Bathroom Shelf Designs And Ideas That Support Openness And Stylish Decor

Every room in a house or an apartment has its own uses for an open shelf or a shelving unit. In fact, in the bathroom alone there are tons of ways in which to use wall shelves. We’ll explore some of those options while also showcasing a few stylish and interesting bathroom shelf ideas and designs. As expected, the possibilities are numerous and very diverse.

Wood bathtoom furniture with storage

A bathroom shelf can be a very useful feature, especially when the storage is limited in the room. In addition, small bathrooms could use multifunctional elements such as this shelf that doubles as a towel holder.

Industrial Open shelf storage for bathroom

An interesting visual effect is created here. The box shelf matches the sink both in shape and similar dimensions and it looks as if the bathroom has a double sink vanity.

Glass Bathroom sink and shelf under

There’s usually some storage under the bathroom sink and, depending on the type of sink and on the plumbing system, that space can be smaller or larger. Open shelves are usually a nice option when there are no exposed pipes.

Industrial wall shelf storage

It’s understandable to want to have plenty of storage in the bathroom. Lots of things need to be stored in here and open shelves can be just what the space needs.

Bathroom bathtub and storage shelf above

This is a design that works well if you have a large bathroom or if you’re willing to cover most of your walls in shelves. They definitely offer lots of storage but the design has to be specifically created to accommodate such a feature.

Large freestanding porcelain sink and large shelf

Use small shelves for things like makeup products or decorative things. The big items can be hidden inside a cabinet or they can sit on the counter next to the sink.

White bathroom shelf and freestanding sink

The geometric design of this bathroom shelf system is perfect for modern and contemporary spaces. Notice the color combo which matches the nuances featured by the bottom cabinet.

Storage shelf for bathroom

If a bathroom wall shelf is meant to serve as a display surface for decorations, then it needs to be simple and to stand out as little as possible. After all, the focus needs to be on the items that you place on it.

Solid wood countertop for bathroom and storage shelf under

Diversity is a good strategy when you’re working with simple, materials, forms and colors. Consider shelves with different forms, sizes and styles for the bathroom if you want to create something that’s visually interesting but also simple.

Bathroom design with wall storage shelf

There are lots of different bathroom shelf ideas to choose from. This one seems to be perfect for the storage of towels. Not only that, but they also double as towel holders.

Cape Code Bathroom Collection and Open Shelf under Countertop

A lot of people choose to hide the pipes under their bathroom sink. However, if you can disguise them as something simple and perhaps maybe match them to other accents in the decor, you can leave that space open and opt for one or more shelves under the sink.

Wood countertop bathroom z shape shelf

This is a minimalist bathroom vanity with a beautiful and sophisticated design that accommodates the sink and continues with a platform similar to a shelf. It’s a perfect storage and display surface.

Bathroom furniture with shelf and storage

Usually, the open shelves in a bathroom are mounted on the wall at the same level as the mirror. Actually, a lot of stylish combos can be created using the two features.

Freestanding bathroom sink vanity with shelf under

A small shelf under the sink is perfect for keeping some extra hand towels ready for guests or for yourself. The open design helps maintain the room bright and spacious.

Wall hanging shelf storage for bathroom

Another design option can be a vertical tower or shelving niche. in here you can organize your toiletries and accessories or you can use the shelves for a few stylish decorations such as a small planter or a sculpture.

Marble bathroom with wooden shelf cupboard

You can fit both open and closed storage under the sink and even afford to have a wall-mounted vanity that makes the room appear larger. This is a really great design idea which can suit a lot of small bathrooms or powder rooms.

Double sink vanity with shelf under sink

If you opt for a washbasin instead of a sink the design of the bathroom is simplified. Continue on the same note and put a simple open shelf instead of a bulky vanity.

open shelf under sink

A large bathroom counter can provide additional storage for commonly used products and items and a horizontal niche under the sink can be perfect for keeping extra towels ready.

Cupboards under marble countertop

Every bathroom is different and has its own layout and placement of the fixtures so it’s up to you to figure out where the best place for a shelf would be. Consider an open area under the sink or a niche in the shower.

Wood shelf under marble countertop

A lot of combination between open and closed storage can be created in the bathroom. Most contemporary bathroom vanities play with this combination and the results can be really exquisite.

shelf under this clean white sink

Storage diversity is important even when the space is small such as in this case. Instead of overwhelming it with large and robust furniture, a more open design is preferred.

wooden shelf under the concrete countertop

Towel shelves in the bathroom are a great idea. Just make sure you keep them close at hand and that usually means under the sink or close to the shower enclosure.