10 Tips for Perfect Double Vanity Styling

Let’s talk about double vanities for a second. Whether you’re trying to figure out how to style the one you have, or trying to decide which one will look best in your newly renovated bathroom, double vanities are just plain difficult. There is so much counter space, it seems impossible to deal with. That’s why we’re talking. Check out these 10 tips for double vanities and you’ll see that they can be a big blessing.

simple styling

One of the most popular ways to style a vanity is going minimalistic. It’s all about mirrors, pretty glass bottles and marble. A neutral sink is a great starting point to add a colored soap pump and an apothecary style bottle of your favorite essential oil. (via Remodelista)

rustic style

Are you wondering how to incorporate a double sink into your rustic styled home? Think raw wood. Go for a wooden base like the one above where the wood grain is the star of the show. Then add your sticks and logs to decorate. You’ll find it easy and very satisfying. (via My Paradissi)

makeup station

When there’s multiple girls in the house, all vying for the mirror in the morning, it’s time to create a makeup station. Find a large tray that matches your bathroom’s decor, add a mirror and little dishes and jars to hold all the necessities for the morning ritual. (via HGTV)

open bottom

You just gotta love these sinks with open bottoms. They open up all kinds of creative opportunities for storage and even more styling than just what’s on top. It will also help the open and airy feel in your bathroom. What’s not to love?

industrial style

Gentlemen, don’t doom your bathroom to plain white tile. There are some great ways that will be both stylish and functional for your bachelor pad bathroom. Use a metal and wood double vanity so you’ll have plenty of space to store your shaving essentials and extra bottles of shampoo. (via Decorating Files)

jar storage

You just gotta love jars. With so many sizes and shapes and even colors to choose from, find a few that match in your bathroom and display them on your double vanity, full of cotton balls and q-tips and a bouquet of fresh flowers.

raised sink

Whether you’re looking for a modern styled vanity or just a way to take up counter space, using raised sinks is a great way to draw attention to the actual sinks instead of the countertop. Basically, the sinks do the styling for you. It’s a minimalistic win. (via The Pretty Blog)

patterned tile

There’s nothing bad about taking your attention off the vanity entirely. Choose a bright patterned tile in your bathroom so the eyes will be drawn to the walls or floor instead of the double sinks and their styling… or lack thereof.

sink only

Are you dreading even installing a double sink in your bathroom? Opt for one long sink with two spouts and you’ll completely eliminate the need for styling anything. It also will radiate modern vibes into the room. (via Remodelista)

personal touches

Don’t forget, with any styling, to add some touches that are just you! Whether it’s keeping a vase full of fresh flowers, a hand soap that comes in a pretty bottle or a wooden elephant, the bathroom shouldn’t miss out on your decorating style.