50 Bathrooms That Know To Make The Most Of Great Views

Enjoying a sweeping view while taking a relaxing bath seems like a dream for those of us who live in the city and value their privacy. But when the location allows it, such a configuration can be magnificent. All these 50 bathrooms follow the same pattern, each one in their own way. Some designs seem like taken from a different world and those are the most impressive ones. But there’s plenty of inspiration here for those that seek something a bit more approachable.

Bathroom Best Views

The best views are those that don’t limit the eye and let you admire everything in one big sweep. Corner glass windows with no panels or hardware to ruin the panorama are the best in this case.{found on janettemallory}.


A lot of luxury resorts know how to expertly take advantage of their location. Like this water cabin and the way its zen bathroom opens onto a small deck leading directly out in the open. It;s like the ocean is just waiting to get in.


An even more impressive view is when you get to look out the window and see an amazing infinity with the ocean and the sky beyond. Such a view can be admired from the bathroom of the Four Seasons Resort in Seychelles.


But windows, as large and as gorgeous as they may be, only obstruct the amazing views. Imagine enjoying the ocean breeze while relaxing in this gorgeous tub, out on the deck. It’s hard not to be overwhelmed by such a location.


Sure, sophisticated resorts offer impressive configurations but they’re not the only ones that can make a bathroom stand out. A lot of private holiday homes feature similar designs. Their bathrooms are spacious and make the most of the location.{found on mnbuild}.


Be it summer, winter, sunny or not, a full height window in the bathroom can make wonders. Apart from the fact that it lets in tons of natural light, it also opens the room to the surroundings and the views which, in some cases, are worth admiring.{found on dwell}.


The shower nice is nicely placed next to the freestanding tub, simple and subtle maintains the overall simplicity of the décor. The bathroom color scheme is kept minimal and neutral in order to emphasize the views.


Given the location, the bathroom had to offer its users the needed privacy. However, this didn’t stop it from also offering great views. The tub is hidden behind a small partition and the windows reflect the views.{found on knudsoninteriors}.


A great way to keep the space private without compromising on the views is with a sunken tub. The way the large windows wrap around the tub is simply beautiful and the snowy peaks visible in the distance make the whole décor extraordinary.{found on locatiarchitects}.

Accessorizing a bathroom

Accessorizing a bathroom is not as simple as it may seem, especially when the room offers panoramic views and has floor-to-ceiling windows. The best strategy is to keep everything very simple and to use light colors and glass partitions in order to make the space feel larger.


This white bathroom relied solely on the views which, by the way, are gorgeous. It resembles a box that unfolds to welcome nature and light in.{found on shinichiogawa}.


The white, lightweight curtains are meant to add privacy to the bathroom whenever needed. They let the light get through and they complement the whole décor beautifully. The way the sculptural tub contrasts with the dark wooden floor is quite elegant.{found on wreue}.


In order to capture the views, this tub nook was enclosed with glass on three sides. This exposes it to the landscape and offers a one-of-a-kind experience.


Such a view makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. It’s definitely worth using it into the décor. The large mirror in this marble bathroom actually creates a very interesting visual effect, expanding the views even more.


The open terrace offers a buffer zone and allows the bathroom to feature an entire glass wall without risking its privacy. It’s one of the cases when the spectacular setting dictated the design of this contemporary bathroom.


An interesting approach is to treat the bathroom as more than just a utilitarian space. For example, this one looks similar to the living space except that the sofa is replaced by a freestanding tub.{found on 2designgroup}.


Small bathrooms can be spectacular too. All it takes is for one little detail to stand out. In this case, it’s the window or, to be more exact, the views behind it.


Glass is a good material to use when space is limited and this bathroom takes full advantage of its properties. Elements such as the towel warmer and the shower enclosures are made of transparent glass to which we can also add the large window.


The wooden soaking tub is the main attraction in this bathroom and it coordinates well with the rocky landscape which can be admired through the full-height windows. The whole décor is very zen and relaxing.


Enjoying the magnificent landscape while relaxing in the tub is definitely amazing and this can be done even when the windows don’t let you take in the whole décor. A large mirror can reflect the views.{found on baandesign}.


Penthouse apartments usually offer great views like this one in NYC. The bathroom was organized in such a way to take advantage of that. But that’s not the only nice thing about the décor. The niches are really clever, maximizing storage.


The combination of modern and traditional is quite interesting in this case. The sunken tub contrasts with the architecture of the bathroom while the arched windows offer a panorama of the ocean.


The delicate curves of the oval tub are reiterated in the bathroom through a variety of elements, including the design of the ceiling and the light fixture. The floor also has an interesting design featuring a repetitive circular pattern.


Sometimes the views can be dynamic while other times they can be really soothing and relaxing, creating a warm and familiar feeling. This bathroom takes advantage of the second category, being exposed to the bright colors.


