How To Style Up Your Home – 50 Washi Tape Ideas

I think washi tape is one of the most versatile things you can use if you want to style up your home without breaking the bank. You can pretty much use it on anything. Use washi tape to decorate your accessories or to add new features to your home. The possibilities are endless. Don’t know where to start from? How about one of these 50 lovely projects we just found for you?

Geometric Fake Washi Tape fireplace

Having a fireplace is a big deal, or so it seems. But not all homes have one so what is there to do about this? Well, you could make a fireplace out of washi tape and have fun along the way. We found this idea on Brit. The materials needed for the project include a shelf, some washi tape, chalkboard, chalk, painter’s tape, paper and a pencil.

Make a cityscape design from washi tape

Similarly, if you don’t have a headboard or you don’t want one in the traditional sense, make one out of washi tape. It’s really simple and you can give it any look you want. For example, make a cityscape design like the one featured on Thesurznickcommonroom. Pick a city and be creative.

Create an accent wall with colorful washi tape

You can also decorate an accent wall in your home with washi tape. You could use tape of different colors and with all sorts of different patterns on it. A geometric design would be pretty easy to get right but if you need some inspiration you can check out Solebich. The bedroom wall featured here has a lovely diamond pattern created with a rainbow of colors.

Washi tape charger hack

There are also tons of fun and interesting ideas you can use if you simply want to decorate some things and change their boring look. For example, make your chargers look nice and pretty. Take some washi tape with a colorful and fresh print and just wrap some around the chargers. You can use different types of tape for different chargers so you can tell them apart more easily. {found on thesarahjohnson}.

washi tape iphone chargers

You can also check out Shakentogetherlife for an idea of how to decorate your phone chargers with tape. You can give each one a unique look. The charging brick can match the cables so you always know which one is which in case you have several.

Washi tape alarm clocks

Alarm clocks rarely look pretty and interesting but you can easily change that. Check out Tellloveandparty to find some chic designs you can use when decorating your own clocks with washi tape. The simpler the clock is to start with, the easier the project becomes.

Washi tape pencils hack

Like we’ve already said, you can pretty much use washi tape on anything. So if you have some pencils that don’t really stand out or don’t match the rest of your desk décor, decorate them with tape and the problem is easily solved. It’s something you can do for fun whenever you’re bored at work.{found on passionshake}.

Black and white vintage brass candles

Beautify your candles with washi tape. The idea comes from Refunkmyjunk. Pillar candles are the the best ones for such a project but you can surely find a method to make it work for other types as well. In any case, the most difficult part about this project is picking a color or a pattern for the tape.

Mirror frame washi tape

If you have some free time on your hands and a mirror frame that doesn’t really match your home décor, you can have a lot of fun decorating it with washi tape. You can make it look like a beautiful rainbow by using different colors or you can create a more minimalistic design with muted colors. Find more inspiration on Abeautifulmess.

Washi tape Coasters

Coasters are also a perfect candidate for washi tape makeovers. Start with plain cork coasters. Take some tape, stick it onto the coasters to create a pattern and then paint over the whole thing. When you remove the tape you’ll reveal the pattern. Or you can just decorate them with washi tape, seal them and be done with it. {found on ludorn}.

Revamp furniture with washi tape

Washi tape can also be used to make an old or boring piece of furniture look wonderful again. It’s an especially good idea in the case of furniture for kids. Actually, you can let the kids have fun decorating their furniture. Just give them a selection of tape color and patterns and a few hints and let them explore their creativity. Check out Brit for some ideas.

Renting apartment decoration tips

In addition to decorating furniture with washi tape, you can also give your old doors a makeover in a similar manner. If the door already has a pattern on it you can just use colored tape to highlight it. The contrast will make the door stand out and this would also be an opportunity to add an accent color to the space. {found on tretoen}.

Interior door decorated with washi tape

A plain door is like a blank canvas. You can use washi tape to create any design or pattern you want. How about something geometric? It would be easy to make and you can repeat the design for all the other doors in your home. It can be fun to use a different color for each door. You can find out more on Artsandclassy.

