Obsessed With Hanging Shelves – Simple DIY Ideas You’ll Love

Small accent shelves aren’t exactly a life-saving source of storage space although they do offer some. They are most prominent as decorative elements for the space. Hanging shelves allow us to better organize our spaces and to put all sorts of things on display. They can be used in a variety of interesting ways, either as accent pieces for hallways, entryways and other transitional spaces or as design elements that complement spaces such as the bathroom, kitchen or home office.

DIY Hanging Shelves Easy

You can easily make your own hanging shelves using simple materials found at any local supply store. For example, to make these chic shelves you only need wooden boards, rope cord, metal rings and a drill. Each shelf needs a board and a ring. Drill four holes in each of the corners of the wooden board and then run cord through them so you can hang the shelf using a metal ring. You can find out more on Whydontyoumakeme.

Hanging ombre shelves with pink rope

It’s possible to hang two or even three shelves using the same piece of rope. Let’s say you want your shelves to look like the ones on ducklingsinarow. You’ll need a glue gun, three shelves or wooden boards, a drill, some cord, spray paint and some tape. To prep the shelves, spray paint them and if you want also decorate them with paper. Then cut some cord and insert it through the holes you drilled into the boards. Make sure to tie knots under each shelf to make sure they’re level. You can also use glue to attach the cord to the shelves.

Pipes and Rop Hanging Shelves

When building your own hanging shelves you can choose to use any type of wood you want and also to experiment with lots of other materials and even styles. If you want something simple and a little bit rustic, check out this design we found on ehow. You’ll find here the full list of supplies as well as the necessary instructions. You’ll mainly need some wood boards, a galvanized pipe, flanges, a drill and some sisal rope.

Industrial Hanging Shelves in Bathroom

Hanging shelves are useful in a variety of contexts. For example, you can add them to the bathroom so you can have some extra storage for things like towels, lotions and other things. This particular design is very versatile and also very chic and stylish. The shelves can be easily taken apart and used individually and it also seems pretty easy to add more if needed.

Wood and leather hanging shelf

Simplicity is often the thing we appreciate the most about shelves. When you think about it, there’s no need to overcomplicate things when you can just take a piece of wood, two leather straps and two screws and make a really stylish shelf for your home. We found this design on Apairandasparediy. It’s one of the simplest DIY projects ever.

Hanging Shelf Table

On Angelamariemade we found a really cool and ingenious idea: to use a hanging shelf as a table. As it turns out, this is a wonderful idea for covered outdoor spaces such as porches or pergolas because you can hang the shelf from the beams and use it as a side table for your rocking chair or chaise lounge. What’s really cool is that the hanging shelf could also double as a swing. It’s a fun and ingenious idea.

Rope hanging wall shelf

We find hanging shelves to be perfect for the display of small decorations or personal collections as well as for pictures and other things. In case you decide to add such an accent piece to your home, consider the design featured on Nur-noch. It’s made using four thin and narrow wood boards and some white rope. There’s plenty of room for customization. Instead of four shelves you could choose to have either more or fewer, depending on the space available and the things you want to display.

Leather strap hanging shelf

Individual hanging shelves are particularly chic and stylish because they can be customized in a lot of interesting ways and also because they stand out more, being mainly decorative. A good example can be found on Brepurposed. The leather hanging shelf featured here was made using a single piece of wood, a piece of leather cord, a drill and some white paint. It’s a design suitable for small shelves.

Marble Hanging Shelf

In case you happen to have a leftover marble tile from some previous project, we can show you how to put it to good use to make a beautiful hanging shelf. Apart from the tile you’ll also need some leather cord. It would be possible to also use a different type of tile so be creative. You can find all the details about the project on Abubblylife.

Concrete hanging shelf

Wood is the most common material when it comes to furniture and everything related but there are also plenty of other options. This stylish shelf featured on Themerrythrought, for example, is made of concrete. To make something similar you need a mold which could be any round container, some nylon rope, cooking spray, a dowel, a drill and paint.

Bathroom above toilet hanging shelves

The space above the toilet is ideal for hanging a few shelves if you want to add some storage to the bathroom or simply to fill that space somehow. The shelves could hold small planters, towels, bath products and various other things.

Solid wood edge shelves hanging

Even if wood is such a common material that doesn’t make it boring or uninteresting. In fact, live-edge wood is exquisite and always eye-catching. Use it to make elegant hanging shelves on which to display decorations or to store items. We found this shelf on Etsy. It’s made from solid larch and finished with four coats of dark oak wax.

Custom hanging set shelves

On Etsy you can also find these chic little shelves made from salvaged pine and hemp cord. The wood has an olive oil finish and each shelf is handmade. A variety of colors are available and there’s even the option to choose a two-color design. The shelf is 24” wide and 5.5” deep. You can display it as a standalone accent piece or you can pair it with other matching shelves for increased storage.