integrate into the décor. They blend in and, at the same time, they stand out thanks to their elegant design.{found on bbloc}.

White color with brown accents for kitchen

A similar combination is featured here, although the color palette differs. The white décor is complemented by darker shades of brown and black with a few hints of metallic gray and light blue. The bar stools and the island communicate a really great manner.{found on studiolabdesign}.

Geometric kitchen island design

Kitchen island can feature a lot of interesting designs, usually adapted to a particular layout or space. In some cases their surface extends to one side to incorporate a breakfast table. A pair of bar stools can easily fit underneath the counter, staying out of the way when not in use.{found on mitsuori}.

Stainless steel kitchen island

This island has a design similar to the one we’ve just described. The bar stools used in this case stand out thanks to their geometric design. They’re simple but, at the same time, interesting and elegant. The curved seat of the Continuum stools highlights the sleekness of the frame.

kitchen island extension with black mid century chairs

This kitchen island extension allows the dining table to become part of the same space in a really natural way. What’s also beautiful and elegant is the way the colors complement each other. Although the contrasts are strong, the overall décor remains cohesive and well-balanced.

Bar stool that add accent to the kitchen

A way of making the bar stools stand out without using color is if you pick a design that contrasts with the rest of the décor without looking out of place. Perhaps an interesting choice of materials can be the answer.{found on bbloc}.