Barber Shops Around The World Reveal Their Understated Luxury

Once a place of interest in any large city, the barber shop has now become almost completely extinct. Visiting the barber shop in the morning used to be a daily routine in ancient times and these places were strategically located in social centers and areas of interest. In modern times, a hairdresser can be called a barber and, even though they’re not as popular as they used to be, elite barber shops still exist. So, the next time you ask yourself “how can I find a barber shop near me?”, you might actually get some positive feedback. One of the shops we’ve included here might pop up on the map.

Barberia Royal

Barberia Royal by ROW Studio
Barberia Royal by ROW Studio Bar
Barberia Royal by ROW Studio impressive ceiling
Barberia Royal by ROW Studio Leather bar chairs
Barberia Royal by ROW Studio cool black decor
Barberia Royal by ROW Studio street view
Barberia Royal by ROW Studio marble countertop bar
Barberia Royal by ROW Studio cave spot
Barberia Royal by ROW Studio Royal

Barberia Royal is an elite barber shop located in Mexico City, surrounded by the most important hotels in the area. Its privileged location definitely has something to do with the success of this unusual place. The shop was designed by ROW Studio and its interior is an eclectic one, featuring a variety of mismatched bits and pieces salvaged from the previously existent shop that was to have the same function. The designers wanted the interior to be a unique combination of contemporary forms and traditional symbols of European royalty, henge the name and dazzling array of forms and structures.

A.S. Barbershop

Felipe Hess
Felipe Hess
Felipe Hess
Felipe Hess
Felipe Hess
Felipe Hess

The city of Sao Paulo also has a barber shop it can be proud of. it’s a space designed by Felipe Hess in 2016 and this time the interior more contemporary and less messy. As the facade suggests, the shop is a very simple space with clean and minimalist interior décor elements. It has an angled ceiling and a classical barber’s pole greets clients, being customized with black and white stripes instead of the usual red. Clients are immediately welcomed into a very cozy space where the reception desk and bar are situated. Vintage furniture adds a classy touch to this space. The rest of the space is decorated with wood, iron and marble and most of the furniture pieces and accessories are custom designed for the space.

Amsterdam Barber shop

Amsterdam Barber Shop by Ard Hoksbergen
Amsterdam Barber Shop by Ard Hoksbergen Copper pipes
Amsterdam Barber Shop by Ard Hoksbergen Countertop
Amsterdam Barber Shop by Ard Hoksbergen Storage
Amsterdam Barber Shop by Ard Hoksbergen Subway Tiles

At the hearth of Amsterdam there’s this 19th century building that houses a barber shop. It was designed here in 2012 by Ard Hoksbergen. Simple and natural materials and colors were used for the interior, the goal being to create an authentic ambiance and décor. The space is, of course, updated to meet modern day standards. The floor is covered with wooden beams and clay plaster, leather and concrete define the space as a whole. Instead of concealing the copper pipes, the designers left them exposed and made them a part of the interior décor, giving the shop and slight industrial look.

Stylish VIP barber shop in Wuxi

Stylish Barber Shop in China
Stylish Barber Shop in China with a masculine vibe
Stylish Barber Shop in China cave

You can find this stylish VIP barber shop in Wuxi, China. It was created here in 2015 by architect San Yang. It’s a luxurious and sophisticated space with an opulent interior. Still, it doesn’t feel overwhelmingly overdecorated. The color palette is restraint and most of the charm comes from the accent lighting and the high ceiling covered with pipes and metal rods. There’s definitely a strong industrial influences but it’s toned down and complemented with modern elements. The geometry of the space is intriguing and the reception desk is one of the most eye-catching sections, featuring an oversized light fixture overhead.

Dubai Akin Barber Shop

Dubai Akin Barber Shop
Dubai Akin Barber Shop Leather chairs
Dubai Akin Barber Shop Design

Understated luxury defines the Akin Barber Shop located in Dubai. It was designed by Zak Hoke and its interior is a harmonious mixture of contemporary minimalism and elegant tradition. The overall structure and layout respect the classical image of barber shops and to that the designer added a touch of modern simplicity, bringing down a notch the ornate furniture and accessories and finding the perfect balance between these two contrasting styles.

