The Secret Top 15 Bedroom Colors

A person’s bedroom should be their retreat, their special, private space to take a break from the rest of the world for a while. As such, each bedroom will be unique in its style…and color plays a huge role as the design skeleton to build upon. Although the color palette of one’s bedroom should be a color s/he loves, there are certain ways that certain colors can be used to their advantage in the bedroom to create a restful, relaxing space. Here are 15 top bedroom colors and tips for making them work. Enjoy!

Nautical bedroom color theme with mirrored bed and furniture


Grey Bedroom Color - Is the New Black

The first thing you should realize about the best bedroom colors is that they don’t have to be wild, bright, flashy hues. If you love grey and are comfortable in grey spaces, you can design a perfectly comfortable and soothing bedroom around that color. Textural, tweedy greys and linens give a somewhat organic feel. Be sure to mix in visual warmth elsewhere, too, whether in wood furnishings, a headboard, or even something as simple as wooden frames on the walls.


Lavender Bedroom Interior Design

Although it’s a soft pastel, lavender is actually quite a saturated color, which makes it pretty mentally and visually stimulating. This can potentially be a challenge for sleeping, although if you love lavender, you can make it work in your bedroom by incorporating warm and cool versions alike along with plenty of creamy neutrals to create a restfully colorful bedroom.


Plum Bedroom Color Choice

Another variation of purple in the bedroom involves the incorporation of purples with grey undertones or a deeper, darker shade, such as plum. This cuts down on the visual stimulation that lighter purple tints can have and creates a cozier feeling in the bedroom altogether.


Silver Bedrom Color Theme

Silver is probably the color closest to the color of water, next to some blues, that we can find. It’s the luxurious yet soothing metallic tones that make silver an absolutely desirable bedroom color choice, if the cool feeling brings you joy. You can always tone down the harsher metal vibe of silver (think chrome) with some earthy tan, cream, or olive hues, particularly in your bedding.


Sapphire Bedroom Interior Design Idea

Sapphire, the color of the gorgeous deep blue gem, is a rich blue that adds an instantly luxe aesthetic to any space, particularly the bedroom. In general, blue hues have a calming effect on the body, so much so that people in blue bedrooms regularly wake up feeling happy. If that’s what you’re after (and who isn’t?!), consider a beautiful shade of blue in your bedroom color options.


Strawberry interior design color

Red is the color of romance and passion (learn more about the color red here), but it can backfire when used too abundantly in the bedroom. This is in large part because red’s passionate associations come from its highly energetic aesthetic. To create a good balance in the bedroom, reds (such as this strawberry red) should be softened with plenty of “white space,” either literally or figuratively. Neutral colors help to, well, neutralize red’s intensity, and the end result is a positive energy.


Indigo bedroom design

After considering the overall mood you want in your bedroom, you may find that indigo strikes the balance you love – eye-catching yet content to play a background role if necessary. Although indigo isn’t a naturally soothing, restful color per se, it can be easily and skillfully combined with a palette of lighter, neutral shades. Using indigo as the pop of color on the wall, on the bed, or on an accessory or two gives the illusion of a colorful bedroom but not the visual cacophony that sometimes follows such a space.


Bed side table aqua color

Light tints of blue, such as aqua, azure, or even sky blue, provide a restful setting and, consequently, facilitate restful sleep. This, in turn, makes people more cheerful. Why? Partly because “Specialized receptors in our eyes — the same cells that inform our brain’s daily rhythms — are most sensitive tothe color blue,” according to Edinburgh Sleep Centre’s Chris Idzikowski.


Pallet bed with Mauve bedding set

Before you disregard this entire section because you feel like mauve is a granny’s color, take a minute to think about what mauve has to offer a bedroom. It works beautifully with warm, rich browns or cool, serene greys to create a colorful bedroom that reads like a neutral. Or a neutral bedroom that feels colorful. Either way, your bedroom aesthetic is going to win. One strategy is to create a modern look by pairing raw, industrial-type pieces with mauve accents.

Brick Red.

Brick red bedroom furniture

Red should, of course, be used with caution in the bedroom because of its visually stimulating effect. A more muted tone, such as brick red, can help to reduce the stimulus. Or limited placement, such as painting a single accent wall red or one or two accessories, can achieve the same effect. One tip is to avoid natural wood finishes in a brick red room, because they can often clash; painted, metal, or reflective pieces are better.


Green Bedroom Decoration Accents

Fresh, earthy greens look absolutely perfect in a bedroom. Because the color comes from the warm (yellow) and cool (blue) color spectrums, you can really achieve any look and feel you want with green in the bedroom. It’s also a versatile color that works well in a variety of bedroom styles, from contemporary to traditional to rustic to eclectic. Some greens can even feel like a neutral and, therefore, be used as the foundation for your entire bedroom’s color palette; other greens are excellent pops of color in an otherwise neutral space.


Yellow Bedroom Pattern Accents

In a recent sleep study, yellow was the second-best color in a bedroom for sleep, after blue. It is cheerful and cozy, but yellow is generally recommended in smaller doses in the bedroom (or mixed and muted with other colors) so as to not overwhelm and overstimulate. Softer and/or more muted shades of yellow (such as mustard or butter yellow) are more relaxing than brighter hues (say, lemon or sunshine yellow) and, thus, are typically better bedroom color options.


Caramel bedroom design

Not simply a delectable food, caramel is a delectable color for creating an intimate and warm bedroom atmosphere. It’s a color whose subtle richness is both romantic and companionable. Caramel is the natural color of some woods, so the color benefits from the grounding factor of nature-inspired décor while still maintaining a sense of color itself.


Orange bedroom design

Orange is one of the finest colors for creating an inviting, warm, and relaxing atmosphere in a space. (Did you know that orange has also been known to aid in digestion), which might make your bedroom a haven after a large dinner?) A good night’s sleep is more probable with orange around, as it can help to warm and relax muscles. Deeper tones of orange are better for a more grownup, non-juvenile feel to the bedroom.


Canopy pink bedroom accents

One of the best strategies for creating a colorful bedroom that you love is actually to go the opposite direction: Design a bedroom that is, by and large, a completely neutral space. Then choose one or two components that you can swap out regularly to add color. That might include the bedding, a piece of art, a throw blanket, even an accent chair. Then, as seasons or your moods change, you can completely change the “color” of your room by making a simple swap. For now, this pink bedding is a perfect choice under an ivory bed canopy.

Decorating a bedroom with colors