Turn Old Toys Into Planters

Add a bit of humor and whimsy to your decor with planters that are completely unexpected. Why decorate with store bought planters when you can make your own from discarded toys? Old toys are plentiful and inexpensive at garage sales. You get to recycle while creating something one of a kind and eye catching! Use real or artificial plants to add some color to your home.

How to turn toys into planters

Supplies used:

  • Various toys:  Truck, doll chair, toy car
  • Potting Soil
  • Flowering plants
  • Floral foam
  • Artificial Flowers
  • Mesh Burlap Ribbon
  • Moss

If you’re planning to use soil and live plants, you’ll want to choose a toy that has a section that can act like a pot. Toy trucks and toy construction vehicles are perfect for this!

Old truck before

Step one: Many toy trucks have a hole on the bottom for water to drain. If the toy you chose does not, you many want to drill a hole in the bottom of the vehicle first.

Step two: Fill the vessel of the toy with potting soil. In my case, I’m using a cherished truck from my childhood.  I filled the front seats and the bed of the vehicle with soil.

Old truck planter

Step three: Add the plants to the truck. Fill in with more soil as needed.

Other toys, like this cute pink doll rocking chair, don’t have a basin for holding soil, but they can be perfect for holding artificial flowers. This piece would make a cute centerpiece for a baby shower.

Prepare for planter

Step one: Trim a piece of floral foam to fit the base of the chair.

Planter - trim from old toys

Step two: Wrap the floral foam with a mesh burlap ribbon. I use sewing pins to hold the ribbon in place.

Add Flowers

Step three: Press the flower stems into the floral foam.

Press the flower stems

Finally, smaller toys are perfect for decorating work spaces. I like to keep artificial plants on my work desk so I don’t have to worry about water damaging anything. I used a favorite old car for this decorative piece.

Old car desk planter

Step one: Cut a small piece of floral foam to fit inside the toy car.

Step two: Cut the stem of the artificial succulent plant to fit in the foam.

Step three: Hide the foam with a bit of dried moss.

As you can see, these planters are all original and unexpected.  What a fun way to decorate and brighten up your home or work space!