Having Fun With Copper Spray Paint – 11 DIY ideas

There’s really no way to even realize how many uses there are for spray paint. There are so many interesting and useful projects that require it and plenty more to discover that we’re just starting to grasp the amazing versatility of things like copper spray paint, which, by the way, is exactly what this article is all about.


You can either use copper or gold spray paint to restyle an old chandelier. When the metal loses its color and shine, the whole light fixture starts to look unappealing. You can try to restore the original luster with spray paint. First you should put tape over the areas that you don’t want painted such as any parts made of glass. Then take the chandelier outside and apply a few coats of copper spray paint. Let it dry and then put everything back together the way it was.{found on abeautifulmess}.

Tin cans spray paint

There’s a lot you can do with empty metal cans. For example, you can spray paint them, label them and transform them into planters. Start by removing the labels on the cans and cleaning them. Then spray paint them and allow them to dry. You can then either paint chalkboard labels on each one or make tags which you can hang with twine.{found on homeyohmy}.

copper dipped vases

Homeyohmy also teaches us how to make copper dipped vases. Start with some glass vases which you clean with rubbing alcohol. Then apply painter’s tape on each one to delimit the area you’ll be painting. You should also cover the top portions of the vases with aluminum foil. After that, spray paint each vase. Apply three layers waiting around one minute in between. Let the paint dry and your vases are ready to become beautiful decorations.

Bottle copper spray bottles

Similarly, you can use glass jars or bottles for the same type of project. Cover the top of the bottles with a plastic or paper bag. Then secure it with tape and make a crisp line. Next, spray paint the bottles. You can use 2 or 3 coats on each, depending on your preferences. Let the paint dry and then remove the tape.{found on ashflynn}.

Copper dipped vases tutorial

Let’s say you have a set of white bud vases or something similar. Sure, they look nice and simple but perhaps they’re just a bit boring. You can give them a glamorous makeover without a lot of effort and brit can show you how. Cover the sections that you want to stay white with tape. For the larger pieces you can also use a plastic bag. Then spray paint them. Remove the tape and that’s pretty much it.{found on brit}.

Copper mason jars

Instead of vases, you can also use mason jars. Just clean them thoroughly and put them face down on a newspaper. Apply 2 or 3 coats of copper spray paint and allow it to dry. You can also spray paint the interior or at least the inside of the rim. Then you can use them as vases.{found on howsweeteats}.

Copper pvc pipes

Thepleatedpoppy offers a wonderfully interesting idea for spring, although there’s no reason why you can’t also use it in summer or autumn. The idea is simple. Take some PVC pipe fittings and spray paint them with copper paint. Then arrange them all in a large tray of some sorts and put pea gravel around them. After that, put soil and succulents in the pipes.

Copper spray paint magnets

You know those plastic alphabet magnets you see in stores? They’re cut but not exactly stylish enough to put them on your own fridge. But here’s how you can change that. It’s really simple actually. Just use copper spray paint to give the magnets a shiny new look.{found on Kojo}.

Spray paint copper bowls

We came across these lovely vanity bowls on freutcake and we thought we’d share them with you. To make something similar you need plain white ceramic bowls, painter’s tape, ziplock plastic bags and copper spray paint. Clean the bowls and use small pieces of tape along the inside. Put the bowl in a ziplock bag and secure the edges to the tape. Apply a few coats of spray paint. Let it dry and peel off the tape.{found on freutcake}.

Office container copper spray paint

Everyone has knick-knacks on their desk. A good idea is to put them all in a container in order to clear off the work surface. For example, you can use a wire basket. Use copper spray paint to give it a more stylish look and it will become a chic desk accessory.{found on burkatron}.