Small Backyard Pools: 19 Cool Ways To Beat The Heat

Small backyard pools are growing in popularity across the country. Spring is almost here, so it’s time you started thinking about how you will enjoy the warmer temperatures.

Small Backyard Pools

A small backyard swimming pool will elevate your outdoor space and increase your home’s value. It’s also a luxury investment that provides relief and entertainment for you, your family, and guests.

A small swimming pool is the perfect choice for when you want to transform your backyard from a boring space to an exciting one. When you own a pool, you’ll find yourself spending more time outside.

Whether you swim in the pool isn’t important as water has a meditative effect, offering tranquility and peacefulness.

small backyard pool

In this example, the pool transforms the outdoor area. Although the area is small, the pool makes it inviting by creating an outdoor lounge vibe with greenery. If you think you don’t have enough space, then you should stop thinking. The smart thing about a small pool is how they’re designed for smaller backyard spaces.

Here, we’ll look at 19 small pool ideas that will inspire you to get one before summer arrives.

Small Backyard Pool Ideas

Narrow Backyard

small backyard pool

Depending on the shape and size of your yard, the pool can be customized. In this example, a narrow pool creates visual interest and adds element of class. Encased in cement, the pool is an example of outdoor minimalism. 

Ground Pool

small backyard pool

Here’s a beautiful example of a modern small pool. It glows at night and it’s surrounded by trees and vegetation. The mood lighting gives the space a magical look.

Concrete Small Pool

small backyard pool

Small yards are a great place for small pools. If you have a little more space, then add a jacuzzi to your pool design. Try something that will enliven any small area. This pool, for example stands out with its robust and old-school design. The rectangular shape gives a classic look.

Hot Tub Style

small backyard pool

You don’t always have to get a small pool. As you can see in this design, a large spa makes for a great option. It stands out with its shape. The eclectic mix of small trees, plants and sculptures makes the pool resemble an oasis.

Deep End Pool

small backyard pool

Swimming pools with organic shapes like this one are great if you try to create a simple yet interesting design. It’s a more natural approach and the pool resembles a small lake.

Also, location is key. The layout is spacious, which allows more room for chairs, loungers, and other outdoor amenities.

Cocktail Pool

small backyard pool

You can add interesting features to traditional swimming pools to make them stand out as well. This simple design features a waterfall. The outdoor area looks like a beautiful outdoor spa. It has a relaxing design and entertaining atmosphere.

Plunge Pools

A small swimming pool is also known as a plunge pool. As the name implies, the swimming pool is designed for when you only want to take a quick dip in the water. 

Circular Swimming Pool

small backyard pool

Mediterranean architecture is easy to distinguish. This walk-in pool has an elegant design. There’s something about smaller pools that allow more room to be creative. With this layout, you’re treated to combination of simplicity and sophistication year round.

Ground Swimming Pool

small backyard pool

This design is on the larger end of the small pool style and also includes a built in hot tub.  The pool is the focal point, but then again how could it not be? The design is a a fusion of modern and traditional styles. 

Small Plunge Pool With Covered Pool Deck

small backyard pool

If you want optimum comfort and relaxation, after you install your small pool, attach a separate space with a cover. This would provide you protection from the sun or rain. And as you can see here, if you have a small backyard, you’ll still have enough room for a small pool.

Inground Pool

small backyard pool

When you have a small ground pool and it’s located close to your home. Above ground pools do not over the same grace or elegance as plunge pools. It allows you to relax and have fun and it doesn’t need to be large. 

Endless Pool

small backyard pool

A modern small pool looks more like a large pool and has a clean and exquisite design. The still water feature provides a calming and Zen-like effect. The spill over water falls into a hidden trough under the pebbles and into an underground tank where it’s recycled and fed back into the pool’s filtration system.

Small Pool Oasis

small backyard pool

The small pool design comes with a water feature that provides a pleasant audio sound of running water. Spruce up a traditional home with a free form pool in the backyard. Unusual shapes are great for small pools.

It makes them stand out and the viewers focus on the shape instead of the size. The additional water features also help.

Rectangular Pool With Deck

small backyard pool

This small sunken pool is built into the deck and raised above ground level. It thus offers views of the backyard and the surrounding landscape. If you want to install a pool on your deck and above ground, make sure the structure is strong enough to hold it. 

Traditional Swimming Pool

small backyard pool

If you have the square footage, then why not install a bigger pool? If you’ve decided to make the pool the star and the center of attention, then make it as big as possible. This pool area occupies most of the yard.

Little Space Pool

small backyard pool

With circular pools and depending on the size of your yard, small pool ideas allow you to decide on is design. This example fits well in the corner of the small yard. It saves space with its form and there’s plenty of space left for an outdoor dining area.

Rectangular Pool

small backyard pool

Simple shapes with clean, straight lines are often associated with modern and contemporary homes. This pool has a symmetrical shape which fits with the narrow yard space. 

Rustic Feel Small Pool

small backyard pool

If you wish to turn your backyard into an island destination with a plunge pool surrounded by nature, natural materials like stone would be best. Also, give it an organic shape and maintain the same characteristics. Designs like this are possible because they’re not limited by a small yard.

During the design stage, the homeowners did not have to worry about property line setbacks, for example. 

Cocktail Pool

small backyard pool

This small swimming pool features an unusual shape. A jacuzzi is attached to one side, making it convenient to get in and out of. The thing with small pool ideas is how they do not adhere to any standards.

The pool is built into the deck and a drain prevents the water from collecting. And the deck is made of a tropical hardwood.

Small Backyard Pool Conclusion

Small yards are the perfect space for small pools. They require less time to clean and their cost effective. If you have children, the pools are safer, but they’re not risk free. With a small swimming pool you can your pool designed by a professional or you can do it yourself. 

Another reason why homeowners like the pool style is how it takes less tine to clean them. If you have a small yard, chances are you have enough room for a small pool. For many people, their dream home includes a pool where they can swim year round.

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