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A Wash Basin World Full Of Charm And Sophistication

Making a bathroom look sophisticated is easier than you think. You just need the right features and details such as a beautiful wash basin which can serve as a focal point for the room.

Wash Basin

Any of the ones mentioned in this article has great potential to make a bathroom look sophisticated and glamorous. Browse the list and select the designs that would work best in your own bathroom.

How to Choose a Wash Basin

Choosing a wash basin sounds more intimidating than it actually is. Because it is one of the few items that stand out when walking into a bathroom, people feel pressured to put a lot of effort into buying a wash basin, but following the list of tips below will show you there’s nothing to worry about:

  • First thing’s first, you’re going to have to understand a little bit more about the different types of wash basins available on the market. We have a special section dedicated to those, so make sure you read our “Types of Wash Basins” info below.
  • Part of buying the best wash basin for your bathroom is knowing how much available space you have to mount it. Naturally, some basins are larger than others. If you have a large bathroom and a spouse, you could consider installing two basins so you guys won’t fight over who gets to use the sink.
  • Before choosing the proper sort of wash basin, take into account the plumbing configuration, as this will define the washbasin’s placement, which must match both the faucet requirements and the plumbing requirements. Write down the exact measurements of the space where the washbasin will be installed, as well as the height or length of the washbasin, to ensure that water flows freely in the sink and that excess water does not splash or escape the wash basin.
  • Of course, you also want your future wash basin to match the rest of the bathroom, as style is important because you want to take pleasure each time you walk into the bathroom (for instance, buying a black wash basin when everything in your bathroom is white will feel kind of off). 
Types of Wash Basins

Types of Wash Basins

Of course there is more than just one type of wash basin on the market. While you’re out shopping, here are the main products you can expect to find:


Drop-in sinks take their name from the fact that they require above-counter installation. The vessel sink sits flush against the counter or vanity. This is the version that most people think of when asked to picture what a bathroom sink looks like. There is no countertop cutting required when a drain hole of 1 5/8″ to 1 3/4″ is drilled.

Vessel bowl

Instead of insets like standard drop-in or under-mount sinks, a vessel bowl lies on top of a bathroom counter. Specific to bathrooms also, you won’t find vessel bowls in kitchens because their size and style would be inconvenient in a kitchen setting. Vessel sinks are most commonly found in aesthetic bathrooms where they are not used frequently.


For some homeowners who seek modern and easy-to-clean wash basins, these sorts of wash basins will be the best option. Because they don’t have rims to collect debris, they’re easy to clean. Undermount wash basins are sometimes referred to as “undercounter” basins.


The wash basin is supported by a pedestal. Wash basins with pedestals can be purchased as a single item or as a set that includes both the basin and the pedestal. Homeowners who like a designer basin can choose one that includes both the sink and the pedestal in one unit. Beautiful, contemporary themes and concepts are available in this category. When there is a lack of space in a secondary bathroom, pedestal wash basins are usually the best option. Because they are slim and sleek, they might provide the impression of a larger area, increasing user attractiveness.


Wash basins that are placed on the bathroom wall using certain types of screws are known as wall-hung or wall-mount wash basins. The mount’s height and position are determined by the user’s preferences. When it comes to wall-hung basins, it’s crucial to choose solutions that aren’t too heavy, since having a hefty basin held in place by just a few screws for an extended period of time isn’t ideal. However, some homeowners like them since they are less expensive than pedestal models. They are available in a variety of designs and themes.

Corner basins

The corner basin, as the name implies, is designed to fit into a right-angle corner in practically any room. They’re perfect for small bathrooms when the only accessible space is in the corner. Because it is a practical and cheap option, it is available in both freestanding and wall-hung versions.


Semi-recessed basins, which are also known as semi-insets, are designed to complement ledges, shelves, and matching bathroom furniture. The basin’s front normally has a round and smooth edge, while the back is specially carved to fit into the space where it is required to sit. As a result, the basin appears to be a continuous part of the furniture. These basins come in a variety of sizes and forms to suit your needs.

Modern Wash Basin Design Ideas

Modern Wash Basin Design Ideas

Glass Vessel Wash Basin Ideas

Washbasin Retro Jingdezhen Ceramic 150x150

The Enna looks more like an art piece rather than an actual wash basin. It feels like it should belong in a museum, that’s how beautiful it is. It has a circular design that features intricately carved details with a glossy finish that makes it very easy to clean.

It has solid glass construction and a textured appearance, posing as an eye-catcher each time someone walks into the bathroom. It comes with a pedestal, has a tempered glass construction, and doesn’t include the faucet that you see in the pictures. It measures 16.5” L x 16.5” W x 5.7” D and has a centered-placed drain.

