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How To Integrate A Black Vanity Into The Bathroom Without Overdoing It

When used in interior design, black is an unconventional color, unlike white, beige or neutrals in general. There’s a fear of making the space too dark or small which prevents us from using this color to its full potential.

Black vanity bathroom

The truth is black can be a very charming color, no matter where you use it. In the bathroom, a black vanity can look very chic and stylish and there are lots of other ways in which to introduce this color in here.

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Although we encourage you to add black to your bathroom and home in general, there are a few things to consider before going all out. For instance, there are lots of different types of black and each one is special in its own way. Some blacks have a warm hue while others are coolers so look for these subtle differences in undertones when choosing your black bathroom features. In the case of a black bathroom vanity, for instance, these differences can also have something to do with the type of material or finish used.

The most popular bathroom vanity types

The most popular bathroom vanity typesView in gallery

There’s more to think about when choosing a bathroom vanity than just color. One of the most important filters you should apply is the type. This can help you narrow down your options down the line. Here’s some of the most common vanity types that you can choose from:

Pedestal vanities

A pedestal vanity is highly versatile and the main advantage of getting one is the fact that it takes up little space in the bathroom. It’s easy to install and quite simple overall but it doesn’t offer any sort of storage or counter space.

Floating vanities

If space is an issue in the bathroom a floating vanity can be one of your best options. It’s designed to be mounted on the wall and it doesn’t take up any space on the floor. On one hand that means less storage but on the other hand it gives the bathroom an open and airy look which is important if the room is small.

Free-standing vanities

This type of vanity comes in a variety of different shapes and offers plenty of freedom in terms of overall size, storage and additional features. A freestanding vanity can even have two sinks on top of numerous storage drawers or shelves. It’s also not mounted on the wall or the floor which makes it easy to move it around or replace it if need be.

Vanity cabinets

You could consider this a type of freestanding vanity in many ways. A vanity cabinet gives you some storage in the form of drawers, shelves or cubbies and often also includes a countertop as well. It can be paired with various different types of sinks.

Common types of vanity tops

Common types of vanity topsView in gallery

One element, in particular, to focus on when shopping for a new bathroom vanity is the top. This can be of several different types and each one offers different pros and cons. Here’s the most common types:

  • Integrated tops

The two main types of vanity countertops are the integrated and the cut-out ones and in turn these can be further divided into several subcategories. Integrated tops have the sink basin built into them and this can be achieved in a few different ways.

  • Cut-out tops

The other major type is the cut-out tops which basically have a large cutout that the sink fit into. You can purchase the top and the sink separately and combine them as long as they fit together.

Both integrated and cut-out tops can accommodate single, double or multiple sinks or basins.

  • Vessel tops

As you can probably tell, these are designed to work with vessel sinks. The sink rests on top of the vanity and there’s no need for large cutouts. These tops only need a small hole for the sink drain in most cases.

Cool black bathroom vanity design ideas

Classic black vanity with brass accents

Classic black vanity with brass accentsView in gallery

A black vanity can become a symbol of elegance in your bathroom and with designs like this one you can guarantee it will be a success. The Gracie vanity set by Bemma features a stylish and classic design with simple and elegant lines. The black body is complemented by brass accents which balance out the color palette together with the beautiful white marble top.

Modern vanity with a double sink top

Modern vanity with a double sink topView in gallery

The Dentavious vanity is perfect for a modern master bathroom. It’s simple and elegant, with a beautiful matte black finish and a robust structure. It has plenty of storage and a double sink white top with a bit of counter space in between. The set also includes matching mirrors with beautiful black frames.

Mid-century inspired black and white vanity

Mid-century inspired black and white vanityView in gallery

The black and white combo is very popular, especially in mid-century and art déco design. It gives off a very elegant and stylish vibe and it’s perhaps the most timeless duo of colors. You can see it here integrated into the wonderful design of Bivins vanity set which features two integrated sinks and matching mirrors.

