Taking Advantage Of The Outdoors With Floor To Ceiling Windows

There is nothing more relaxing than bringing the outdoors into your home with views of the terrain outside of your window. Whether you live in the mountains, on the ocean, on a golf course or overlooking he urban city below you, floor to ceiling windows are the ultimate way to bring the view inside of your home.

Large window viewView in gallery
Living room featuring a large window view

For years, architects and designers have been using expansive glass windows to create the ultimate living experience by blurring the line between the outdoors and your interiors with these beautiful windows.  If you are looking for ways to create an outdoor experience in your home, look at these tips for including floor to ceiling windows in your home.

floor to ceiling curved windowsView in gallery
Brighten you interiors with floor to ceiling windows

Choose the best outdoor view possible:

If you are in the process of designing your dream home, or you are renovating to allow more light and scenery into your home, think about floor to ceiling windows. Choose a wall in your home that takes advantage of a killer view or watches over your backyard to see your kids playing while you’re inside.

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A big window works with luxury furniture also

Depending on what direction your home faces will help dictate if a wall of windows is beneficial or will require more window coverings or heat/cold protection from drastic climatic changes. Many homes that face the north or south could benefit from the rising sun in the morning, while many may not enjoy the scorching heat in the summer evening hours. Ask your architect or designer what will be the affects of window placements in your individual rooms.

floor to ceiling windows modern living roomView in gallery
Windows without mullions give unobstructed views

Let your home’s architectural style lead you:

Floor to ceiling windows come in a variety of types and styles and for single family home dwellers you may be able to choose if you want mullions or dividers frames on your windows or if you’d prefer butt glazed or windows without mullions. Many modern homes like full and unobstructed views of no mullions while traditional homes like the classical appeal of individual window panes or “lites” in the window. Either way, the architectural style of your home should help dictate what would look best.

floor to ceiling windows dark family roomView in gallery
Let your home’s architectural style lead your design choices
floor to ceiling bedroomView in gallery
Bedroom floor to ceiling windows

Consider your climate and lifestyle:

While you may love the look of floor to ceiling windows, remember to consider your climate and lifestyle when choosing or moving into a home with these type of windows. Some families with small children and pets could get tired of constantly cleaning of large panes of glass, while other households may not think this is a challenge.

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Decorate your living room taking in consideration the symmetry

Depending on your climate, keep in mind homes that are located in high-wind areas may not be ideal for floor to ceiling windows. Ask your designer and architect what type of windows are best for your region

floor to ceiling windows sun porchView in gallery
Choose the right window for your design style

Your home can take advantage of the beautiful outdoors with the addition of windows that leave nothing to the imagination. Floor to ceiling windows offer a natural backdrop to your interiors, and you will be delighted on how your home takes on a life of its own.

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