Inspiring Ideas For Beautiful Hot Tub Enclosures And Decors

An outdoor hot tub is definitely a really cool feature and while the tub itself requires plenty of planning and designing, so does the area around it. In fact, the hot tub would look rather odd and lacking without a proper enclosure. There are of course lots of different design possibilities and ideas you can explore in that sense so today we’re checking out a few of them. Hopefully at least one of these hot tub enclosures will inspire you.

A wooden deck with a pergola

Hot Tub Enclosures And Decors

Having some sort of structure to frame the hot tub with gives a sense of order and comfort. A pergola is a really good option because it also adds a roof and thus offers shade and protection from the elements, especially if you decide to add a few plants or vines as well.{Image from hotspring}.

A deck with a roof extension

Cedar deck enclousure

Not having the hot tub placed out in the open is often preferred. In this case it’s placed on a deck framed by walls on two sides and with a roof extending overhead. In fact, this little area is an extension built for an outdoor shower, part of a beautiful vacation home project completed by studio grouparchitect.

A large backyard deck with a fire pit

Cedar deck enclousure

If you have the space for it, a large deck out in the backyard can be amazing. You can add a bunch of cool features to it such as a hot tub in a corner with a sleek pergola around it, a fire pit with seating and various lounge options such as hanging chairs, hammocks and so on. Decorate the deck with potted flowers and add lighting as well to make it a perfect place to hangout both during the day and after sunset.

A spa-like hot tub enclosure

Cedar deck enclousure

Installing a hot tub on the deck is an important step towards creating an amazing spa-like area out there. You can also rely on features such as a pergola or a sunshade, plants and decorative rocks to create an immersive and amazing-looking decor and to make this area truly feel relaxing. You can also hang a bunch of string lights to give this space a whimsical look at night.{found on finedeck}.

An outdoor fireplace

Cedar deck enclousure

It would definitely be super nice to create a separate enclosure just for the hot tub, separate from the rest of the features and spaces in the backyard. This way you can give it a bit of extra privacy and focus solely on the elements that can make the soaking experience even better. For example, you could add an outdoor fireplace or a fire pit next to the hot tub.{image from outdoormi}.

A hot tub pavilion

Cedar deck enclousure

If you want to isolate the hot tub and turn the area around it into a separate space within your backyard or garden, consider building a pavilion. It’s one of the best options if you want privacy and protection against rain as well as shade. The pavilion can fully enclose the hot tub or you can leave the sides open or come up with a unique design based on the layout and decor that you have in mind. Let this project completed by studio Forever Redwood inspire you.

An automated cover

Cedar deck enclousure

How about adding some automation to your hot tub? If you’re into modern and smart features that make your life easier and more enjoyable, then this might also be something to consider. the idea here is that the hot tub cover can be automatically lowered or raised, depending on your needs. When lowered it protects your hot tub and when raised it becomes a small roof, sort of like a mini pavilion.

Sunken tub

Cedar deck enclousure

This hot tub is integrated into the concrete patio which looks really nice and maintains a low profile. In this particular case the patio is surrounded by a beautiful garden and has a wooden pergola with rows of string lights that create a whimsical and magical ambiance at night. Sunken hot tubs can also work with wooden decks and other types of enclosures. {found on bullfrogspas}.

Privacy screening

Cedar deck enclousure

A lot of thought and planning went into the design of this hot tub enclosure created by Decks & Patio Covers. The shell of the tub is recessed to a height of 18” above the deck for easy and safe access in and out. Also, the privacy screens go really well with the siding on the cabin that this whole space was built for. The frame is made of powder-coated aluminum and the inserts are cedar panels. The cover is made of acrylic panels with a nice bronze tint.

A beach-inspired deck

Cedar deck enclousure

Bring the beautiful breezy ambiance and laid-back charm of the beach into your own backyard. Set up a deck or a patio with a hot tub and infuse it with coastal-inspired elements. Use bright and simple colors and try to recreate the relaxed atmosphere with accent furniture, decorations and accessories.{found on blewcoinc}.

Lattice panels

Cedar deck enclousure

This is a really beautiful setup created by studio Colin Smith Architecture which, as you can see, combines a pergola frame with lattice frames that appear to be floating. Also, this appears to be a sunken space which gives it more privacy and makes it feel extra cozy. The best part about the design is the fact that vines and plants can be trained to climb onto the frame and the lattice and to create a beautiful green backdrop for the hot tub.

By the swimming pool

Cedar deck enclousure

In some cases, a hot tub can be an alternative to the swimming pool which works out great if you have a tiny backyard. However, you can also have both. Here you can see the hot tub taking up a section of the poolside deck together with a comfortable lounge area. This area is framed by a wooden pergola with string lights hanging from the top. It’s a setup created by studio 9th Avenue Designs.

Built-in seating

Cedar deck enclousure

This entire setup looks amazing, mostly because of the location. It’s a gorgeous oceanfront deck with a magnificent view and that alone is enough to make it special. Of course, you don’t necessarily need a prime location if you want to set up a beautiful space around your hot tub. Take inspiration from this design when it comes to the whole enclosure around the tub. There’s a pergola frame with a cute roof shape and the platform has a pair of stairs on each side which double as seating.{found on howellcustombuild}.

Cedar deck enclosure

Cedar deck enclousure

This beautiful hot tub is enclosed on three sides for added privacy which is a smart idea if you have close neighbors or if you simply prefer to create a more intimate area around your hot tub. The roof and the privacy screens match the beautiful cedar deck which adds continuity to the design as a whole. This was a project by Capital Decks.