Stylish Canopy Beds That Can Make This Summer The Best One Yet

Can you imagine a more relaxing way of enjoying summer other than lounging on an outdoor canopy bed without a care in the world? You might say “well, it depends on how comfortable and good-looking the canopy bed really is”. Any of the following designs would do. They’re all very stylish and perfect for any modern or contemporary environment. So what are you waiting for? Get an outdoor canopy bed and make this summer the best one yet.

Canopy metal garden daybed

The Outdoor collection by Talocci Design includes a sculptural daybed that can help turn your garden or back yard into a wonderful oasis for peace and relaxation. The bed has a metal frame and a tall canopy that forms a 90 degree angle, offering protection from the sun when it’s highest in the sky.

Vela Canopy double round garden bed

Escape the heat of the sun and hide behind the curtains of the Vela canopy bed. It has a round base and a comfortable mattress with a height-adjustable backrest. This is a design by Ramon Esteve for Vondom. It offers the comfort and coziness of indoor furniture outside. Place it by the pool and enjoy its luxurious charm.

Vela canopy bed from Vondom

Part of the same collection glamorous and stylish, the Vela Pavilion is a stylish combination between a stylish outdoor sofa and a canopy bed. Once again, it attempts to bring the comfort and coziness specific to indoor furniture out in the garden or by the pool.

Double recliner canopy bed

The Vela collection also includes a stylish recliner bed. The design is minimalist and luxurious, featuring clean and simple lines and fresh and luminous colors. It’s the perfect lounge piece for the beach.

Desert Double canopy teak garden bed

The Desert garden bed combined the warmth of a frame made of teak wood with the breezy touch of the fabric curtains and the result is a very comfortable piece of furniture for the garden or yard. Accessorize it with pillows for increased comfort.

Zayo doube canopy bed

The roof of the Zayo canopy bed is removable. So when the sun is gentle or hidden behind the clouds, take out the roof and open up your view. The poles of the daybed are made of aluminum and brushed all-weather wicker. It comes with two mattresses and six cushions for maximum comfort.

Zayo double recliner canopy

Perfect for couples, the Zayo garden bed is a double recliner which lets you adjust the backrests individually. The frame is made of aluminum and teak wood with poles made covered in brushed wicker. The umbrella roof shades the seats without blocking the view.

Strips double canopy garden bed

The Strips daybed is a stylish combination of classical and modern details. Its design is elegant and features smooth curved and edges and the canopy is built-in, non removable and with a carved out pattern that filters the sunlight without completely blocking it.

Lolah canopy bed

If you’re looking for something a bit more eye-catching, you should check out the Lolah canopy bed. It was designed using traditional boat-building techniques and is made of rattan. Old and new perfectly blend together to form a stylish form characterized by flexibility and a sculptural and eye-catching look.