Black and White Bar Stools – How To Choose And Use Them

Bar stools are a practical way to add style and functionality to an open floor plan, a kitchen, a basement, and a variety of other spaces. However, choosing the right type of bar stool is a challenging experience that has to do with a variety of details.

Black and White Bar Stools

Color is an important criterion all the time and sometimes the most impressive and outstanding designs are also the simplest. Both black and white bar stools can add drama to decor and there’s a variety of ways in which they can contribute to a harmonious and unique decor.

Our Favorite Black Bar Stools

The Elegant Touchwood counter stool

The Elegant Touchwood counter stool

The Touchwood stool by Lars Beller Fjetland comes both in white and in black as well as 10 other colors. It measures 45cm x 45cm x 74cm with a seat height of 65cm. Its frame is sleek and sturdy and made of powder-coated steel. The seat is made of beech wood and has a stylish and curved shape.

The quirky Kendo stool

The quirky Kendo stool

With the Kendo counter stool by LucidiPavere, you can keep the room décor simple while also giving it character. The stool has a classic frame with a black finish and a quirky and cute seat that comes in 4 colors. Choose the porcelain or graphite versions if you want something chic and simple.

Short bar stools

Short bar stools with black leather on top

Bar stools generally come in three different heights. The first type is the short bar stool. In this category you’ll find the table height stools that are 16-23” high and are suitable for 28-30” high surfaces. They can be a good alternative to regular chairs.

Counter height stools

Counter white bar stools

Another type is the counter height stool. These have the ideal height for a 36-39” high counter top. They are around 24-27” high and they’re also great to have on their own for extra seating. These are commonly used for kitchen or bar counters.

Bar height stools

Bar height stools

Then there’s also the bar height stools. They work well with bars and counter tops that are between 41” and 43” tall. They are typically used in restaurants and bars and they are taller than the average dining chair.

Extra tall bar stools

Extra tall bar stools

There’s also a fourth category of extra tall bar stools which suit counters and bars that are 44” to 47” tall.

Spacing between bar stools

Space between bar stools

In addition to the height of the stool another detail to take into consideration is the spacing between them. There should be 26-30” from the center of one stool to the center of the one next to it. This ensures a comfortable seating experience for all the users.

Black bar stool designs

The Cut stool by Gudmundur Ludvik

Cut black kitchen bar stool

Black is the go-to color when nothing else seems to fit or when you’re trying to create a timeless and simple design without standing out. The Cut stool by Gudmundur Ludvik is a safe choice although it does have plenty of character. It has a frame made of aluminum which makes it lightweight and easy to operate.

Posa by Vincent Sheppard

Posa bar stool rattan on top

Similarly simple but with a different kind of charm is the Posa bar stool from Vincent Sheppard. It’s part of the Butterfly collection and has rattan upholstery which offers it a casual and comfortable look. It comes in 28 standard finishes but we prefer the black version. It just looks right this way.

The Century bar stool by Marcel Wanders

Century 16 black bar stool

The Century chair by Marcel Wanders is produced in two versions: a lounge armchair and a dining chair. Both versions are equally elegant, with black, sculptural feet that bend backward and a short and classy backrest.

Churchill by Uhuru Design

churchill black frame and wood on top

The list of black bar stools continues with a design that’s simple and contemporary. Called Churchill, this piece is a creation of Uhuru Design and ever since it appeared back in 2012 it has become a stylish addition to contemporary homes that balance style and function in a natural way.

The Zuo Modern Criss Cross chair

Black bar chairs

The sleek frame of the Zuo Modern Criss Cross counter chair combined with its comfortable and elegant seat form the perfect combination for modern home bars and kitchen island counters. It features integrated footrests and crisscrossed back straps, a detail that gave the stool its name.

The Portland stool

Black Portland stool

It’s hard to pinpoint the detail that makes the Portland stool so interesting. Some would say it’s the swirly shape but other would argue it’s the simplicity of the design and the beauty of solid steel frame. Either way, this black bar stool definitely knows how to stand out, even if the colors may not help.