Turquoise Water Glass Handmade Rectangular Vessel Bathroom Sink

When you want to add a drop of color in your bathroom, this turquoise vessel doesn’t leave much room for error because few colors speak “clean” as the blue tones associated with water do. Also made with tempered glass, this hand-painted sink requires an above-counter installation and has elevated edges that prevent water from splashing everywhere when turning on the faucet. It features a scratch-resistant construction for more durability and measures 18.125” L x 13” W x 4.125” D overall.

Copper Gold Glass Rectangular Vessel Bathroom Sink

The VG07506 is basically the copper-gold version of the turquoise sink we looked at earlier. Otherwise, it has all the specifications that you saw above, including the tempered glass construction, the scratch-resistant surface, and the elevated edges for less water splashing. Another different aspect is the measurement, as this copper-gold sink is 21.25” L x 13.5” W x 4.5” D.

Elite Mini Frosted Tempered Glass Wash Basin

With its adorable boat-shaped design and the semi-opaque tempered glass construction, this is the type of wash basin that you could match with a lot of different bathroom decors. It comes with a mounting ring and a pop-up drain, but the faucet isn’t available with this purchase. The manufacturer states that this product is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, but outdoor bathrooms aren’t that much of an option. 

Circular Vessel Bathroom Sink with Faucet

Another washbasin that we fell in love with bears the appearance of a smoked-glass bowl that’s easy to match with multiple bathroom styles. Not only does this purchase include the drain assembly, but it also includes the faucet that you see in the picture. It comes with the mounting ring as well, so there won’t be a need for additional purchases to install this beauty.

Elite Glass Oval Vessel Bathroom Sink

While the idea of bathroom = water = fish may sound a little cliche, this basin was too interesting not to add to our list. With an oval shape and measuring 18” L x 12.5” W x 8.5” H, this is pretty much an elegant basin that you’d expect to find in a trendy small bathroom. It could make the perfect addition to a guest bathroom. 

Washbasin Retro Jingdezhen Ceramic 150x150

With no less than six color options to choose from, this wash basin drew our attention because of the simplicity of the design that somehow manages to draw the attention and serve as a bathroom focal point (in spite of the fact that there’s nothing truly outstanding about its looks). It’s made with tempered glass, has a non-porous surface, and measures 22.38” L x 14.25” W x 4.25” D overall. 

More Modern Wash Basin Design Ideas


Part of the Laguna Pure series, this wash basin explores the beauty and exquisiteness of wood in a collection of designs that are simple and elegant. This exclusive model has a beautiful oval shape with thin edges and a beautiful pattern that showcases the wood grain.


If the previous design was delicate and defined by smooth lines and edges, the Pitch wash basin is quite different in the sense that it features a robust design with clean lines and straight angles. The basin is very shallow, emphasizing the geometric look. The material of choice in this case is concrete.


Sophistication and elegance come in a lot of different forms. In some cases, the choice of materials and finishes is of great importance. A marble wash basin, for instance, will always stand out even if it has a very generic design. So imagine the impact when the design looks like this. We’re talking about the Nami wash basin offered by kreoo which has beautiful and delicate folds.


Technically, this design from the Unik Stone collection represents a sink integrated into a counter. The counter wraps itself around the edges of the round wash basin forming a smooth transition between them and details such as these stand out in a modern and sophisticated way. The sink and counter are made from one solid block of marble.


Some wash basins are born to stand out and to steal all the attention. Silenzio is a perfect example. Designed by Antonio Lupi, this is a beautiful sculpture for which functionality comes as a bonus. It seamlessly blends with the wall and has a sinuous and gracious form which also allows it to look very lightweight.


Lightweight, on the other hand, is not a term that we could use to describe the Lavabi wash basins. They’re freestanding and go all the way down to the floor, featuring a simple and compact form with smooth edges and curves. This is the 66305 model and it’s more versatile than you’d think, looking exquisite in both small and large bathrooms.


With the Castaway vanity you can add texture and charm to a bathroom with a design that’s deceiving and mysterious. The sink and counter are made of WoodForm concrete, each being carefully detailed by hand. The driftwood finish is perfect for a coastal decor but also a modern space with rustic influences.


Black is a glamorous and sophisticated color which is quite uncommon when it comes to wash basins. The Thai Negro basin from Ceramicas Aparici beautifully combines a smooth and glossy top surface with a rough and sculptural bottom, the result being an elegant contrast.


The Cape Cod bathroom series from Duravit includes designs that combine timeless elegance with modern audacity. The result is a series of sleek ceramic wash basins with simple and organic forms, able to both blend and stand out in a variety of different decors and settings.


Different types of decors ask for different types of amenities, fixtures and accessories. A minimalist bathroom needs a wash basin such as Stirone, with simple lines which has the ability to perfectly complement the decor without creating strong contrasts. This is preferred in a space that has a zen-like, relaxing ambiance.