Washi tape stripe doorway

Does your home have an archway? Sure, it’s a nice architectural feature but at one point it starts to look boring. You can revive its charm with some colored tape. We found this idea on Abeautifulmess. The transformation is simple but be warned: you need a lot of tape.

Washi tape pumpkin decor

Getting ready for Halloween? How about some washi tape pumpkins? We’re talking about actual pumpkins that you decorate with tape. It’s a nice and simple alternative to the same old jack-o-lanterns which require a lot of time and attention. You can have a look at the stylish pumpkins featured on Madewithhappy with some inspiration.

Gold washi tape pumpkin for Halloween

Actually, colored tape isn’t your only option if you’re looking for a simple and elegant way to decorate some pumpkins. Go get yourself some gold washi tape and make a beautiful confetti pumpkin. It will look glamorous and all you have to do is cut small strips of tape and stick them randomly on the pumpkin just like shown on Homeyohmy.

Washi tape candle holder from wine bottle

Everyone (or just about everyone) has candles in the house. They’re lovely decorations and the scented ones also make the house smell lovely. But you can’t just randomly place them around the house and expect them to look outstanding. Let’s say you want to make some chic candle votives. You can easily do that with some clear glasses or containers and some thin washi tape. {found on nur-noch}.

Wine hostess gift bottles with washi tape

Plan on gifting a nice bottle of wine to someone? Make it look pretty and personalized. That’s right, you can use washi tape for that. It only takes a minute to decorate the bottle and you can even print out custom labels if you want. The inspiration for this project comes from Corinawraps.

Wall art with washi tape

We also found this really simple and interesting project on Annamarialarsson. All you need for it is a piece of glass like the one that comes with picture frames, a paint pen and some washi tape. Use the tape to make a border on the glass so it looks like a frame. Then use the pen to write or draw something on the glass.

Washi tape craft lamp

You can customize a lot of things with tape, including a table lamp. Let’s say you have a simple lamp with a lovely design but which lacks color. You can decorate the shade with washi tape to change the look and to make it match your desk and maybe some other features in the room. Findinghomefarms shows you how to do that.

Washi tape floor area for kids room

On Lejardindejuliette we found a really nice project that teaches you how to make a washi tape race track for toy cars. Use the idea for the playroom or the kids’ bedroom. You can make parking lots, roads and all sorts of things. Similarly, there are area rugs with these things printed on them.

Colorful ceiling fan with washi tape

Ceilings fans are one of those things we find practical but not really very pretty. They rarely make our homes look more beautiful. But if you decide to customize them with tape you can change that. The fan can become a focal point for the room and you can make it match the artwork and other accent details in the décor. Find out more about the project on Inmyownstyle.

washi tape to decorate the cupboards or shelves in the kitchen

Use washi tape to decorate the cupboards or shelves in the kitchen. The project is really simple. You basically stick some tape on the outer edge of the shelves. You can even create a system that lets you better organize everything in the kitchen by using a color system. Check out Vorstellungvonschoen for more info.

decorate the home accessories with washi tape

There are plenty of home accessories which could use a simple washi tape makeover. A serving tray is one of them. You can use tape to decorate the interior or to beauty the frame. It would be nice to also seal the design once you’re happy with the look. You can find some tips and instructions on lovelylittlelife.

Something casual and cool - create a heart above sofa with washi tape

Want something casual and unique to display on the walls in your home? Maybe you can make something yourself. How about a washi tape craft? You can find an interesting idea on Abeautifulmess. You need tape, a box cutter, a ruler and a cutting mat. Start by making a horizontal grid. Then fill in the spaces to create the shape you want.

Origami washi tape on wall

Another simple and graphical design is presented on Craftifair. These two origami-inspired birds were created using washi tape. You can make something similar and you’d need some sort of template. Feel free to pick any colors you want. The birds would look nice in a space such as the bedroom or the office.

