40 Lavender Rooms That Will Sweep You Right Off Your Feet

Add a touch of femininity to your home by adding a bout of pastel purple to a bedroom, accent wall or even inside the office. Lavender rooms have the ability to sweep you right off your feet and hone in a feeling of warmth and romance. Check out these 40 gorgeous examples and inspire your own space!

1. Elegant

Small levender room design

Breathe a bit of romance into any nook of the house with a coat of pastel purple and the right kind of furniture pieces. Elegance surrounding this welcoming corner.

2. Victorian

Formal victorian living room

Formal living rooms can hold their own when dipped in a beautiful shade of lavender. And it mixes quite well with Victorian accents.

3. Tradition

Traditional levender room design

Lavender can play well with more traditional looks as well. Just look how beautiful this little girl’s bedroom is in its traditional, family-home style.

4. Formal

Levender dining room accents with big chandelier over table

You can create a lavender room without the actual walls being dressed in the pretty color. Instead, that foundation can come from your furniture and decor choices.

5. Stripes

Striped levender bedroom walls

Check out this preppy take on a classic bedroom. We are loving the stripe accents and the inspiration they can provide for a variety of different kinds of spaces.

6. Monochromatic

Stunning levender bedroom

Mix and match texture and shade when you’re putting together any kind of space to make it more interesting. Right here we have a gorgeous example of how much depth that those choices can create.

7. Contemporary

Contemporary levender room

Here’s another youthful room that’s filled with a dash of classic style and some contemporary additions as well. From the black and white to the mixing of prints, it’s quite fashion-forward.{found on residentsunderstood}.

8. Floral

Levender paint kitchen design

Check out how gorgeous this kitchen is! Filled with both floral pops and a stunning lavender tone, it’s quite the cottage-esque showstopper.

9. Trendy

Trendy levender living room

Here’s a living room that’s mixing all the right pieces – from retro-inspired to classic contemporary bits. It’s trendy and it too dipped in a beautiful purple color.

10. Bright

Ralph Lauren Medieval Purple Wall

You could even make your foyer a bit more unique and brighten it up with the right color choice. Check out this vivacious, welcoming nook right here!

11. Soft

Soft color for a levender nursery

This is also one of the more perfect shades to create the most beautiful and soft nursery out of. It really breathes a relaxed and whimsical life into the space.{found on decorpad}.

12. Luxury

Luxury levender bathroom with bold accents

Even inside the bathroom you can bring a bout of luxury when styled right. And with the right lavender and some golden accents, you can recreate that rich and warm feeling.

13. Clean

Clean levender foyer

Entryways can be dipped in a feminine shade but do it in a way that it’s styled more traditional and crisp. That clean look won’t become overwhelming with the outside-the-box color choice.

14. Grand

Grand purple room

There’s a grandiosity easily found inside this room and we’re loving it. The high ceiling and multiple layers of different purples create a rich and luxurious spirit.

15. Sweet

Sweet teenage girl levender room

Made with feminine spirit and a dash of Victorian style, this sweet room would look totally different in any other tone. The purple is what gives it so much life!

16. Teen

Levender teenage girl room

A teenager’s space can be dressed in a fresh and subtle shade of lavender too. We love these textures wall with the hint of color peeking through.

17. Warmth

Large concrete column for living room - levender accents

Again, the walls of the room don’t have to be painted in lavender to still get that warm and enveloping feel. Instead furniture choices and art pieces can still create that same look.{found on luxdesign}.

18. Masculine

Masculine office with levender walls

Yes, even lavender can evoke a sense of masculinity. Just look at how this home office is dressed and styled!

19. Layers

Layers of levender

Here we see a lavender wall and then a layer of purples tones covering the rest of the room. It’s a interesting look but one that’s easy and modern enough for fashion-forward thinkers.

20. Shiny

Shiny levender walls

There’s a certain bit of shine that we see floating around this pastel-covered room and it’s hard not to fall in love with it a bit. It’s all in the details!

21. Glam

Levender drapes and dining chairs

Check out this super glamorous dining room! It’s dripping in lavender and tons of other purple tones and screaming luxury as well.

22. Darkened

Darkened levender bedroom

You can darken up a lavender tone by adding darker decor around it. A richer shade of purple can be placed on the walls and dressed the way you want with some deep wooden pieces.

23. Chic

Chic bathroom with levender color

Check out this super, ultra-chic bathroom. There’s so much interest, luxury and innovative within the color choices, texture choices and overall design.

24. Easy

Teenager levender attic bedroom

Here’s another sweet and charming example of how much fun a pretty shade of purple can add to any easy, classic children’s room. It has such a timeless vibe.

25. Stylish

Luxury levender master bedroom

And here we have a bedroom that’s fit for any stylish lady. This design can swing for such a variety of ages from pre-teen to college years, don’t you think?{found on weaverco}.

26. Accented

Fresh levender bedroom design

A super subtle tone on the wall and the bed accented with just the right pieces and shades of lavender, this room is classic, fresh and perfect as a guest’s area!

27. Vivacious

Green and levender walls for an open space kitchen

Even pastel tones can have a vibrant and vivacious personality. Especially when complimenting other bold tones, just check out this fun kitchen area!

28. Stairs

Levender stairs paint

Just the stairs in this space get the lavender treatment, and it’s quite a unique shade of the pastel color we all adore. We love how personalized and interesting this staircase becomes.

29. Adorable

Levender Nursery Room design

And adorable nurseries can come with the help of lavender as well. The prints and grey foundation really work well with the feminine shade.

30. Textural

Levender Nursery Room design

Here’s a great example of mixing and matching textures inside your bedroom to create real interest. From the lavender bedspread to the carpet, all the purples begin to dance.{found on bardensdecorating}.

31. Farmhouse

Farmhouse levender kitchen color

You’ll find a slight, farmhouse style attached to this kitchen and it’s easily the most swoon-worthy space on the list. The details, the color and the overall ethos is so romantic.

32. Up

Design studio with levender color

Just look up. The textural ceiling really makes this lavender room pop with so much style and interest – it’s one of the more fashion-forward spaces on our list.

33. Artistic

Artistic kids room with a levender color

This nursery is a true work of art. Beginning with lavender walls, there are so many layers and places to enjoy inside this space!{found on emc2interiors}.

34. Timeless

Timeless levender bedroom decor

And this bedroom is timeless. It’s a subtle shade of lavender we see here dancing with crisp whites and the occasional silvers, and it will never go out of style.{found on bungalow5}.

35. Flirty

Flirty purple room

It’s monochromatic, full of bold color and full of fun and flirty prints. This is such great inspiration for those thinking outside-the-box.{found on rikkisnyder}.

36. Light

Master bathroom with levender walls

Look how gorgeous this shade of purple seems with the right bout of natural lighting hitting it. Even in the most bare of rooms, this color can shine.

37. Pristine

Pristine levender kitchen

This kitchen is filled with precision and pristine detail. The golden hardware really pops off of the unique, lavender cabinetry.

38. Prints

Levender prints for bedroom - window seating

We are loving the fun mixed prints found in this bedroom. And we love the example it sets for how fun you can make the lightest of spaces.{found on mbginteriorsllc}.

39. Simplicity

Entryway levender wall color shade

Sometimes the beauty comes for the most simple of choices. A gorgeous shade can stand on its own, like we see here in this staircase.

40. Girlish

Lavender room decor

Check out this youthful room and gather some inspiration for the little lady of the house. There’s so much girlish charm echoing from the walls, don’t you think?