Wash basins made of natural materials such as stone, wood or marble usually stand out regardless of the surrounding decor but more so when they have rugged designs that emphasize their natural beauty, unique grain and color.


Designs such as this one and many other beautiful ones are offered by Spa Ambiente. There’s a wide range of wash basins made of stone, granite, marble and other similar materials and they’re all defined by beautiful and unique textures and colors.


There’s a lot to love about a sink like this one. First of all, we really appreciate the form. In addition to that, we like the earthy tones and the rugged and yet delicate texture. The design is simple and also intense and eye-catching.


Setting the right mood in a space is easy if you know how to be subtle and clever. For instance, check out this heart-shaped wash basin. It looks so charming without being cheesy and overly romantic.


This design is part of a series that focuses on the warmth and charm of handcrafted elements, combining modern and traditional details and blending looks with functionality in innovative and unusual ways. The Dressage collection has a strong artisanal component and this gives it a distinctively sophisticated look.


Unusual would be a good term to describe the Isabella Collection with. It includes designs that are simple and classical while also including an unexpected twist. This vanity is crafted with a solid ash wood base and a marble top and is designed to fit easily in small bathrooms while offering them a touch of glamour and uniqueness.

Glass countertop and gold vanity
Double sink vanity with gold wash basin
Gold bathroom wash basin

A little bit of gold can totally change a room’s decor, especially one as small as a standard bathroom. It’s important to make sure the gold doesn’t overwhelm the space. An accent feature such as a golden wash basin inevitably becomes a focal point for the space. Use this to your advantage and allow the sink or washbowl to stand out by contrasting with its surroundings. Complement it with a minimalist vanity and simple colors and finishes.


Ever packed so much that you felt the only thing missing was the kitchen sink? Well now you can take that with you too when you’re traveling. This is My Bag, a portable wash basin designed by Ceramica Olympia. It has a collapsible design and it can be used as a regular suitcase, transforming into a usable sink when needed. It sits on a wooden base that resembles a luggage rack and it could actually be a really great feature for tiny apartments.


Modern wash basins focus a lot of minimalism and geometric forms. These two, for example, have sleek rectangular forms and clean lines. They’s designed to look elegant and simple and they also feature a neutral color which allows them to look beautiful in any setting.


On the other hand, a glass sink is even more versatile and adaptable than that. A design such as this one emphasizes the double vanity, putting the spotlight on the counter and the rest of the bathroom decor and features.


Part of the Origin collection, this countertop wash basin was designed by Seung-Yong Song for INBANI. It has a simple and elegant design with a lot of casual appeal and is characterized by refined lines and delicate angles meant to bring sophistication into the decor without standing out.


Similarly simple and sophisticated yet defined by understated luxury, this basin is interestingly displayed here as part of a minimalist wooden shelf which wraps around it and forms a fluid and cohesive design ideal for contemporary bathrooms.


A different kind of simplicity and elegance is displayed here in the form of two square-shaped wash basins that add a touch of industrialism to the space without being too eye-catching or striking.

Top 10 Cool Wash Basins Available On The Market Right Now

Now that you have a good idea of what’s out there in terms of designs, styles, proportions, materials and everything else, you should be able to make an informed decision next time you go shopping for a new washbasin. Maybe one of the products below turns out to be exactly what you need.

Washbasin Retro Jingdezhen Ceramic 150x150

This petal-shaped wash basin has a very delicate and elegant design. It’s made of high-gloss ceramic and has a special shape with an inclined bottom that lets the water flow slowly without splashing. The surface is smooth and shiny, featuring a glossy enamel coating. You can use both in the kitchen and the bathroom since the design would be eye-catching and unusual anyway.

Easy to install
Petal Shaped Stone Art Countertop Vintage Wash Basin
Petal Shaped Stone Art Countertop Vintage Wash Basin

Glossy enamel coating, smooth and shiny surface, not easy to breed bacteria, ecology, acid and alkali resistance!

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Washbasin Retro Jingdezhen Ceramic 150x150

In case you prefer simpler and more linear designs, you should have a look at this rectangular wash basin. Its inner wall is made of high-gloss ceramic and the surface has glossy enamel coating which gives it resistance and makes it easy to clean.

Art Handmade
Countertop Decorative Wash Basin
Countertop Decorative Wash Basin

The basin is easy to install and has a very elegant design with smooth edges and a gently curving bottom.

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Washbasin Retro Jingdezhen Ceramic 150x150

This wash basin shares lots of similarities with the previous models. It’s made from the same type of materials with the same finishes and the same inclined bottom with smooth water flow and no splashing. It’s simple yet elegant and it’s designed to be installed above the counter. Pair it with an equally stylish faucet for an even more glamorous look.

retro design
Retro Marble Wash Basin
Retro Marble Wash Basin

The inner wall of the basin is made of high-gloss ceramic, easy to clean, the bottom of the basin is inclined, and the water flows slowly downwards to prevent splashing.