Washi tape card

Looking for a nice and personalized way to thank someone or to offer them your best wishes? Perhaps they’d like a custom card. You can make one in only five minutes and all you’d need is some cardstock, a paper cutter, scissors, washi tape and a marker. You can also use some scrapbook paper to complete the look. Oneartsymama has a great tutorial for this project.

Colorful washi tape calendar

For the home office, an interesting project could be a DIY wall calendar. There are plenty of methods you can use for this but we’ll focus on the one we found on decoracion.trendencias. This one is made of washi tape and seems really easy to craft. Basically you just make a tape grid on the wall and then you add stickers with notes and other things.

Washi stitch wall art

Cross-stitch wall art is quite popular lately and there are plenty of methods you can use if you want to make something like this. One option that’s a bit more uncommon includes washi tape. So instead of using yarn or thread, you’ll be using tape. In case you need an idea regarding the design, check out Brit.

Washi tape jewelry holders

You know those lovely-looking jewelry holders that look like miniature trees? They’re pretty stylish but if you want something less expensive and also more space-efficient, you can try making one out of washi tape. Make a tape tree on the wall and then add tiny hooks that will hold your jewelry. For more interesting washi tape projects, head over to HGTV.

Washi wall decor

There’s also the option to skip the part where you use a template to create a design on the wall and to just decorate the whole surface. Adding colored stripes to a wall would be really simple. And since there are so many different types of washi tape with all sorts of nice patterns and prints on them, you can put together a really eye-catching collection. {found on annkelle}.

washi tape clothespin magnets

Anything looks better with washi tape on it. Well, that’s not really true but it does apply to a lot of things. For example, check out the clothespins featured on Thepinkjunkie. Don’t they look lovely? A lot better than before when they just look boring and there was nothing special about them.

DIY washi tape cactus wall art

The cactus wall art featured on Studiodiy is simple and cute enough to look great in any room of the house. I can just imagine something like this in a kid’s bedroom or in a casual and quirky living room or home office. The cactus is made with green washi tape and the colored flowers are paper lanterns. To find out how to make them, check out the full description of the project.

Washi tape cups

Planning a party some time soon? Pay attention to the little details and your guests will appreciate it. Those plain plastic or paper cups could use a redesign. What could be easier than just decorating them with a single strip of washi tape? Just wrap it around the bottom and make each cup look special {found on ajoyfulriot}.

Washi tape light Switch

Another lovely idea is to decorate the light switches and add some color and style to your home. For that you’ll need some washi tape with a design that you like and a screwdriver so you can remove the light switch. After you’ve decorated it the way you like it, put it back and admire your creation. You can find a more detailed tutorial on Morningcreativity.

Washi tape deer antlers

You know those antler trophies that people sometimes display on their walls? They look interesting and beautiful in their essence but not everyone agrees with the practice. In such a case, you can improvise and make a tape decoration for the wall. The deer head featured on Decorhacks should be just what you need to get started.

Washi tape clothes hanger

For the entryway, it could be nice to make a washi tape clothes hanger like the one on Everythingemilyblog. This one looks like a tree. You can adjust its design and size according to the space you want to use for this particular project. After you’re done with the tree, add some hooks in key spots.

Washi tape frames

Instead of regular picture frames, you could display your favorite photos in a more interesting manner. The DIY tape frames featured on designsponge are very easy to make. All you need is tape. Use it to create a frame around the photo after you’ve attached it to the wall.

Washi tape frames to decorate

Of course, if you prefer actual frames for your photos and decorations, then you can just decorate those and make them look pretty with patterned washi tape. It’s all very simple and all you need is basic photo frames and tape. Find out all about this on petitboutdechou.

Washi tape clothes hanger to hang

Washi tape can also help you better organize your things. For example, use different colors for different things like chargers, pictures, herbs and other things. You can find this interesting organizer featured on practicallyfunctional. You can easily make something similar out of a frame, rope thread and clothespins decorated with washi tape.