Consider opening up a small bathroom with a large window or with a glass wall. If it’s a penthouse we’re talking about, then privacy shouldn’t be a big problem. This strategy also allows you to bring more light in.


The colors and finishes used in this bathroom allow it to be in sync with the views and the location. At the same time, they turn the space into a relaxing oasis in the middle of the city.{found on photoklik}.


The walk-in shower features a transparent glass enclosure and this allows the light and the views to be enjoyed from this portion of the bathroom as well. This makes the design and the layout quite clever and functional.{found on raveninside}.


The positioning of the soaking tub is ideal given the design and layout of the bathroom. It allows the user to make the most of the views without sacrificing privacy.{found on glennjohnsonphotography}.


The shower design is so simple it barely stands out in any way. We enjoy how the simple and clean lines of the tub coordinate with the glass shower enclosure and the way the views tie everything together.


The fact that the upper portion of the facade is made of glass as well makes a big difference in the overall design. The views are uninterrupted and the whole bathroom is sunken in natural light.{found on reid-architects}.


Cohesion is important, regardless of the style. In this case, there are two different approaches that complement each other. On one hand, there’s the tub and chandelier combo that feature smooth, rounded shapes. On the other hand, everything else has clean, straight lines and angles.


This seems like a wonderful way to open up a long and narrow bathroom. The layout is difficult to work with in most cases. But a glass wall makes all the difference, allowing the room to look and feel more spacious.{found on capsuledesigns}.


Similarly, this bathroom has the same type of layout. The color palette here is different, more neutral and cool. Also, the window doesn’t go all the way down to the floor, maintaining some privacy but still letting the views become a part of the décor.{found on mleearchitects}.


This bathroom has some unusual angles and an odd shape. But the corner shower unit and the tub make use of the unusual forms. The cascading bubbles on the chandeliers give this nook a sophisticated look.{found on norburnlightingandbath}.


The simplicity of this bathroom is very refreshing. The colors and textures are warm and comforting and the light and color coming through the sliding glass doors is just what the space needed to be complete.{found on egmcorp}.


Freestanding tubs feature a variety of designs, shapes and styles so finding the right one for one particular bathroom may seem like an impossible task. Sometimes it’s all about the ambiance you’re trying to create and the nature of the accessories and décor elements surrounding it.{found on leungarchitects}.


Isn’t it lovely how the colors used in the bathroom and those of the landscape visible through the window match? It’s an interesting way to create cohesion in a space.{found on yamamardesign}.


Although white tubs are the most common, they’re not always the best option. In this case, for example, the dark tones are a much better match for décor considering the abundance of organic colors invading the space.{found on prentissarchitects}.


Every little detail counts. Like the greenish hue the tub water gets and the way it blends in, in combination with the porcelain tiles, the views and everything else.{found on raveninside}.


The harmony in this bathroom is exquisite. The stone wall helps highlight the stone connection between the indoor and outdoor areas and the tub and wall-mounted vanity replicate the color of the tree trunks.


The fact that a tree runs through this bathroom is one of those spectacular design features you only dream about including in your own home or holiday home. We love the fact that this is an open bathroom that communicates with nature directly.

maximize the spaciousness in bathroom

To maximize the spaciousness of the bathroom, a huge wall mirror was added. It reflects the views and lets light fill the whole room. The wooden tub is the main element that adds warmth to the décor.


This is a view that seems taken from fantasy stories. We can only imagine the feeling one gets when simply enjoying being in such a secluded and magnificent place. We also appreciate the dark vs bright contrast created here.


The washbasins look like miniature versions of the freestanding tub. Their oval shapes add an organic touch to the décor. And then there’s also this amazing view of the forest which makes anyone feel like they’re on top of the world.


There’s something odd about this bathroom. It appears to be built at an angle although it may simply be because of the views and the way they unfold and take over the space from both sides.


The chandelier is a beautiful secondary focal point. However, there are lots of other interesting elements in this bathroom. In fact, every single feature is special, including the tub, the side table, the wall mirror and even that candle holder in the corner.


The tub and shower combo featured here is unlike any we’ve seen so far. It’s probably because of the fact that this is a sunken tub. Either way, this bathroom has a quirky design.


The concept of creating a large platform designed to accommodate the sunken tub is intriguing. The platform helps create a very serene and welcoming ambiance here. Of course, the views definitely help.

suspended above the amazing landscape

This design is definitely not for those that have a fear of heights. It’s like the tub is suspended above the amazing landscape unfolding in front of it. This is a visual illusion given by the windows which wrap around the corners seamlessly.


It’s so beautiful the way nature gets inside this bathroom. It’s the result of a mixture of elements including the branch chandelier, the stone walls, exposed beams and forest views.


There are many ways in which you can take advantage of the views. It’s important to keep an open mind. No room is small or insignificant enough to skip the opportunity.