Aqua Color Flex Captures Interior Design Spotlight Once Again

The aqua color, otherwise known as aquamarine, is light green and airy blue hue. The name and shade connote an underwater ocean setting. Worldwide, aqua is vast and has many blue and green variations. You can find aqua primary colors in a variety of shades, tints, and textures. 

If you’re looking for bright colors or a lead color to paint your living space with bright colors, take a look at the examples we’ve provided here. Once you’ve finished, you’ll understand why the color aqua and its color wheel are a go-to interior color choice among professional decorators and designers. 

Color Aqua Hues And Shades For 2022

Here are the most popular shades from the aqua color family. Each decor item illustrates how nothing is impossible when you experiment with the aqua color. 


Cyan Aqua Color chairs

Among bright colors, Cyan is a blue green aqua hue and one of the three primary colors for printing. It’s easy to get confused as the color contains traces of green, but it’s closer to the cool side of the spectrum. Cyan is associated with perception and intuition.

Aero Blue

Aero Blue Living Room

Aero blue is a pale, almost icy shade of aqua that incorporates grey as blue-green. On a refreshing note, it’s functions as a lead color and is close to a neutral, so aero blue is a good choice of aqua to use in larger doses than other aqua colors.

Remember, you want to balance the cool effect with some warming natural elements. When choosing upholstery, the aqua color should be dark and intense. It will still have a calming effect, just as it does in any form.

Aquamarine Accents

Metalwok Live edge bench Aquamarine

One problem people have with aqua is that they don’t know what to do with the blue and green color. Remember, although it’s easy to get confused, you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment.

This is where aqua gets its name, although the specific aquamarine color is less flexible than the category of the aqua color family. Blue green is vibrant, enthusiastic, and cheerful. As the backdrop for all ocean settings, aquamarine works with most natural pieces.

Blue Green Bed

Blue Green Bed Design

There isn’t a better piece of furniture to have a dreamy feel that your bed.  An aqua color bed offers a soothing quality that would help you sleep. It connotes a tone deeper than regular aqua, so we’re going to go with it.

Blue green is mature, sensitive, and insightful. It thrives in contemporary spaces with plenty of structure and clean lines. Imagine a room with this bed and matching colored drapes? You would be inspired to sleep your life away.

Celeste Aqua Hue

Celeste Bed tray

The fluffy pillow that showcases green and blue is “celeste.” Celeste is soft and pale but also with enough depth in its coloring to stand up for itself. It lightens a cool setting without being abrasive or intrusive. As a color, it’s intuitive as it knows its place. 


Chrome base funiture and Cerulean color

One of the favorite aqua shades in the design world today, cerulean is a rich, gorgeous combination of deep blue and green. As a lead color, it exudes luxury in its saturation but retains the confident-yet-peaceful traits of aqua in general. Cerulean pairs well with other neutral hues or vibrant ones.

Dark Cyan

Dark Cyan Color

Venturing more toward the greener side of the spectrum with dark cyan, this aqua shade is a slightly lighter, warmer version of cerulean. It looks gorgeous as an accent piece and provides all the color a neutral vignette might need.

Keppel Aqua Hue

Keppel aqua color coffee table

You might get confused, but that’s natural. This example offers a healing, therapeutic version of aqua, greenish keppel exudes a balance of work, play, and healing. It looks stunning when paired with soft white, crisp grey, and neutral khaki colors.

Light Cyan

Light Cyan Color

Aqua is always about bright colors. As a nature-based color, aqua pairs well with earthy, organic, textural pieces and silhouette, and light cyan is no exception, particularly when it comes to the weathered, greyer versions of nature.

While blue is a primary color part of nature’s color wheel, it is inherently cold because it is the color of ice and northern light.

Dark Sea Green

Light Sea Green - Home Accessories

When you combine blue and green, you get the ocean. Light sea green in an artistic form or interesting silhouette, because therein lies the beauty of this nature-reflective color. The light bounces off light sea green accessories and accent pieces in different ways, giving depth to the objects themselves similar to the way sunlight highlights the depth of the sea itself.

Midnight Green

Midnight Green Furniture

Aqua is compared to bright colors, yet it doesn’t resemble other aqua hues. However, can you see both blue and green in the upholstery of these two gorgeous midnight green pieces? Aqua colored velvet, in any tint or shade, has to be one of the more sophisticated, luxurious textiles in the world.

Sky Blue

Farrow ball new colors 2016

Look at the light blue mounted (faux) deer head on this wall, and you’ll see a color quite similar to Crayola’s version of “sky blue.” Sky blue has a dash of green in its color DNA, although whether it’s noticeable or not is dependent on its surroundings.


Colorful Teal Living Room Decor

Teal reached its apex in the 90s. Since then, people have confused the color with other blue and green hues. While its overabundance burned out as a popular interior design choice, it remains an attractive lead color and an airy blue.

Perhaps this is because the soft blue and green color works well with other colors – it diffuses the acidity of chartreuse and softens the sterility of cool greys.


Verdigris Dining Area

Verdigris is blueish-green color and a natural patina color on copper, brass, or bronze are weathered and exposed to air and saltwater. The color is vivid and striking and plays an excellent counterpoint color along with other metallic or rich, warm tones.

Although the color looks cool, it’s considered a dangerous shade, nonetheless. The pigment is poisonous due to how it’s created with acetic acid on copper, and also has one or more basic copper acetates.