Bookmarks washi tape

Make your own custom bookmarks. You’ll need used envelopes, washi tape and scissors. First you cut the corner of the envelope to get a triangular pocket. Then you cover it with washi tape. Cut off the excess tape, flip over the triangle and repeat. The project is now completed. You can find it on zakkalife.

Geometric washi tape door decor

We’ve already shows you a couple of ways in which to decorate your doors with washi tape but let’s take a look at one more idea. We found this one on crabandfish. The door has a geometric design created with dark-colored tape that contrasts with its finish.

Washi tape honeycomb decor

As far as wall décor goes, there are lots of different styles and design options to explore. If you like geometric designs then you should have a look at the honeycomb décor featured on Idlehandsawake. To make something similar for your own home you’ll need washi tape in two or more colors, scissors, a template and some regular tape to hang the template with.

Washi tape banner

Banners are lovely decorations and they’re also easy to make. Let’s say you want to make one out of wooden triangles like the ones on mom4real. You can decorate each triangle with strips of different types of washi tape and then display them all. It should also work if you choose to use cardboard instead of wood.


The list continues with some cute food picks made out of toothpicks and washi tape. The project is so simple there’s really no need for any instructions. You basically just wrap a piece of tape around a toothpick and then you fold it in half and cut off the excess. It’s something you can do for your next party or special event. {found on bentozen}.

Pencil holder washi tape

Another extremely simple project is the one featured on astepinthejourney. The pencil holder described here can be made from scratch. You’ll need a block of wood, a saw and a drill. Once you have this part taken care of, you can start decorating it with washi tape.

Wahi tape pencil pots

Speaking of pencil holders, we also found these colorful ones on trimcraft. They’re just regular cups made out of cardboard rolls. Washi tape was used to cover their entire surface, hiding the boring cardboard color and also making the cups more sturdy and resistant.

Decorate the wall clock with washi tape

In case you have an old wall clock that you no longer like, check out how you can give it a makeover using washi tape. The project is described on trimcraft. You’ll need some card stock, washi tape in different prints and colors, number stickers and a compass. Trace a circle on the card stock and make sure it has the right size to fit inside the frame. Decorate it with tape and stickers and then install it inside the clock.

Washi tape wall art

If you have the patience required for such a project you can make some really great decorations using washi tape. For example, check out the design featured on designoform. You can make something similar using striped tape, scissors, paper and cardboard. The design looks intricate but because the tape itself is striped it’s pretty easy to make.

Washi tape wall decorations

There’s also always the option to just cut pieces of tape and stick then randomly on a wall. You can combine two or more colors and the result will be a unique design. The technique is described on freckleandfair. Apart from washi tape and scissors, you might also need a ladder if you’re not tall enough to reach the upper portion of the wall.

kitchen utensils with washi tape

The kitchen utensils featured on blommi could be offered as a gift and they’d actually be really special. That’s because you’d be decorate each one with washi tape. Only decorate the handles. You could also seal them after you’re done to make them waterproof.

DIY washi tape dots

To make a polka dot wall décor you can follow the instructions offered on fellowfellow. You’ll require washi tape, scissors, non-stick baking paper, a pencil and something to trace circles with. Cut off some paper and lay it flat on a table. Then stick strip of tape on it. Trace a circle on the tape and then cut out the shape. Peel off the paper and stick it on the wall.

Cords organization with washi tape

Washi tape is great for organizing and labeling cords and cables. Use different colors to label them so you always know with cable is which. If colors aren’t enough, use a sharpie to also write on the labels. It’s a useful system for offices in general. Found on more on landeeseelandeedo.

Clothespins hack

Washi tape clothespins are a lovely idea. It doesn’t really matter if you’re using them when drying clothes or if you have tiny ones for hanging pictures and other things. The process is always the same. Start with plain clothespins and apply washi tape on their sides. Cut off the excess. Repeat when you think it’s necessary. {found on whitehousecrafts}.

Custom Labes with washi tape

In case you need more ideas for simple and fun washi tape DIY projects, check out iheartnaptime. Here you can find out how to make custom labels, clothespins, bookmarks and lots of other things. There are many different uses for washi tape and some are nicely described here.

