DIY Brass Storage Unit

Let’s speak a little bit about organization today, shall we? When it comes to organizing wardrobe, there are many solutions and options telling us how to store clothes inside it, but almost none include the external possibilities. I know what you are thinking, and you are right, it might sound strange and totally unpractical at first. But if you are into fashion or simply can’t stop looking at that new hat you bought yesterday (we all know the feeling), I’m sure you will appreciate the idea of keeping all your favorite accessories on display, am I right? Some of those items including beautiful scarfs, new hats and belts rather than hiding in the wardrobe with no attention and daylight reaching them, would love to go out, hang and shine on your wall, so maybe we should let them.

DIY Brass Storage Unit

The freestanding storage unit is a perfect solution for displaying all those accessories. It works well in the hallways, where you can hang things right after entering your home but also in a bathroom as a towel rail or bedroom where accessories tend to be all over the place (guilty!). In any case, this brass addition will surely add character and style to your home, in no time.


Here’s what you will need to make it:

  • Metal rail in your favorite finish (I chose brass) You can get in your local hardware store.
  • A strong string
  • Hangers, hooks, wire, anything that you can hang your accessories on


1. Cut the string to the desired size then pass it through the metal rail.

2. Add two hooks to your wall, making the distance between them as long as your metal rail.

3. Hang the rail on the wall, then add as many hooks and hangers as you wish for your items.

Now you can enjoy hanging those hats, scarfs, sunglasses and other accessories friends, you wish to add.


That’s how it looks finished and hanging on the wall. You can also use hangers for the jackets, if you are planning on using it in the hallway.

Do you like this idea as much as I do or you prefer to keep your accessories inside the wardrobe? Where would you display it in your home?