20 Different Art Ideas for Sculptures That Will Add Dimension to a Room

When considering art, many people immediately think about paintings, drawings and other things to hang on the wall. How about a sculpture? It’s an art form that adds so many dimensions to a room that it can be hard to quantify. Also, a sculpture can be a provocative or conversation-generating piece.

At the very least, it will get visitors to your home talking about it. We’ve rounded up 20 awesome examples to fuel your imagination and inspire your thoughts about what kinds of sculptures could work in your home.

Politically Weighty

Sculpture can be really fun and very funky.View in gallery

If you’re committed to the cause – whatever that might be – it’s likely you can find an artwork that supports your mission. There’s no more dramatic way to express your opinion than by choosing an art idea for sculpture that makes a strong political or societal statement. This work by Jack Pierson focuses on the social aim of helping those less fortunate, a popular sentiment.

Upcycled Materials

Sculpture can be really fun and very funky.View in gallery

Upcycled materials make for very dimensional and intriguing sculptures. Galerie Foksal of Poland presented this work, which conveys a great deal of feeling and emotion, even though the figure is slightly abstract and constructed from a jumble of upcycled materials. The shapes, materials and assemblage are very artful and offers much to study and consider.

Funky and Realistic

Sculpture can be really fun and very funky.View in gallery

Realistic sculptures appeal to many people, especially when the setting or the arrangement of the figure is a little funky. This female form is dressed in a fanciful yet quirky outfit and appears to be partially made from pink and purple frosting around the head and neck. Still, long colored braids hang down from her pink-covered head. Among art ideas for sculptures, creating your own small installation at home is a dramatic display option.

Silver and Shiny

Sculpture can be really fun and very funky.View in gallery

Sometimes silver and shiny is the way to go and there are lots of art ideas for sculpture in metallic finishes as well. This particular sculpture is mounted from the ceiling and is a little reminiscent of a pile of long balloons wrapped around and around. The form is abstract and reflective, adding a good deal of shine.


Sculpture can be really fun and very funky.View in gallery

Neon long ago left the realm of outdoor signage and started playing a role in sculptures. Artists are using this medium to convey messages as well as to create artful pieces that play on light, sometimes in combination with reflective materials. Other times, they use it as another element in a larger sculpture, such as in this Ferris wheel piece.

Cute and Funny

Sculpture can be really fun and very funky.View in gallery

Sculpture is also an option for adding a bit of whimsy or a tongue-in-cheek reference poking fun at a more serious concept. These sculptures by Alexandra Murguia are cute and funny, each with a bright, colorful element. The zaftig little figure features in most of her works, all done in different poses.

Musically Inclined

Sculpture can be really fun and very funky.View in gallery

When is a musical instrument not a musical instrument? When it is transformed into an intriguing sculpture by artist MVillasierra. The silhouette of a violin is split open as to show the inner workings, which here are a collection of cogs in an imaginative arrangement, never to be found inside a real instrument. Much of his work focuses on interpretations and artistic repurposing of instruments, sometimes painted and attached to a canvas as well as standalone sculptures.

A Study of Color

Sculpture can be really fun and very funky.View in gallery

This art idea for sculpture not only uses an unexpected form for its construction – the disposable lighter – but it provides a bright pop of color. In fact, the work by artist Matt Johnson is called Spectrum Analysis, and is all made from painted bronze, not the actual plastic lighters. Much of his work in metal involves recreating objects that are not normally made from metal.

Combined Media

Sculpture can be really fun and very funky.View in gallery

When someone references mixed media, they are usually referring to a piece of wall art or sculpture that combines different media. Here, the Marlborough Gallery presented a unique piece that combines an abstract painting with a painted human figure together as a single work. It’s a different take on an art idea for sculpture and would be a beautiful statement installation in a large, open entryway or living space.


Sculpture can be really fun and very funky.View in gallery

Abstract sculptures are not a new concept but Aaron Curry’s Cosmic Bather is a modern interpretation that combines and balances a weird collection of shapes and components, all in a matte black finish. Curry, who follows the cosmic theme in paintings as well, is “known for his freewheeling mash-ups of abstract painting tropes with references to the body and pop culture,” says the LA Times. The paper says that the lighthearted works still pay some homage to serious pieces such as those by Alexander Calder, just with a bit more quirky fun about them.

Colorful and funky

Sculpture can be really fun and very funky.View in gallery
Sculpture can be really fun and very funky.

Many artists have turned to creating intriguing new artworks from discarded materials, whether they are found in industrial yards, the ocean or suburban trash heaps. A number have fashioned sculptures from the small, mass-produced toys that children receive for free or for next to nothing. These are very quickly discarded, adding to the world’s trash problem. The brightly colored works are deceptively lighthearted and first glance until you consider the societal theme. Regardless, this is a sculpture that will add a huge dose of color to an entryway or living room.

Graphic motifs make great subjects for sculptures.View in gallery
Graphic motifs make great subjects for sculptures.