How to store and organize your washi tape rolls

Washi tape holder

Now that you have an idea of how to beautify your home with washi tape, you’ll end up with a collection of tape rolls and no practical way of storing or organizing them. Don’t worry, we have some ideas for that too. For example, in just 20 minutes you can make a holder like the one on thecraftedlife. All you need is dowel rods, copper fittings, spray paint and a pipe fitting.

Washi tape dispenser

If you want to make a washi tape dispenser, check out the project featured on hellocreativefamily. The supplies required for it include an empty plastic wrap box and a tube, acrylic paint, paintbrushes, washi tape rolls, adhesive velcro dots and scissors. Paint the box, apply the velcro dots on the inside of the flap, slide the tape rolls on the tube and then place them all in the box.

jewelry holder can be repurposed used to store washi tape

A jewelry holder can be repurposed to serve as an organizer for your washi tape rolls. Find out how to make the transition on consumercrafts. First you plain the jewelry holder and then you just put your tape rolls on display. It’s that simple.

Washi tape organizer from wood

We also found this lovely organizer on etsy. You could make something similar from scratch. You’d need a wooden block, some thick dowels, a drill and glue. Make the organizer as big or as small as you want, depending on how large washi tape collection is.

Acrylic washi tape organizer

Another super simple idea for organizing your collection of washi tape rolls can be found on iheartorganizing. You can get this done in less than 15 minutes. You’ll need a clear drawer organizer and two small tension rods. So just position the rods inside the container and secure them but not before you add all your tape rolls on them.

Copper washi tape holder

The washi tape holder featured on pillarboxblue is quite similar to the one from etsy. It can, however, hold more rolls. Here’s what you need to make this one: an old broom handle, a piece of wood, a drill, five wood screws, dark wood stain, copper spray paint, tape and newspaper.

Cake stand washi tape

If you’re really proud of your washi tape collection and you want to put it on display, then maybe you’d like to use a cake stand for that. Just stack the rolls and you can even cover them with a glass bell to keep the dust away. The idea is really lovely and you can find out more about it on giochi-di-carta.

Cardboard washi tape box

A simple box and a dowel and turn out to be enough if you want to make a washi tape dispenser and holder. You just insert the dowel into the box and you make sure it stays secure. Don’t forget to add the tape rolls. If you want to make things more interesting, use a paper mache house box like the ones featured on consumercrafts.

Simple and casual washi tape hanger

If you prefer to keep your décor simple and casual, maybe you’d like the idea offered on ishtarolivera. The tape holder featured here is nothing but a simple stick with some thread wrapped around its edges. You can pretty much choose any size you want for the stick, depending on how many tape rolls you want to store.

Wall washi tape hanger

Another way to organize a large collection of washi tape rolls is described on scatteredthoughtsofcraftymom. A good idea for large collections is to line up the rolls and hang them somewhere. You could use a system similar to that used for ribbons. You only need a few things for such a project: some dowels or rods, hangers and a panel.

Bucket washi tape

As small as these washi tape rolls may be, they still take up valuable space when you have several piled up. You could store them in a drawer but that wouldn’t necessarily be very practical. If you want, you can use a candle holder as a stand and just stack all the rolls on it, making a tower. {found on happinessishomemade}.

floor grate washi tape organization

Sometimes the best answers come from the most unexpected places. For example, would you ever have imagined that a wooden floor grate could be used as an excellent organizer for washi tape rolls? It may sound strange but it’s true and you can check out crabandfish to see for yourself.

Washi wheel storage

Of course, if you prefer something a bit more professional, you can buy an organizer for your tape. There’s this stylish Washi Wheel we found on Allreadymemories that we really like. It’s a great way to keep your favorite tape rolls close at hand without wasting a lot of space.

Washi tape box

There you can also find the Washi Tape Box, a handmade item that’s perfect for storing washi tape. You can have as many of these boxes as you want. They’re stackable so they won’t take up much space on your counter or in your cabinet.