Los Angeles Barber Shop

Los Angeles Barber Shop
Los Angeles Barber Shop Hardwood Floor
Los Angeles Barber Shop Window

You can also find a barber shop in Los Angeles. This is in fact a little bit more than a traditional barber shop although it doesn’t lose focus and stays simple and on point. The interior of the shop has a strong masculine look, featuring lots of brown tones, clean lines and forms and a lack of decorative and unnecessary elements. The goal was to create a space that keeps traditional alive and blends textures and materials in a way that makes clients feel comfortable and inspired. Reclaimed wood floors, exposed brick walls, porcelain and leather furniture are elements that add character to the design.

Black Beard barbershop in Moscow

Black Beard barbershop in Moscow
Black Beard barbershop in Moscow Red chairs
Black Beard barbershop in Moscow Counter
Black Beard barbershop in Moscow Design
Black Beard barbershop in Moscow Ceiling
Black Beard barbershop in Moscow Mirrors

The Black Beard barbershop is located in Moscow, Russia and was designed by B&V Studio. The designers wanted to give the shop a very masculine and rough look in order to make it contrast with the glamorous offices and business centers around it. They managed to successfully do that without completely overlooking style and elegance. The interior is organized in three zones. One is the working area, another one is the lounge and relaxation area and there’s also a space for storage. The materials used throughout are a bit unusual. The rusty metal ceiling is definitely an unexpected feature. The factory floor tiles and the graffiti on the walls are just as interesting.

Udagawa barber shop in Tokyo

Udagawa barber shop in Tokyo
Udagawa barber shop in Tokyo design
Udagawa barber shop in Tokyo Plywood
Udagawa barber shop in Tokyo Counter Chair
Udagawa barber shop in Tokyo Floor

Designer Mikiya Kobayashi is the one responsible for the beautiful interior of the Udagawa barber shop found in Tokyo, Japan. The shop is very simple, a style that goes well with its long and narrow layout. Plywood accents define the entire space, creating a welcoming ambiance and keeping the décor very simple. The furniture and amenities are black with white touches and the walls and ceiling and white with embedded lights. A mirror as big as the wall at te back of the shop adds depth to the interior, creating the impression of a larger space.

Barber shop in Italy

Barber shop – Italy
Barber shop – Italy Design
Barber shop – Italy Wood
Barber shop – Italy Closer

The barber shop designed by Studio_A+D is as classical and elegant as you’d expect it to be given the location. You can find the shop in Fano, Italy. It has an interior defined by a mixture of modern and traditional elements and influences. it’s the type of space that looks simple and is full of charm and little elements that make it stand out. The actual workspace is not large although the shop includes several adjacent zones which open up the volume.

Cut Throat Kitchen in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Cut Throat Kitchen
Amsterdam Cut Throat Kitchen Design
Amsterdam Cut Throat Kitchen Alcove
Amsterdam Cut Throat Kitchen Bar

We found a second stylish barber shop in Amsterdam. It’s called the Cut Throat Kitchen and was designed by Tank. You can find it at the center of the city and it’s a very welcoming place. Here you can get a world-class shave and haircut and become immersed in the beautiful architecture of the space. The majestic arches and columns and stained glass windows are just two of the most impressive design features that define this shop. This is actually part of a 1890’s building which is the oldest modern stock exchange building in the world. Its architecture has padded the test of time, remaining exquisite and eye-catching and making this shop a unique location.

Barber Shop in Budapest

aBorbély Barber Shop
aBorbély Barber Shop
aBorbély Barber Shop
aBorbély Barber Shop

The last barber shop on our list is the one designed by Munkacsoport in Budapest, Hungary. It’s called aBorbély which translates as “the barber”. A very simple and suggestive name for a place that shares the same characteristics. The interior is a little bit vintage and a little bit industrial. The black and white checkered floor is an eye-catching design element which together with the subway tiles on the walls sets an authentic ambiance. The furniture is infused with vintage character and classical elegance.