Aqua Color Furniture And Decor 

Now that you know more about the different aqua shades, we wanted to show you how the color is used for interior design.

Mid-Century Modern Chair

Aqua color

A green and blue chair is an aqua chair, it’s that simple. Custom aqua colors offer a dreamy feel that other colors don’t provide. As y0u can see in this example, an aqua-colored chair is all you need to accent a room.

Aqua Knickknacks

Aqua home decor accessories

Aqua is blue green, no matter how you slice it. Although there are different versions, whatever you choose, adding bright colors to your interior decor is the easiest way to accent a room. . Regardless, the color aqua is one to become familiar with for use in interior design and décor.

Aqua Hue Kitchen Island

Pale Cool Aqua Color for Kitchen

Aqua paint creates a dreamy feel and complements this neutral space. You’ll notice how cool aqua works as a neutral color in this kitchen. The aqua lowers provide fresh color into the space, but they match in tone and, therefore, don’t detract from the Zen flow and peaceful energy in this functional room.

Custom Aqua Backdrop

Nocturnal Dreams Wall Piece and Wood Beads Chandelier

In its purest form, aqua is a color with a high level of “gravitational pull.” That is, most of us are attracted to aqua’s warm energy when the color is used somewhat sparingly and strategically.

When working with aqua paint or a pre mixed blue green, you need to be careful because it can take over a room. Aqua has countless shades, it’s also confident and structured, but it’s also flexible enough to be playful when needed, depending on the setting and situation.

Airy Blue Loveseat

Aqua works with neutral spaces

Aqua works well in neutral spaces and with bright colors in settings where plenty of other colors exist; aqua has an inherent quality of team-player-ness that might seem strange for a color so vibrant itself.

Green And Blue Decor

Matchy-matchy aqua color

It doesn’t take much aqua to insert the level of energy you want in a space; in fact, a dab here or there is all you need to keep the eye moving. If you want to add a refreshing note of color, aqua exemplifies good taste, whether in art, home décor, or fashion. Its variations help to keep the color in use in an innovative way without being overly matchy-matchy.

Aqua Table Chairs

Mature aqua color combination - fruit bowl

Some words associated with aqua include: nurturing, playful, mature, guilt-free, confident, and releasing. As a free spirit in the color sense, aqua looks exceptional when paired with other grounding or earth-centered objects and bright colors, such as aqua chairs around a natural dining table. Aqua can be dressed up or down, with marble or wood, and look just as at-home in either case.

Aqua Chandelier

Rand Co ZimmermanAqua Crystal Light

The aqua showcases the calming qualities of its blue lineage and the life-giving energy of its green heritage, is caught between two worlds, of acceptance and guilt. The color works beautifully with natural light, bright colors, and other light sources, perhaps because the light gives a sense of clarity to a color whose aesthetic effect is muddled.

Aquamarine Decor

Mysercough Water Aqua Coffee Table

No matter how much blue is in the tone of aqua you’re looking at, the fact is that there is blue in there. This means that, with every aqua piece, there is a soothing force and effect. Embrace this idea, and use aqua to calm anxiety while stimulating creativity.

Aqua Color Hints

Pale Aqua Bookshelves

This combination of grey, black, butter yellow, and pale aqua shows how aqua is adept at playing “nice” in multi-color palettes. In its paler, softer tints, aqua will work to bring a feeling of colorful energy to a space without reading, overtly, as a color itself. This versatility makes aqua such a wonderful color in many designs and with various styles.

Intense Aqua Backdrop

Home Decor With complementary colors

A dark aqua paint makes for an intense backdrop. However, considering aqua in your home décor, consider this as well: combine burgundy with it, making it the lead color and a complementary hue. Using complementary bright colors together helps them to balance each other and bring out the best qualities of each. (Read more about complementary colors here.)


When Was Aqua The Pantone Color Of The Year?

In 2003, the Pantone Color Institute named Aqua Sky (14-4811) as the color of the year. Since 2000, every December, Pantone announces the color of the year for the upcoming new year. 

Are Aqua And Turquoise The Same Color?

According to the Oxford English dictionary, turquoise is greenish blue. Turquoise is lighter than aqua because it contains more green than blue. This means that it is part of the green color palette. Aqua, on the other hand, has blue in it and is, therefore, part of the blue color family.

What Color Looks Best With Aqua?

Light gold, wheat, white, cream, red, or navy are most often recommended when searching for a color pairing with aqua. Also, brown color palette hues and orange compliment aqua.

What Emotions Does Aqua Represent?

Aqua evokes feelings of reinvigoration, youth, and dreaminess.

Which Interior Color Is Best According To The Design Principles Of Vastu Shastra?

For living rooms, Vastu recommends a light green or soothing blue. White and soft-yellow are also good for living rooms. For bedrooms, Vastu suggests beige and tan colors as they offer a calm and relaxed feel.

What Is Chromesthesia?

Chromesthesia is when you see a color after processing a specific audio sound. For example, when you hear a person’s voice, you would automatically see a red color, even though the color wasn’t in your POV. The same thing can be applied to music.

Aqua Color Conclusion

Aqua color can change your interior style and decor. The green and blue color mix provide a calming and relaxing effect. You can find aqua paint in different shades and textures. Choose the one that you think will best fit your home.

Pre mixed blue green will vary slightly among the countless shades within the aqua color wheel. It’s easy to get confused or lost in the tiffany aqua hue, but isn’t that what you’re supposed to do?