Top 50 Wall Art DIYs for Your Child’s Bedroom

Children’s bedrooms are probably the most fun spaces to decorate in the home. You can leave all your inhibitions behind and be as creative as your imagination allows. Plus, you get to use their styles and imaginations to help you create a space that reflects their personality. You know those quirky pieces of art that you want to make but can’t justify using them in your living room? Placing them in your child’s room is the answer. So go ahead. Indulge.

Make your favorite piece of DIY art and if it doesn’t fit above your couch, let your kid have it! Here are 50 wall art DIYs that would be perfect for your child’s bedroom.

DIY faux taxidermy

Faux taxidermy has seen a major rise in popularity recently. Luckily, someone figured out how to use stuffed animals for this project so you can make friendly wall art for your child of any age. (via Delia Hauser)

DIY giant paper flowers

Flowers are always a good idea. These blooms are originally from a store bought kit but you could easily make them yourself with thick paper and glue. Choose colors that will match what your daughter already had going on in her room. (via Made In Crafts)

DIY dotty art

Some of the best home decor projects are the ones that your kids can help you put together. Give them lots of patterned dots and let them create a work of art in colors you choose. They’ll be so proud. (via Mer Mag)

DIY giant tassel hanging

If you can put a tassel on it, do it. This tutorial is for some pretty giant tassels so if you have a large wall you need some art for, stock up on yarn and put this giant tassel hanging together. (via Honestly WTF)

DIY giant fringe monogram

Kids love anything that features their name. Make this giant monogram in their initial and it will be the first letter they know before they can even read. (via The Sweetest Occasion)

DIY wordy lights sign

Light up is just better, wouldn’t you agree? Whether it’s “Happy Girl” or “Happy Boy” or any other word you choose, your child will want to use this light up wall art as a nightlight each night. (via Vintage Revivals)

DIY neon 3d art

Isn’t the 3D aspect of this wall art so appealing? The bright neon colors definitely stand out, but you could do any color scheme you like. Shades of blues for boys, shades of pink for girls, pastels for a nursery, so many possibilities. (via Curbly)

DIY instagram art

We fill our Instagrams with pictures of family and friends and pets. Pick out photos that display your child and their favorite people and pets and make them a wall of friendly faces. (via Gimme Some Oven)

DIY 3d lion art

Safari anyone? That’s exactly what I thought of with this lion. He’s made purely from thick paper so it’s a great budget friendly project. If you want to go all out, make him some zebra and giraffe friends. (via Super and Super)

DIY ballerina canvas

What little girl doesn’t want to be a ballerina at some point in her life? These twirly girls would be so simple to make! Use your best artistic skills to draw the ballerina’s torso on a canvas and let the fluffy tulle do the rest. (via Cool Creativities)

patterned fabric in embroidery hoops

No doubt you’ve seen the use of patterned fabric in embroidery hoops as an art arrangement. Bandanas are cheap and come in every color so give your little cowboy a piece of the wild west on his wall. (via Blitsy)

DIY metallic moon

Isn’t there a lullaby about the moon? Give your child’s bedroom a major upgrade with a giant painting of the moon. Gold paint will give the space a look that they can easily grow into. (via A Beautiful Mess)

DIY wallpaper hanging

Wrapping paper is pretty cheap and you can find it in any pattern or color you desire. Use a strip in a handmade frame to make a poster like piece for their wall. (via Francois et Moi)

DIY superhero plaques

Many little boys look up to the classic superheroes and aspire to be them someday. Encourage bravery and goodness by creating these superhero plaques to display on their walls. (via All Things Thrifty)

DIY calendar art

Wall calendars display some great art a lot of the time. Instead of throwing it away at the year’s end, take out your favorite pictures and make them real art in your child’s bedroom. (via The Creativity Exchange)

DIY baby shower wreath

This project is so perfect in two ways. Use a paper wreath as a guest book for a baby shower and then frame it for the nursery afterwards. It will be a great reminder for mommy and baby of how many people love them. (via Oh Happy Day)

DIY hexagon wall

Honeycomb is a popular pattern though you mainly see it in bathroom tile. Take that pattern to the bedroom with some bright paint and pressed cardboard and you’ll create a new favorite corner for your child. (via My Sister’s Suitcase)

DIY wire rainbow cloud

Once you’ve spent the budget on a crib and a comfy chair, there is sometimes very little left for nursery art. Wire and ribbon is cheap and all you need to make this simple and beautiful rainbow cloud. (via Dream a Little Bigger)

DIY woven floral art

You might be thinking “I’m not weaving that!” You don’t have to. With a woven rug, some faux flowers and glue, you can make this unique piece for your child’s wall in an afternoon. (via The Kipi Blog)

DIY stick trinket holder

Sometimes the needs of our children are more simple than we realize. Paint a branch to hang on the wall and it becomes a little ledge for plastic animals and figurines. (via I Love Bokkie)

DIY minecraft wall art

Ah Minecraft. The game of squares and creativity. If you child is obsessed with the virtual world that they created themselves, use colored decals to make their favorite characters on their bedroom wall. (via Bright Star Kids)

DIY kite art

Kites are so poetic. They swoop and soar, making even the oldest of us dream of flying. Make some dreamy kites for your child’s bedroom wall so they’ll always have soaring good dreams. (via Petit and Small)

Flower DIY Letters

You can’t go wrong with an X and an O. Cover them with faux blooms in their favorite color and it will remind them daily that they are so very loved by you. (via Sincerely Katerina)

