Fresh Designs Built Around A Corner Bathtub

The corners are the least used spaces in any room of the house. But when the space is small and every inch matters, we manage to put them to good use. Like when a corner kitchen sink can solve all our problems or a set of corner kitchen cabinets can add valuable storage space to the room. The same way, a corner bathtub can turn out to be a great option.

Freestanding models


Basically any freestanding tub can be placed in the corner if that’s the desired configuration. Some models have symmetrical shapes which allows them to look natural in corners, especially if the rest of the décor follows the same line.{found on granitetransformations}.


Placing the tub in a corner can be a smart decision for a number of reasons. For example, this configuration can help you save space in the bathroom and maybe even make room for a shower or some extra storage.{found on kitchenstudio}.


There’s more than one way in which a bathtub can fit in a corner. It all depends on the layout of the room and the position of the other fixtures and furniture pieces.{found on ddwharchitects}.


Placing the tub at an angle, in a corner can be a good option if the bathtub doesn’t fit along the wall. It can be the case with a small bathroom where the tub is the main piece. And there’s enough space space left there for a potted plant. The tricky part will be to find a plant that suit the bathroom environment. {found on beauparlant}.


Soaking tubs are deep but small and they fit well in corners. So if you have a tiny bathroom, consider this type of tub. It allows you to save space without giving up comfort. In fact, it can even be better than a regular tub.{found on fuentesdesign}.


Place the bathtub in the corner if the room has a great view and a corner window that wraps along the walls like this one. This seems to work out perfectly even if the bathroom is large and space isn’t an issue.


It seems like this tub was means to sit in the corner, given the existing platform and its overall shape. The wall niches and the radiator give this corner all the functions it needs.


It’s lovely how the tiny lights in the floor complement this freestanding tub. The low-hanging pendant light fits great in the corner, above the tub.{found on boscolo}.


Some bathrooms are normally too small to accommodate a tub. However, if it’s placed in the corner, even if it’s a small nook like this one, then everything changes.{found on increation}.


By placing the tub in the corner you get to free up plenty of space along the walls and this means more storage and additional room for accessories.

Built-in tubs


Most corner tubs are built-in. They are specifically designed to fit in corners and they have custom shapes and sizes. This one gets to take advantage of the natural light coming through the arched window.{found on theuncommonlaw}.


There’s a series of stone steps that match the corner tub. The water flows in like a waterfall and the whole design of the bathroom is really rustic and charming.{found on locatiarchitects}.


Even though a regular tub would have had plenty of space in this bathroom, this one allows the room to feel more spacious. It frees up a bit of floor space and this makes a big difference.{found on castleharbourhomes}.


This is a lovely tub and shower combo. The corner tub leave enough room next to it for a shower and, in this case, makes it possible for both elements to fit in a small space.


Similarly, this configuration allowed a small shower nook to be integrated into a small bathroom without having to share the space with the bathtub or to minimize the overall comfort.


The tub and the shower communicate with each other, sharing the same continuous marble frame. The tub gets to enjoy the natural light and the views while the shower maintains its privacy.


This is one of the cases where a corner tub is an aesthetic choice. The bathroom is spacious and the tub allows it to maintain a symmetrical look and to maximize its storage capacity.{found on andrearodman}.


The platform and the steps that complement some corner tubs are both aesthetic and practical. They look elegant, especially in traditional setups and they also double as storage surfaces for the bathroom essentials.


A wall which, in some cases, accommodates a long tub can feature both a tub and a shower is the placement and the designs are right. The tub sits in the corner, forming a cozy nook and the shower occupies the remaining space.{found on cedarstonehomes}.


The presence of the bay windows have made room for a corner tub, maximizing the floor space and changing the whole layout of the room.{found on cjsarch}.


Sometimes, when there’s such a big and beautiful window in the bathroom, you just have to take maximum advantage of the views. One way to do is with a corner tub which, in this case, fits beautifully into the whole rustic décor.


It’s actually the shower that occupies a lot of space in this bathroom. The tub is merely a corner accessory, not at all invasive.{found on theeyebehindthelens}.


The whole layout of this tiny bathroom is a bit odd and unusual. In order to make the most of the space, the tub was placed in the corner and a tiny nook became a shower enclosure.


Not all corner tubs have that striking geometric shape. Some are simpler, similar to freestanding tubs. The clean lines maintain a functional and fresh look throughout.{found on meisterconstruction}.

Squeezing both the tub

Squeezing both the tub and the toilet in the corner is an interesting move. That made room for a larger shower. It’s a configuration that could work in some cases, although it’s not as versatile as others.{found on pavilackdesign}.