Graphic elements can also be amazing sculptures and there is no better example than the pieces by artist Robert Indiana. His iconic pop art LOVE print and statue is here rendered in Spanish. Colorful sculptures like this one are ideal for minimalist spaces where you want a shot of color but want to maintain clean lines and a vibe that’s not fussy.

Add a touch of whimsy to your home with a colorful sculpture.View in gallery
Add a touch of whimsy to your home with a colorful sculpture.

Of course, there’s always a place for a sculpture that adds whimsy to a room. The current dessert craze for French macarons makes this a trendy piece that renders the colorful sweet in giant, oversized form. The array of bright, primary colors makes it ideal for any space, especially one that has a lot of white. It’s a massive pop of color that no one will be able to ignore.

Ceramic sculptures go far beyond just vases.View in gallery
Ceramic sculptures go far beyond just vases.

Ceramics are more often associated with vases and other vessels, but the late American artist Viola Frey transformed this malleable material into striking and complex sculptural works. The barrage of colors plays up the intertwined shapes and figures, creating a vibrant conversation piece. The size is more modest than the previous few works and would work well in a smaller space where you want to include a brighter sculpture. The eclectic style also means that it will work with a variety of interior decor types.

Adding a colorful floor sculpture can transform a room.View in gallery
Adding a colorful floor sculpture can transform a room.

Self-taught Colombian artist William Barbosa creates large, minimalist sculptures from metal and later plexiglass. This untitled modular work is a representative example that shows the vibrancy of the color and interplay of the angles. This is a standout piece to use as a focal point in a large, open space such as an entryway or living room. Although it is abstract, it could easily be incorporated into rooms of various styles.

Try using sculpture in an unexpected location, such as in place of a console table.View in gallery
Try using sculpture in an unexpected location, such as in place of a console table.

Fashioning works from scrap metal, car parts and industrial waste, artist John Chamberlain creates pieces that focus on the material as well as the finish. Although he works in photography and paintings as well, he is best known for these types of sculptures. The finished works are rough, jagged and have a brutal feeling. The industrial look of this type of sculpture is good for spaces that are eclectic, modern or, of course, industrial. angles, shadows and the depths of the spaces between the elements come together in a dramatic piece that evokes multilayered emotions.

Interesting materials make sculptures a real conversation piece.View in gallery
Interesting materials make sculptures a real conversation piece.

Also made with metallic industrial materials, this sculpture by Josh Garben has a totally different look. Inspired by cells, Garber uses metal objects that have been commercially produced —  nails, screws, nuts, and bolts — to create these types of pieces that have an undulating form. The way he turns these rigid materials into a piece that has a flowing form is amazing. This type of sculpture would be a conversation piece in any space and its unique multidimensional metallic look makes it perfect for any decor scheme.


What looks like metal or plastic is actually bamboo.View in gallery
What looks like metal or plastic is actually bamboo.

At first glance, it’s hard to imagine that this twisted and curling tube sculpture is actually crafted from bamboo. Japanese artist Watanabe Chiaki studied the form and art of manipulating the bamboo into expressive curving shapes, some of which includes colors. The neutral look, unique material and moderate size make this a sculpture that is easy to add to any space where you want to feature a stunning work. It can be displayed on a table or on an art pedestal, whichever makes the most sense and impact in your space.

Folded and Refined

Metallic sculptures can also have a very luxe appeal.View in gallery
Metallic sculptures can also have a very luxe appeal.

Metallic doesn’t have to mean industrial or rigged. This fanned and folded sculpture is refined in its elegance and the application of the metallic dots. A shiny black finish only serves to highlight the golden spots, which are concentrated at the middle of the piece where the direction of the splayed ends shifts. A sculpture like this one is perfect for a more luxe environment where gilded elements are more common and where the shiny black is an ideal aspect that draws attention.

Reflective pieces change their nature depending on where they are placed.View in gallery
Reflective pieces change their nature depending on where they are placed.

Similarly, Bulgarian-born artist Rado Kirov uses mirrored stainless steel to achieve the highly reflective and seductive finish on his sculptures. Kirov manipulates the steel sheet by hand into the reflective 3D surface that he calls the Mercury Effect. Whatever you call it, the shine enhances the sculpture and will reflect the elements and colors you have in your space, making it unique wherever you place it.  A work like this is complementary to any style of decor and will be the focal point of any room.

Unexpected Shapes

Sculpture that disrupts a basic form is very eye-catching.View in gallery
Sculpture that disrupts a basic form is very eye-catching.

As we already mentioned, ceramic is more commonly used for vases and vessels, but here they take on a new twist, quite literally. Artist Michael Boroniec takes the standard thrown form and deconstructs it in a way that expands the vessel and opens the interior to view. Their neutral color puts the focus squarely on the form and not any ornamentation. These ceramic sculptures will add interest to any space in the home and are quite engaging to examine and contemplate. We would add them to a living room or library, where we could stare at them for longer periods of time.

These ten awesome sculptures are just a few ideas of all the different types of sculpture art ideas for your home. As with any type of art, it’s important that it appeals to you. Art is something that you want to look at on a daily basis and be transported to another place or intrigued on some level. Explore what’s out there on line and at art fairs in your area. You might be surprised at what you can find!