10 Efficiency Apartments That Stand Out For All The Good Reasons

The concepts of studio and efficiency apartment are often used interchangeably and, while there are some major similarities between them, each term describes something different. An efficiency only has one room which can be quite spacious. It also has a kitchenette and a separate bathroom. The appliances are usually smaller than usual and the main room is often a multifunctional space.

Blogger Nikki Rappaport Studio

When dealing with limited floor space, especially in the case of a 40 square meter efficiency apartment like this one, it’s important to create a cozy and welcoming ambiance and to combine all the functions in a harmonious way.

Blogger Nikki Rappaport Studio Living
Blogger Nikki Rappaport Studio Bedroom
Blogger Nikki Rappaport Studio Bed

The owner of this place says everything came together when the Expedit bookshelf was added and we agree. It’s an element that completes the whole space. Also, it’s really nice how each individual zone feels like a separate room. The bed is a cozy sleeping area, the center of the room is the seating area, the dresser and the fluffy rug in front of it are the dressing space and there’s also a cooking and dining area.

Stylish Studio Apartment Design

This cozy efficiency also reveals the importance of having separate space for different activities. Although the room is quite small, there’s enough space here for a bed, a sofa and some extra furniture. One side of the room is for sleeping while the rest is the living room zone.

Stylish Studio Apartment Design Living
Stylish Studio Apartment Design Shelf Above Bed

It’s where guests are received, where one can sit on the sofa to watch TV and also where work can be done. This narrow desk is a pretty great addition to the apartment. In addition, the hexagon-shaped mirror pieces create a chic focal point for the whole room.{found on popsugar}.

Cait Weingartner Chicago Studio Apartment

A practical and efficient way to divide the space in a small apartment is with a bookshelf divider such as this one. It’s basically a frame with lots of cubbies that can be used from both sides. This means a lot of things can be stored and displayed in this unit. A small portion can even double as a nightstand.

Cait Weingartner Chicago Studio Apartment IKEA
Cait Weingartner Chicago Studio Apartment Bedroom

The bookcase divider separates the sleeping area from the rest of the room but lets light get through and this way the entire space is bright and airy. Another beautiful feature here is the gallery wall on which frames images and photos are displayed. It really adds a lot of character to the apartment.{found on theeverygirl}.

Design a small and efficiency apartment

Planning the layout and organizing all the furniture in a room that serve as a sleeping area, living room, dining space and sometimes home office is difficult. But there are ways to make it work. Like the way the bed was placed facing the window in this efficiency apartment. The headboard offers it some privacy and visually separates it from the rest of the room.

Design a small and efficiency apartment bedroom

The sofa is positioned directly behind the bed and there’s enough room left for a small desk and a round dining table. What’s also particularly interesting in this case is the difference in floor level. The two types of flooring basically divide the room in two distinct zones.{found on int2architecture}.

One bedroom apartment design

It’s also possible to use curtains to gain privacy in an efficiency apartment. Since there’s a single room and at least two different functions that have to define it, a curtain can be used to separate the sleeping area from the rest of the space for example.

Small apartment design bed under curtain

This apartment feels very cozy and bright despite its reduced dimensions. The bed is placed in a nook with the possibility to hide it behind a long dark curtain. The rest of the floor plan is occupied by a seating area and a kitchenette, with a small bar between them.{found on Art Ugol}.

Simple minimalist nordic decor

When decorating an efficiency apartment, minimalism plays a very important role. It’s crucial to keep things simple and to eliminate any unnecessary features. The ones that have to be included should be simple, functional and space-efficient.

Nordic small apartment well designed

For example, this apartment has everything it needs and manages to fit everything inside without feeling cluttered. A singe bed is placed by the window, occupies the space along the same wall and a dresser and a comfy chair with its own side table complete the room.

Small Manhattan Studio

It’s also really important to personalize the space, as small as it may be. This 33 square meter efficiency is a perfect example to illustrate that idea. It has a really vibrant décor, full of color, pattern and character.

Small Manhattan Studio Divided by a IKEA bookcase

The Ikea Expedit bookshelf is a major component of the décor, separating the sleeping area from the rest of the room and also serving as a display area for colorful decorations and accessories.{found on yorkavenueblog}.

New York Small Studio Design

This apartment proposes another interesting idea. It too has a room divider but this one doubles as a closet. The idea is ingenious and space-efficient, allowing the room to pack a lot of things in a small space. The bed stays hidden behind this divider while the other portion of the room serves as a social area.

New York Small Studio Design View

The placement of the windows and the fact that they stretch along an entire wall has allowed the apartment to function as a bright and inviting home without limiting its layout.{found on apartmenttherapy}.

300 Square Feet Apartment

The materials used, the colors, textures and the style chosen for an apartment help determine the final look and the type of ambiance it will offer. In the case of this 28 square meter efficiency apartment, the décor packs a lot of different elements.

300 Square Feet Apartment Curtains
300 Square Feet Studio

An exposed brick wall gives the space a rustic look and the furniture also add a traditional component to the overall décor. The ambiance is very casual and relaxed and you can tell that by the way the curtain is hung or by the way the books are stacked along the wall.{found on houzz}.

45 square meters apartment design

45 square meters are plenty of space in the case of an efficiency apartment. And if the interior design is modern, than there’s plenty of flexibility. Modular furniture that combines multiple functions into one design is often preferred, like this platform bed that has built-in storage and eliminates the need for a large closet.

45 square meters apartment design bedroom
45 square meters apartment design living

The use of curtains in this case is quite inspiring in this case. They are used to offer privacy to the sleeping area but also to hide the wall closet. They’re more casual than closet doors or room divider and they help give the space a relaxed feel.{found on behance}.