DIY Design Inspired Hanger

Have you ever thought about the look of the hangers? They don’t seem to be important home items, as they spent most of the time being hidden in the wardrobe, covered with clothes but it doesn’t have to stay this way. How about making one that is pretty and we could decorate our walls with? Sounds good to me!

How to make a simple hanger

The idea behind this DIY is to use this hanger for its intended purpouse, but in a new unique way. It would be great accessory for anyone who likes to keep wardrobe pieces (for example clothes, scarves) or magazines on display, but also it could look well,  hanging as a mobile, on its own. It’s an item that’s pretty fast to make and can be easily stored due to its changeable shape. I just love DIY’s like this, which combine both function and look, adding interesting element to the interiors. Would you agree? Here’s how to make one:

Materials to create a hanger

You will need:

  • 40-centimeter thin metal stick, empty inside (from your local hardware store)
  • Strong string in your favorite color
  • Wooden bead (with a hole big enough to pass the string)


1. You will need your metal piece to be about 40 cm. In case yours is longer, you might ask at your local hardware store to get it cut for you. Once you have the right size, wash it well and let it dry. Decide on the length of your string and cut it.

Prepare a 40cm pipe

2. When both the string and metal rail are ready, pass the string through the metal stick and tie a knot from the 2 ends.

String inside the pipe

2. Move the knot inside the metal stick to hide it, making your design look more finished more stylish.

Move knot inside the pipe

3. At the center of the metal rail, pass string through the bead. The string should block the bead from moving, however if it does not, make a small knot just under it and pass it inside the bead.

Center the hanger
Wooden bead for string

4. Hang it on the wall nail! That’s it!

Prepare to hang
Perfect hanger for modern homes
DIY wall hanger

How do you like it? Cool right? And the good thing is, it’s not nearly as hard as it looks! I really like it because it adds character to your wall and has very low probability of fail. Aren’t this kind of DIYs the best?

Have a great day!