Lapalma Miunn bar stools

Open space kitchen with modern bar stools

The classical designs are often the best options when you’re trying to keep the décor simple and timeless. The Lapalma Miunn barstool fits really well in Scandinavian interiors. It features a gently curved wooden shell and its sleek and elegant design make it very versatile.

Rutland counter stools

White farmhouse kitchen with black stools

For vintage-modern interiors, a different type of design is required and the Rutland counter stool definitely has it. It has a strong metal frame and a few gentle curves that soften its industrial appearance.

Stool_One by Magis

Modern kitchen bar chairs in black

Another good example of simple design that fits in a variety of interior designs is that featured by Stool_One by Magis. Here you can see it displayed in a contemporary setting where it complements a large kitchen island.

The iconic Tulip chair by Eero Saarinen

Basement black tulip chair

The Tulip chair has always been stylish and it never really lost its charm. It has a round leather seat and a swivel base. This iconic chair was is a creation of Eero Saarinen who designed it out of fiberglass and gave it a truly timeless shape.

Using black bar stools in interior designs

Black bar stools with prominent backrests

Basement bar high black chairs

Since black is such a versatile color that basically works great with all other shades, it’s safe to say that black bar stools can look beautiful in any kind of décor as long as the style is the right one. These ones look pretty nice here in this basement.{found on westchesterdb}.

Bar stools with chrome bases and black shell seats

Contemporary open space kitchen wtih black counter stools

You can take advantage of a neutral color such as black to emphasize other details in a bar stool’s design. For example, these ones have carved out backrests that give them a very stylish and elegant look and they all serve as focal points for the kitchen.{found on blueheron}.

Minimalist stools with clean lines

Modern kitchen color palete

In some cases, the color palette sets certain ground rules. Like this contemporary kitchen that’s mostly white with a few black and gray-beige accents. The black bar stools are the excellent addition to the décor, making everything else come together wonderfully.{found on mccleandesign}.

Industrial bar stools with adjustable seats

Open floor plan kitchen with black stools

A similarly well-balanced décor is featured here. This open floor plan uses a long kitchen island as a divider between the spaces and the black bar stools emphasize this barrier. They match the countertop and the accent wall.{found on castarchitecture}.

Black bar stools and white walls

London house window chairs

Sometimes black is chosen to emphasize certain contrasts, like these bar stools that stand out in this particular setting because they interact with the white walls and wooden counter and floor.{found on sarahfortescue}.

Black stools and a white marble counter

Blue cobalt kitchen island with black chairs

Other times, black is chosen because it allows a certain feature to blend in. The dark blue kitchen island featured here supports this idea. The black bar stools fit extremely well in the décor. They blend in but also stand out a little bit because of the color differences.{found on vtconstruct}.

Ornate bar stools with armrests

Luxury black basement bar design

When both the bar stools and the bar are black, the result can turn out quite unimpressive. However, that’s not the case here because the stools definitely stand out. That’s due to their ornate design and the drama they add to the décor.{found on orangecoastinteriordesign}.

White bar stool designs

The slender and minimalist Stack stools

Stack whtie high stools

What’s just as simple, timeless and versatile as black but, at the same time, completely different? It;s its rival color, of course. White bar stools are a bit more pretentious but they can be just as stylish, if not even more. The Stack stool is an excellent example to start the list with.

Practical and cute Eyes stools

Eyes black and white stool

The Eyes bar stool by Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen is so cute you just have to have it. It’s a neo-classic, with a simple design and a subtle retro touch. The buttons in the backrest resemble two eyes and, despite the specific design accents, the stool is very versatile.

White and sophisticated Onda stools

Curve Onda barstool

The curves of the Onda barstool give it a very sophisticated look and that’s because the overall design is very simple. The white version is particularly attractive but the stool comes in a variety of other colors.

