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20 Timeless Chairs That Stand Out From The Crowd

Chairs are among the most common pieces of furniture and also infinitely versatile with a ton of different variations and styles to choose from.

Timeless Chairs

Of course, different types of chairs suit different purposes but that doesn’t necessarily any sort of insurmountable limits.

Some designs seem to transcend style and function and to look and feel great no matter how you look at them. We already talked about such cool chairs in the past and now we’re back with even more exquisite designs and ideas.

What is a timeless design?

We’re quite used to this term and we even use it in various contexts but what does it actually mean to create a timeless design? In some ways a timeless design is meant to be elegant and sophisticated but also to maintain its functionality. Here are a few elements to keep in mind:

  • Proportions – It’s important to make sure all the furniture pieces and the decorations are in proportion to one another when designing a space. If something feels too big for the room it can throw off the whole design.
  • Materials – A timeless design uses quality materials which, as it happens, don’t really go out of style. We’re talking about materials like marble, stone or wood which are often considered timeless themselves.
  • Colors – The color palette of a timeless interior design should be fairly neutral. It shouldn’t really be influences by trends because these come and go. At the same time, a neutral color scheme ensures that the focus remains on the furniture pieces, the artwork and the room as a whole.
  • Style – When designing a timeless interior it can be easy to be tempted by a particular style like modern or traditional. Instead of going all out try instead of create a combination and to include elements from different styles so the décor looks fresh but also classic.

Cool Chair Design Ideas With A Timless Design

The Paradise Chair designed for comfort

The Paradise Chair designed for comfortView in gallery

The Paradise Chair was designed for comfort but that’s doesn’t mean it lacks style. In fact, it’s one of the most eye-catching pieces of furniture we’ve seen in a while.

The chair is handmade using sustainable Canadian wood and you can get in in maple, walnut or ebonized ash. The cushions come in a variety of colors so you can perfectly match this beautiful chair to your home decor.

The Liberty Chair inspired by the 30’s

The Liberty Chair inspired by the 30’sView in gallery

The Liberty Collection which this unique chair is a part of was inspired by the sculptural forms of the ’30s, hence the prominent frame and unusually high backrest.

The frame is made of tubular brass pipes which in itself is unusual enough to make this chair stand out. The style is eclectic, combining modern and vintage details and oscillating between simple/ subtle forms and exaggerated shapes.

The Cala Armchair and its oversized back

The Cala Armchair and its oversized backView in gallery

The Cala Armchair is one of those pieces that looks impressive and can back up that look with great comfort and overall user-friendliness.

It has a high, oversized backrest which curves and forms two loops at the base: the built-in armrests. You can get this stylish chair in a wide variety of colors and that applies to both the frame and the cushions.

The iconic Tulip chair

The iconic Tulip chairView in gallery

You may recognize in this image the timeless Tulip chair. Even though it was designed back in 1957 by Eero Saarinen, it’s still considered one of the most popular modern dining chairs out there. That makes the Tulip a truly timeless piece of furniture.

The Doa chair, a classic, timeless piece

The Doa chair, a classic, timeless pieceView in gallery

The Doa chair also has that classic, timeless look that we mentioned earlier. There’s something about leather dining chairs in general that makes them weirdly appealing and elegant.

This one has a multi-layered shell padded in flame-retardant polyurethane. It’s available with both leather and fabric upholstery in a variety of different colors.

Toniette chairs and their sleek frames

Toniette chairs and their sleek framesView in gallery

It may not look like much at first but theTonietta chair is actually quite complex. It was designed by Enzo Mari in 1985 when after a four-year period of research and customization the product was finally complete.

Its aluminum alloy frame is sleek, slender and lightweight with very subtle curves which give the chair an elegant and look while increasing stability and comfort. The leather seat and the back are available in a limited range of colors.

A multilayered seat for the Judy chair

A multilayered seat for the Judy chairView in gallery

Meet Judy, a very chic and comfortable armchair designed in 2017 byFrank Rettenbacher. It’s an interesting blend between a thin and slender base and a multi-layered seat and back shell.

The backrest is made of beech plywood and seamlessly wraps around the upholstered side forming armrests and creating a nice sense of comfort for the user.

The reimagined Sign Baby modeled after an iconic design

The reimagined Sign Baby modeled after an iconic designView in gallery

2017 was also the year when the iconic Sign chair was reimagined byPiergiorgio Cazzaniga with several fresh variants including the Sign Baby which appeals to the younger consumers and which comes in a variety of bold and attractive colors.

Both the original and the new chairs share a minimalist and sculptural design which can fit seamlessly and comfortably in any environment both indoor and outdoor.

The Sign Flo made entirely of steel wire

The Sign Flo made entirely of steel wireView in gallery

The Sign Flo is another refreshed version of the iconic design we mentioned earlier. Each piece is made using 45 meters of steel wire shaped into the graceful silhouette of the Sign chair.

All the components are assembled by hang with more than 226 sealing points. Several color options are available including black, chrome, gold and pink gold.

