Fall Decor: How To Style A Tree Trunk At Home

When you think of ‘Autumn/Winter season’, I’m sure that the image, involves fire and wood. Using natural elements has become incredibly popular in the past few years, so today, to follow this trend, I’ll be showing you how to style a tree stump at home. I have always loved seeing tree elements in the interiors, as they look incredibly stunning, so when a few weeks back, we had to cut one of our pear trees in the garden, I thought I could use the trunk, as a side furniture piece. Of course, cutting the trees  doesn’t happen often, but there are plenty of places where you can find trunks to buy – for example sawmills or wood distributors, you might as well ask in your local hardware store.

How to style a tree tunk

Once you have it, you can use it in a few different ways – paint it, remove the bark but I believe that the real beauty lies in its natural look. Have a look at my favorite examples of how to style it at home to add a bit of warmth and texture:

Prepare the wood

1. Style it as a side table – Make sure to dry your trunk out for several weeks in a warm place, before bringing it at home.When it is dry and clean, you have two options – either remove the bark or leave it on the trunk. For now, I have decided to keep it natural. It is not polished in any way, hence is an interesting, rustic element. Combined with light color palette, soft fabrics placed around it (for example on a sofa or chair)  it will make your home instantly cozier and warmer. How do you like this look?

Style the tree trunk like a coffee table
Closer look to tree trunk table

2. Style it as a nightstand – wouldn’t it be nice to wake up surrounded by nature? (literally!) If you like this idea, youmight want to use your trunk as a nightstand. Place it, right next to your bed where it will hold all the necessary items – a book, glasses, vase or an alarm clock. Yes, it is as easy as it sounds!

Style the tree trunk into a night stand
Closer look to tree trunk night stand

3. Style it as a stand-alone piece – this can give you plenty of possibilities, depending on where you move it. You might place it in the hallway, where you can leave your bag, just after entering home, in a living room’s corner holding a plant, or even outside in the garden, next to the dining area. No matter where you add it, it’s natural color and rustic charm will guarantee a cozy feel.

Tree trunk flower support
Coffee table for living room

What are your favorite ways to style a tree trunk at home? Have you ever had any? I hope I have inspired you a little bit and brought a few new ideas! Have a great day!