Compact vanity with a stylish marble top

Compact vanity with a stylish marble topView in gallery

If you’re short on space in the bathroom, a small vanity like this one can be a real life-saver. The Eneas vanity is very compact but that doesn’t come at the cost of a beautiful aesthetic or a lack of storage. In fact, these elements are wonderfully balanced and on top of it all the vanity features a gorgeous Carrara marble top for its integrated sink.

Black double sink vanity with quartz top

Black double sink vanity with quartz topView in gallery

The beautiful white finish of the quartz top is the perfect compliment to this matte black bathroom vanity and its solid yes sleek design. The top is fitted with two matching sinks, each with a generous amount of storage underneath and the bottom of the Biscayne vanity is left open with only a slatted shelf for an airy feel.

Modern double-sink vanity with generous storage

Modern double-sink vanity with generous storageView in gallery

Storage is not an issue for most double-sink bathroom vanities and especially this model from Latitude Run. The black finish gives it a refined aesthetic and the light Carrara marble top and backsplash brighten up the design and help create a smooth transition between the vanity and the space around it. At the same time, the Thorton vanity has a lot of depth and details which give it a unique appearance.

Vanity set with extra storage

Vanity set with extra storageView in gallery

The Marguez bathroom vanity set from Orren Ellis is a very interesting one because it’s a combination of modules. The main module contains the sink and has a decent amount of storage built into it, with frosted glass door panels for an elegant aesthetic. The additional side modules offer even more storage for the bathrooms that are big enough to accommodate them.

Double vanity with over-the-counter sinks

Double vanity with over-the-counter sinksView in gallery

There’s something very appealing about over-the-counter bathroom sinks. They give off a refined and elegant vibe and they’re quite space-efficient as well. This vanity by Latitude Run comes as a complete set with two matching wall mirrors, a pair of ceramic white sinks to match the counter and a generous amount of storage

Designer made black bathroom vanity design ideas

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A large, black vanity could overwhelm the bathroom but the glass balanced out the decor
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Mirrors are excellent accessories for black furniture and decors because they brighten up the spaces
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The lighting plays a really important role in the bathroom, regardless of the color palette
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Black can be the accent color in the bathroom and you can combine it with a vibrant shade such as orange or green
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The vanity can be the only black piece in the bathroom while everything else features lighter tones

If you’re concerned about the fact that too much black can make your bathroom look tiny, then perhaps you could add a large, wide mirror to your vanity. It’s a known trick that lets you lighten up a space and make it feel larger and more airy. Another concern could the fact that black makes spaces seem cool and gloomy. There’s an easy solution for this as well: add some wood or warm accent colors. For instance, if you have a black vanity, you could use wood on the floor or you could have a wood cabinet or some shelves.

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Black and gold is a glamorous combo which suits a lot of bathrooms
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Get a backlit bathroom mirror to complement your black vanity for a beautiful effect
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The red on the wall and floor is complemented by the minimalist black vanity and the washbasins
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You can use mirrors to counterbalance a dark chromatic palette and to avoid dark decor
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Allow black to blend in by using it in combination with eye-catching patterns such as these stripes
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Add some warmth to your black bathroom vanity with a wooden counter or other similar accents
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The sink can be the element that stands out and contrasts with the vanity
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It can be a good idea to sometimes match the vanity to another piece such as a storage cabinet
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There’s this nice symmetry and balance between all the black and white features in this bathroom

To avoid monotony, mix and match different materials and textures. A black bathroom vanity could contrast with a white wall or a white sink and this black and white theme can be repeated throughout the room in various forms. An idea would be to combine a variety of different tiles or to paint the walls an interesting color. Combine different textures or patterns to create focal points or choose a type of finish that makes your black vanity stand out. A glossy finish would have a bold impact while a matte one would look more minimalist.

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It’s easier to integrate a black vanity in a bathroom with checkered floor tiles
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A glossy finish on a black vanity makes it look glamorous and luxurious
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On the other hand, a matt finish suits a sculptural vanity even better, highlighting its angles
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There’s no need to overcomplicate things when all you really want is a pedestal sink

inside the black body of the vanity.