DIY constellation lights

Star light, star bright, this starry canvas is a great way to give your kids the stars, no matter where you live. You don’t even have to know the constellations to make it beautiful. (via Make)

DIY favorite toy posters

It’s a well known fact that black and white architect prints are super affordable. Blow up images of your child’s favorite toys and they’ll have even more fun imagining up their bestie’s personality. (via I Am Momma Hear Me Roar)

DIY pom pom hanging

Pompoms are super fun to make yourself, but that isn’t required for this project. String together homemade or store bought fluffies for a cute and colorful mobile. (via Burkatron)

DIY glitter animal canvases

If your child loves animals, you probably have boxes full of the plastic creatures in several sizes. Snag a few of them to cover in glitter and mount on bright canvases to make the best kid friendly art gallery ever. (via Papery and Cakery)

DIY alphabet wall

You gotta love the idea of making wall art into something your kids can learn from. That’s why putting the alphabet on the wall is such a great project. Choose complimenting colors of fabric that will last them into their elementary school years. (via The Love Nerds)

DIY dollhouse shelves

Some kids are very good at finding small toys to love and take with them wherever they go. Decorate a dollhouse shelf with paper and paint to give them a place to display all their little treasures. (via Design Is Yay)

DIY giant button art

These buttons are such a thrifty and creative idea. Wooden circles, painted with holes drilled in them look like giant buttons on the wall. Fit for any nursery in any color. (via Decor and the Dog)

DIY faux flower blocks

Flowers encourage happiness and peace no matter what room they’re in. Encourage that in your child’s room by mounting faux blooms on simple wooden plaques for that little empty corner. (via Fabric Paper Glue)

DIY abstract quote art

Here’s a project that you can make all yourself or work together with your child. Let them paint a masterpiece on a canvas and then you stitch in the encouraging saying or Bible verse. (via The Sassy Life)

DIY road monogram

You know that shadow box you’ve been saving for a special project? This is that project. You can make your own road monogram or have it printed and then glue the cars in place before you close it up. (via Sunlit Spaces)

DIY robot wood stain

Maybe you want your child’s room to halfway flow with the rest of your rustic house. Use old boards to stain a fun robot or a sunshine or some other pattern that reflects your child’s interests. It will capture cute and rustic in the same piece. (via Domesticated Engineer)

DIY emoji marquee

Any parent knows how appropriate the heart eyes emoji is for their child’s bedroom art. Take it to the next level by putting in lights in the heart eyes. They’ll keep it forever. (via A Beautiful Mess)

Kids DIY wire word

Are you into knitting during the cold months of the year? Create their favorite word or their name out of wire and give it a cozy feel with a simple knitted cover. (via Delia Creates)

DIY chalkboard silhouette

Chalkboard is such a fun and versatile crafting medium. Paint chalkboard onto wooden plaques and let your kids create family portraits for their bedrooms. (via You Are My Fave)

DIY wood animal canvas

Baby animals are definitely the cutest. Use them on bright wooden blocks to decorate your cutest baby’s nursery. As they get older, you can teach them the sounds each animal makes. (via Alice and Lois)

Desk designed with kids in mind

This multi purpose wall art might be the best idea yet. Mount a box on the wall that, when closed, looks like their favorite animal. But open it and it becomes a space for creativity and imagination to pour out on paper. (via Mommo Design)

DIY boho word

Isn’t it amazing how one word can impact our children so much? Choose your word carefully and collect letters in different sizes and colors to create a very eclectic wall piece. (via Lovely Etc.)

Cityscape wall shelf

Spiderman to the rescue! Or that’s what your child will feel like when he has this cityscape shelf in his room. This particular one is purchasable but you could easily use your carpenter skills to make it yourself. (via Etsy)

DIY heart string art

This project is the perfect DIY for a mother daughter day. Go pick out some paper she likes at the craft store, give her a heart paper punch and punch away while you drink hot chocolate this winter. (via 100 Directions)

DIY magnet wall

Maybe you’re thinking that you need any small space for productive things. Put up a magnet strip on their wall and you can display pictures and good grades on top while little ones can play with magnets below. (via Oh Happy Day)

DIY star wars marquee sign

Star Wars happened to be the perfect logo for this project because of the wide letters. But you could use any shape or logo that was meaningful to your child. (via Homemade With Ashley)

DIY yearly handprints

How about a project that’s nostalgic and continuous? Dedicate some wall space to a canvas displaying their yearly handprints. It’s such a great way to watch them grow and they’ll enjoy measuring their latest print throughout the year. (via Mama Papa Bubba)

DIY woven heart art

Some people love the woven wall art look but they aren’t into weaving themselves. This project uses a bunch of knots on a stick to make the perfect heart shaped woven piece. (via Classic In Gray)

DIY zodiac string art

String art is simple, especially if you are making one star constellation. Use this to decorate the rooms that hold multiple children to show them their individuality. (via Brit + Co)

DIY quote banner

Hanging banners are a great way to break up a gallery wall and provide something interesting for the eyes. Have yours display a meaningful quote or lyrics to a song that will encourage your child. (via Homemade Ginger)

DIY scrabble letters

Scrabble letters are another fun idea for children who share a room. Connect their names to give them a sense of family and remind them who the home team is. (via Whats Ur Home Story)

Yellow Empty Frames

Of course, some of the best wall art for your child’s room is the art that they make themselves. Use empty frames and string to give them a place to display their masterpieces as fast as they can create them. (via The Caterpillar Years)