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Washbasin Retro Jingdezhen Ceramic 150x150

Black wash basins are hard to come by, which makes this one that much more special. The design as a whole is very simple, with a clean, linear edge and smooth curved corners. The glossy enamel coating gives it a smooth surface and offers resistance against bacteria, acid and alkaline substances.

contemporary design
Black Ceramic Bathroom Sinks Bowl
Black Ceramic Bathroom Sinks Bowl

Easy to maintain and clean, bringing a simple yet elegant style to your home

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Washbasin Retro Jingdezhen Ceramic 150x150

The floral design gives this was basin a particularly quirky look and a rather vintage appearance. The basin is rectangular in shape, with curved and smooth edges and corners. The bottom is slightly inclined just like in the case of all the previously mentioned models.

Chinese Washbasin Sink Art Counter
Chinese Washbasin Sink Art Counter

This allows the water to flow slowly downwards, preventing splashing and making this washbasin, not just cool-looking but also convenient and user-friendly.

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Washbasin Retro Jingdezhen Ceramic 150x150

With a design like this you can be certain that the wash basin will become the focal point of your bathroom (or kitchen, if this style suits the theme). Just like the others, it has a high-gloss ceramic inner wall which gives it a glamorous look and also makes it easy to clean.

oval shape
Oval Lotus Bathroom Ceramic Sink Wash Basin
Oval Lotus Bathroom Ceramic Sink Wash Basin

The basin has an oval shape and features a unique pattern of lotus leaves and flowers.

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Washbasin Retro Jingdezhen Ceramic 150x150

This wash basin also has an oval shape. Its design is elegant and stylish without being too eye-catching. The colors are subdued, allowing the focus to remain on the unique marbled pattern. Also, this design has a timeless appeal which makes it highly versatile.

Ceramic Sink Wash Basin Counter Top
Ceramic Sink Wash Basin Counter Top

Suitable for a variety of different styles and decors.

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Washbasin Retro Jingdezhen Ceramic 150x150

This wash basin is pretty special in the sense that it has a round, bowl-shaped design with a very interesting pattern on it. The blue and white design has a strong Mediterranean vibe and helps the wash basin stand out in a very charming way.

Blue and White Art
Wash Basin Bathroom Sinks Vessel Sinks Bathroom
Wash Basin Bathroom Sinks Vessel Sinks Bathroom

Add this to a modern bathroom to give it a subtle hint of rustic beauty.

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Washbasin Retro Jingdezhen Ceramic 150x150

This wash basin is a real work of art. Its design is not particularly complex but it does have a sophisticated allure. The basin has an oval shape and gives the appearance of being made of metal, with a slight patina for a little bit of antique charm.

Bathroom Above Counter Basin Industrial
Bathroom Above Counter Basin Industrial

It's a retro piece guaranteed to become a focal point in any bathroom.

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Washbasin Retro Jingdezhen Ceramic 150x150

This wash basin is also oval in shape yet different from the one just mentioned above. It has a slightly robust appearance, with contrasting inner and outer walls.

Washbasin Retro Jingdezhen Ceramic
Washbasin Retro Jingdezhen Ceramic

On the inside it has this high-gloss ceramic finish with a blue tint while on the inside it features a retro metal-like design with a textured finish.

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Which type of wash basin is best?

There is no correct answer here because a wash basin that’s excellent for someone might be a total failure purchase for someone else. Consider everything we said in the “How to Choose a Wash Basin” section and you should be able to identify the best wash basin for yourself. 

How many types of wash basins are there?

The answers mostly depend on how you label and categorize them. If you were to consider how the basin is mounted, you have above-counter and undermount sinks. Some people label them based on the number of holes they have to drill to install the faucet. Others label them based on where they’re going to be used (powder room, guest room, master bathroom, etc.). 

What are the different uses of a wash basin?

Wash basins are mostly used for washing one’s hands and face, but there is no limit to what you can do with these. We’ve seen people bathe their pets or babies in a wash basin. It can be used to soak up a stained blouse or wash your make-up brushes. 


A single basin may be used for a variety of reasons, which is why it is a must-have in every home. So, pick the greatest design and have it implemented as soon as possible. Its placement inside the bathroom is intended to capture attention as soon as you enter, giving it an artistically prominent position.

Given its importance, both functional and aesthetic, you should carefully select the one that appeals to you the most, as it may be a true piece of furniture that defines the entire room, becoming the indisputable protagonist.

The washbasin is an essential piece of bathroom furniture, but you can always spice things up and add personality by selecting one that’s pre representative of who you are. There’s no telling how a wash basin can turn your bathroom into a work of art.