Efficient Ways To Decorate With Furniture For Small Spaces

We love small spaces for being challenging and for inspiring people to come up with all sorts of interesting and ingenious solutions when it comes to furniture and storage in particular. Designers push spaces to their limit and come up with new concepts and ideas meant to improve functionality in tiny homes. Today we’re focusing on furniture for small spaces and we’re ready to show you some really great designs that we recently came across. They blend looks and function in unique ways and they offer some ingenious solutions to difficult everyday problems.

scaffold Wewood sofa back
Sofa with storage on back

It can be difficult to fit both a comfy sofa and enough storage in a small living room but this design puts both these things in one structure. The Scaffold sofa is handcrafted with a wooden frame that integrates built-in storage compartments that can be used as bookshelves or display shelves. This is a sofa that can’t be placed against the wall. It needs to face the wall so users can access the frame.

Folding Hanging chairs
Folding hanging chair open

It’s always good to have a few extra seats in case you need them when guests come over. But storing them can be a problem, especially when you have a small floor space. Luckily, furniture designer Philippe Malouin came up with the Hanger Chair, a furniture piece that folds flat and that can be stored like a regular clothes hanger. It’s an odd combination of functions but it works so we’ll embrace it.

PlyCollection stacked chairs

Chairs can also be stacked if you want to save space when they’re not needed. But not all chairs stack as well as the Flow chair or other similar ones. The ones featured in the picture are particularly impressive. When stacked, they look like a modern sculpture. You can have a lot of fun with them and create interesting color combinations.

Molo Paper Chair

A great way to save space in a small room is with multifunctional furniture. A good example is the stool that doubles as a side table.

Molo chairs for dining table

The design of these stools is playful, simple and stylish. This is the Paper Softseating, a quirky and versatile piece of furniture that can be used both indoors and outdoors thanks to its durable and resistant structure and design.

Clei Smart furniture for small spaces - Wally Open
Clei Smart furniture for small spaces - Wally

As useful as they may be, tables and desks occupy a lot of space so a design that lets you hide it when you don’t need it would be really great for small spaces. The Wally table is a wonderful example. It has a drop-leaf design and can be mounted on the wall to save even more floor space. In addition, it comes in some bold and interesting colors that really pop.

Oslo storage wall bed for small apartments
Storage wall furniture from Clei

Because beds usually occupy the most space in a bedroom, a good option for small rooms is the Murphy bed. Some designs take functionality to a new level and also offer a sofa or a sectional that can comfortably fit under the bed even when it folds down. Oslo is a really nice example in this sense. In addition to the bed and sofa it also offers some useful storage on the wall.

Tango special furniture for small apartments
Resource furniture Tango wall bed

A similar unit is the Tango sectional which includes a queen-size bed that folds up on the wall to save space and a sofa or a customizable sectional. The bed can be paired with two types of sofa or a sectional and independent seats can also be added. The set is made to order and you can choose from a variety of finish options.

Pigro Felice Inflatable furniture for Guests and Outdoor pool

Flexibility and versatility are important when dealing with a small space. Designs like the Modul’Air allow you to mix and match elements to build the furniture piece that you need. It’s actually pretty fun and because these are inflatable modules they occupy little space when not needed. So storage is easy and you can have a sofa, a sectional, a bed or individual seats, depending on what you need, without having to keep them all at once in your home.

newell storage bed

The Loft Bed may not offer as many multiple different functions in one compact design as other products but it serves small spaces in a different way. The bed has a lift-up mechanism which reveals plenty of storage space under the mattress. This can mean that a tiny bedroom might not necessarily need a dresser or a large wall unit and the bed could be enough.

Bunk Beds for kids room for a small apartment with multiple storage ideas

When you have a small bedroom and you need to put two or even three beds in it, bunk beds are often your best option. This design is especially interesting because it also has a built-in desk and some practical storage under the beds.

Pedro ortiz storage coffee table

In the case of a small living room you can opt for a coffee table like this one. It has a simple and sleek design and its top hides some cleverly concealed storage. In here you can put books, magazines and other small objects. Find more similar pieces designed by Pedro Ortiz.

Step stel ladder

A good way to save floor space in a small room is with vertical furniture and storage units. But in that case you might need a step ladder or stool. The one designed by Karl Malmwall is stylish enough to double as a decoration which you can store on a wall. The same thing can be said about the folding chair.

Coffee table with chairs under
Chairs storage under coffee table

The coffee table is at the center of the living room, being a must-have in every home. When space is limited, the coffee table can pose problems, being a furniture piece that takes up space but which can’t be removed. So designers have found all sorts of solutions to deal with this challenge. For example, some coffee tables have become more functional, including practical storage or, in this case, four stools which can perfectly fit inside the frame.

coffee table with built in chairs
Chairs space under coffee table

This is a similar example. The coffee table has a lovely clear glass round top and a sleek and sculptural frame which allows four small stools to fit right there so you can save space when they’re not needed. This way the coffee table becomes more functional than usual and doesn’t seem to take up that much space by comparison.

Original drop leaf round dining table

A common and very practical furniture piece for small spaces is also the drop leaf dining table, the reason for that being that it takes up little space when not needed but can also be extended with ease. This flexibility suits small lofts and studio apartments but also a variety of other spaces. This Originals design can sit up to 6 people when extended.