How To Decorate Your Living Room With Turquoise Accents

Often considered an exotic color, turquoise is, in fact, one of the easiest shades to use in interior design and décor. It can be soothing as well as bold and vibrant and it can adapt to a variety of styles, ambiances and influences. Here are a few ways in which you can use this color in your living room.

Be subtle.

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A color doesn’t need to be dark or bold to stand out. Even if you use a very pale shade of turquoise, it can be a stunning accent for your living room as long as the other colors in the room come to its aid.

Match the walls to the accessories

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If you’d like the room to look cohesive and well put together, then the color you use on the walls, in this case a shade of turquoise, should also be included elsewhere in the room, in the form of accessories such as an ottoman, a lampshade, etc. the colors don’t have to be identical.

Spread the accents throughout the room.

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If you decide to use turquoise as an accent color in your living room, then you should find a way to make the room look well-balanced. Spread the turquoise elements evenly throughout the room rather than grouping them all in one place.

Pastel curtains.

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For a living room with large windows, glass walls and a lot of natural sunlight, you can emphasize the brightness with simple and light colors. Pastels are really nice. The turquoise curtains look wonderful here and are reminiscent of the clear sky.

Be bold.

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If, on the contrary, a light and faded décor is not your style, then use bold elements in your décor. Combine turquoise with other vibrant colors such as purple or orange and also add a few darker elements such as some dark brown accents.

Focus on one area.

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In a large living room, you can make a certain area stand out by using color. The seating area, for example, can feature a combination of turquoise armchairs, matching accent pillows and an area rug also incorporating the same color.

Mix color and pattern.

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You can pick one color to use as an accent in the living room and incorporate it using a variety of patterns. Although each with their own unique design, the elements will be linked through color.

Be symmetrical.

A symmetrical interior décor can often make a room feel more inviting and comfortable. If you opt for an area rug or a carpet with turquoise details, consider also adding a turquoise chandelier or pendant light. Put turquoise pillows on the sofa as well as on the armchairs.