A Few Classy And Chic Ways To Decorate With Acrylic Furniture

When space is limited or when we want to keep a space looking bright and open but we still need to include quite a bit of furniture, we look for materials and colors that can make all of that possible or at least easier. It’s in cases like these that acrylic furniture becomes the star, being very appreciated for its transparency and minimalism. But these aren’t the only two characteristics that can define acrylic furniture. Even though it’s meant to be able to blend in, that doesn’t make it completely uninteresting.


Coffee tables often take up quite a bit of space in living rooms and that wouldn’t be such a big problem if they wouldn’t usually be placed at the center of the room or in a circulated area. They greatly diminish the room’s airy and open decor and ambiance. That doesn’t happen when you opt for an acrylic coffee table, especially one that’s completely transparent.

Vertebrae occasional chair from Acrylic

In the case of acrylic chairs, things are a bit different and also a bit more complicated. That’s because chairs need to be comfortable and in order to do that they require a comfortable seat. That means they can’t be completely transparent even if their entire frame is made of acrylic.

Angelle hair - Zebra Hair Acrylic

Even so, there’s a bunch of cool chairs with acrylic frames that look exquisite. This, for example, is quite the eye-catching and contrasting combination. On one hand, the frame blends in completely. On the other hand, the seat and back and armrests stand out with their graphical pattern and color combination.

Wellington acrylic chair

Consider using an acrylic chair as an accessory for a desk or as an accent piece for the corner or a small room. When pairing the chair with a table or desk, you expose the work surface or rather you avoid concealing it with a solid and robust chair that would definitely make the space look and feel a lot smaller. It’s a simple and clever way of creating the impression of more space without ignoring function or comfort.

Lady Mendl chair with arms

In case you’re wondering who designs such chairs or how they can be used in home interiors, you can find a few more inspiring examples on Interiors by Royale. The versatility of acrylic chairs is really inspiring. They’re perfect for small or dark dining rooms as well as for any space that requires such simplicity and transparency to stay fresh and inviting.

Marilyn Acrylic Side Chair-Black
Green seat for Marilyn Acrylic Side Chair-Black

Inspired by classic furniture, this is a version of the Marylin Chair by Global Views. It has a sleek and curved high back and an overall traditional frame complemented by a tufted seat. The frame is made of clear acrylic and this puts more emphasis on the seat and its rich color. A lovely thing about chairs with acrylic frames is that they don’t hide the table. This is a big plus in the case of tables with sculptural bases.

codaurs lucite fur bench

A really cool idea when decorating with acrylic furniture is to play with contrasts of color or texture. Take for example this funky-looking ottoman. It has a clear acrylic frame covered with faux fur. It looks really cute and quirky and it doesn’t overwhelm the space thanks to the choice of materials.

Small acrylic fur stools

This is actually a cool way to add some texture and fluffiness to a space without making it seem like you’re using a lot of floor space. Consider this type of comfy stools with faux fur seat covers and clear acrylic bases as accent pieces for the bedroom or living room.

Tufted turquoise bench with acylic base and boxes

Similarly, a bench can be sleek and comfortable at the same time if it has an acrylic frame and a tufted seat like in this case. It’s actually a really stylish combo which allows both the base and the seat to be interesting in their own way and to complement each other.

Curved arms for this chair

If the intention is to create the appearance of more space without actually getting rid of the furniture, focus on the large pieces like the sofa or those bulky armchairs. Using acrylic on these is a bit more complicated but definitely possible, just like this design shows us.

Unique desk with acrylic base

In the case of desks or tables, things are a bit simpler. But even here there are a ton of variations to consider. For instance, would you prefer an acrylic base or an acrylic top? Maybe a full acrylic design would suit the space you have in mind. However, it would also be interesting to play with combinations of materials and contrasts.

camilla live edge table bench

This is a beautiful dining table which emphasizes the exquisite charm of its live edge wood top by featuring a clear acrylic base. This makes the top the focal point and also allows the matching benches to stand out without interfering with anything else in that area.

Acrylic round dining table design

Although we’re tempted to think that acrylic furniture is a modern idea, there are actually more styles and variations to take into consideration. a table like this one would fit perfectly in a traditional setting without looking out of place. That’s because the design is traditional even if the material is not.

Grace and black acrylic furniture

We mentioned that acrylic tables can put an emphasis on a sculptural base or a beautiful top when these are made from a different material or have a different color. But that can also happen when there’s no contrast of materials, only of form.

Colorful chair with acrylic base

The goal isn’t always to save a lot of space or to conceal or reveal elements in a room’s decor. Sometimes even a small detail can take a big impact on the space as a whole. A nice example is this armchair which doesn’t look any less robust because of the acrylic legs. However, they do make it look a bit more lightweight.

Cowhide ottoman with acrylic base

The same thing can be said about this ottoman. It has a big and solid top but the acrylic frame makes it appear a bit less robust by exposing the floor beneath it. This design detail is not linked to the ottoman’s functionality but it’s worth mentioning that such an accent piece can double as a coffee table. However, it would be best to use trays when serving drinks or snacks on it.