White bar stools in a white kitchen

white Onda bar stools

This is the same Onda bar stools featured in a different setting. The white combines well with the surrounding décor, keeping the ambiance airy, fresh and sophisticated.

Tolix replica stools with a wooden island

white high tolix chairs

This Tolix replica stool may differ a bit from the original but it definitely keeps the beauty and elegance intact. It offers a simple and affordable way to add a bit of industrial character to a kitchen, basement or living space.

Simple Tabouret stools in white

Original tolix chair

Speaking of which, the Tolix stool known as a Tabouret can definitely add some charm to pretty much any bar or counter. It was originally designed for exterior use but its versatility allowed it to make its way inside the house.

Backless Napoleon bar stools

Family farmhouse white kitchen design

The Napoleon is a backless bar stool with an antique white finish and a rather traditional design. It’s the type of bar stool that can integrate well in traditional and Scandinavian interiors. This farmhouse kitchen is another lovely option.

Hay About A Stool

Hay about a stool

Versatility is the main characteristic of the Hay About A Stool. This piece of furniture is the result of the collaboration between Hee Welling and Hay. The stool is simple, functional and able to adapt to just about any environment.

White and wood bar stools in a modern setting

quirky white bar stool

The same quirky white bar stool is featured in a modern setting, accompanying a fresh and cheerful kitchen decorated in tones of white, steel and with a few strong green and red accents.

The see-through Lucy counter stool

Bend seating

Some bar stool designs are more suitable for small spaces than others. A good example is the Lucy counter stool which, with its sleek and versatile design can seamlessly integrate in small kitchens as well as in other areas where space is limited.

Simple and functional Glenn stools

Glenn bar stool in white

The Glenn bar stool from Ikea is chic and functional for a variety of reasons. It has a curved white seat and a chrome-plated frame. It’s stackable and this allows you to save some space when the stools are not in use.

White bar stools featured in interior designs

A white on white combo

White kitchen design with dining area

A good strategy is to pair white with more white. So if you have a kitchen with white cabinetry and a white island, then perhaps a set of white bar stools would be the right choice in such a case.{found on hamiltonking}.

Mix and match the stools

How a bar stool can be grate

There are a lot of ways in which a white bar stool can influence the overall décor of a room. For example, it can stand out by contrast or it can feature a quirky and interesting shape which allows it to become a focal point.

Two-tone bar stools to match the island

White traditional kitchen white modern bar stools

For a color palette to be harmonious, there’s no need to match everything in an obvious way. These bar stools coordinate really well with the kitchen island and the whole décor in general. The seat is a combination of white and gray which are also the colors used throughout the room.

A white seat paired with a wood and metal base

Brown wood kitchen design with plastic molded bar stools

The balance in this kitchen is the result of great cooperation between all the materials, finishes and colors. The white bar stools add soft curves to the décor while the rest of the furniture maintains clean lines.{found on chriswoodburninteriors}.

Small, chic and backless stools for a small kitchen

Small, chic and backless stools for a small kitchen

The rounded seats on these bar stools are definitely just what the space needed to feel welcoming and cozy. This proves that shape is often more powerful than color when it comes to creating a unique interior design.

Stools with padded seats for comfort

Stools with padded seats for comfort

The padded white seats on these bar stools are something we fell in love with. They’re the mark of a simple and very elegant and sophisticated design.

A simple stool with a sculptural design

A simple stool with a sculptural design

In contemporary interiors, the bar stools often function as focal points. Their designs are asymmetrical, quirky and intriguing. This doesn’t also mean that looks are more important than function or comfort.{found on redlkitchens}.

Farmhouse-inspired kitchen accents

Farmhouse-inspired kitchen accents

In traditional or rustic interiors, however, the accent is not as much on the sophisticated looks as it is on the way an element matches everything else around it and on the way it integrates in the whole décor composition.{found on makingsfinekitchens}.