Stackable Leaf chairs

Stackable Leaf chairsView in gallery

In addition to a stylish design, the Leaf chair features another important detail: it’s stackable. That comes in super handy when dealing with a small space or a multipurpose, modular layout.

The Leaf chair was designed in 2005 by Lievore Altherr Molina and has a slender sled base made of steel rods. These modern stacking chairs come in three colors: white, green and moka and can be used both indoor and outdoor.

How to choose the perfect timeless chair

Have you ever wondered what makes you choose a certain item over another when you’re out shopping for stuff? It’s an interesting subject and we’re going to explore it a bit today. Take for example a chair. You’re looking for the perfect accent chair for one of your rooms so how do you choose it?

Based on color

It goes without saying that the color is one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing furniture. The chair in this case should suit the color scheme of the room or the space around it. It doesn’t need to match any of the existing colors specifically but it should compliment them.

Based on style

In order for a space to look and feel cohesive the styles of the furniture pieces and decorations should match or compliment one another. However, since we’re talking about an accent chair you might want it to stand out a bit more so perhaps going for a slightly different style could work. Try mixing modern and traditional or mid-century elements and create your own eclectic style.

In relation to the couch

If you’re looking for a chair for your living room or a sitting area in general, an important decision you need to make is whether or not you want it to match the couch. The chair can match the couch in color and/or style which could give the room a cohesive look but that means you’re quite limited in options.

Choosing not to have these two pieces match gives you more freedom and allows you to go for a completely different style or color palette which adds diversity and character to the room. Keep in mind however that you should also maintain a certain sense of cohesion throughout the space.

Special circumstances

It’s also important to take into consideration any additional elements that could require you to look for specific features or details when choosing the chair. For example, if you have little kids or pets you might want the chair to be extra sturdy and resilient when it comes to stains and wear and tear or to be easy to clean.

Timeless chair design ideas to decorate with

A beautiful tufted velvet back

A beautiful tufted velvet backView in gallery

The Hendrix chair is a beautiful combination between looks and function. It has an elegant and sophisticated appearance but at the same time it’s a very comfy chair that you can relax in with a book at the end of the day. It comes in a variety of rich velvet colors and it has four slender metal legs to complement its robust seat.

A casual summer chair

A casual summer chairView in gallery

We’re calling this a summer chair because it’s absolutely perfect for this season. It’s easy to picture a couple of these out on a patio, in a balcony or out by the pool. The Enger chair is great for the outdoors, featuring a sturdy metal frame wrapped in weather-resistant polyurethane.

The imposing Jalen balloon chair

The imposing Jalen balloon chairView in gallery

The Jalen balloon chair has a distinctive look that’s reminiscent of old stories describing fantastic journeys and aristocratic places. Its tall back curves and forms a cute little canopy above which makes the user feel cozy, like inside a cocoon.

A perfect blend of looks and function

A perfect blend of looks and functionView in gallery

The terms timeless or classic describe the Amedee chair really well, being what immediately comes to mind upon looking at this lovely piece of furniture. The chair has a durable and sturdy construction, is very comfortable and has a simple and trendy aesthetic that looks fresh in any context. Pair it with a retro décor or bring it in a modern setting. It fits either way.

A breezy pair of patio chairs

A breezy pair of patio chairsView in gallery

The Yoshida chairs were designed to fit in pretty much any outdoor setting, whether it’s a minimalist contemporary sitting area, a cozy al fresco dining setting or a more traditional patio. It has an iron frame and a curved seat and back made of breezy metal mesh and you can pair it with all sorts of accessories like cushions and blankets.

The perfect lounging chair

The perfect lounging chairView in gallery

I bet you’re probably picturing yourself right now sitting in this chair and feeling super comfortable. The Melstone chair is definitely one of the most comfortable ones on this list and you can instantly tell just by looking at it. The seat is extra wide and slightly curved, the backrest is at the perfect angle and the height is just perfect.

A bold take on a classic design

A bold take on a classic designView in gallery

The Hamal armchair comes in some really bold and attractive colors like this gorgeous mustard yellow nuance which is quite enough to make it stand out. These go really well with its design which is fairly eclectic, having a retro look but also feeling quite trendy and modern at the same time.

A super chic wingback chair

A super chic wingback chairView in gallery

Wingback chairs in general can look quite imposing but they rarely look as cute and as cozy as the Swineford chair. What really helps, in this case, is the lower back, the lovely way in which the armrests curve and the sleek metal legs which give it a lightweight and super chic look.

The elegant Sheley chair

The elegant Sheley chairView in gallery

The Sheley chair is interesting for several reasons. It has a swivel base which gives it a classic and also fairly modern look. It also has a really nice silhouette with lots of curves, being thinner towards the bottom and getting wider at the top. It’s quite a multifunctional chair and you can use it to relax in with a book, to watch a movie or simply to sit comfortably.

Playful with a glamorous twist

Playful with a glamorous twistView in gallery

This swivel barrel chair from Mercer41 is quite versatile and has a cute and playful look thanks to its round seat, low back, comfy cushions and of course the vibrant colors that it comes in. At the same time, the golden metallic rings around the base add a glamorous and elegant touch to its design.